Merium Pervaiz Hits Million Followers

Merium Pervaiz Hit Million Followers

Meet Merium Pervaiz, An Influential Person In Pakistan With More Than One Million Follower on Instagram

They say that the seeds of hard work always pay off. Merium Pervaiz is an Instagram and YouTuber influencer with a large following. She created an Instagram account on June 26, 2018, and started posting courses on makeup and skin care procedures on her social media account, which contributed to her career.

After receiving the audience’s love, she decided to create a YouTube channel, where she could blog and post makeup content. However, he has also begun to share his own nutritional recipes, which is also very popular.

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Merium Pervaiz is a young influencer, wife and mother of a beautiful daughter. You are confident and determined in your work and ideas. She is naturally passionate and energetic, and all the love of her audience and followers makes her more confident. Moreover, never ignores her followers, which is why people like her humble and friendly character.

Furthermore, she has interacted with her followers/fans on Instagram every day of her life or by replying to the comments below. Her cute personality helped her build a huge internet family on YouTube and Instagram.

If there is a will, things will happen

Recently, Merium Pervaiz won the YouTube Gold Medal Button and gained 1 million subscribers. In eight months, this became a new feeling in Pakistan. Therefore, YouTube also rewarded her with a silver play button.

Merium Pervaiz; Lifestyle Influencer

She became very popular in less time. She is a source of inspiration for other young women and mothers. It has become a weather vane in Pakistan. The young mother not only saw its content, but also the young people.

Continuing her personal life, her husband has spared no effort to support her, even in the days when she started and was criticized. Her lasting love for makeup and skin care and her self-evaluation put her at the top of the list in just 8 months.

She has a very good career and her family life has set an example for her. She still makes YouTube videos on a regular basis to keep her family up-to-date and beautiful like her.

Treatment For Bone Fracture

Treatment For Bone Fracture

A bone fracture is a medical condition where the continuity of the bone is broken.

A significant percentage of bone fractures occur because of high force impact or stress.

However, a fracture may also be the result of some medical conditions which weaken the bones, for example osteoporosis, some cancers, or osteogenesis imperfecta (also known as brittle bone diseases).

A fracture caused by a medical condition is known as a pathological fracture.

Fast facts on fractures

Here are some key points about fractures. More detail and supporting information is in the main article.

  • Most bone fractures are caused by falls and accidents.
  • Bone fractures caused by disease are referred to as pathological fractures.
  • A compound fracture is one that also causes injury to the overlying skin.
  • There are a number of different types of fractures, including avulsion, comminuted, and hairline fractures.
  • Bone healing is a natural process, treatment revolves around giving the bone optimum conditions to heal itself.

What is a bone fracture?

The word “break” is commonly used by lay (non-professional) people.

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Among doctors, especially bone specialists, such as orthopedic surgeons, “break” is a much less common term when talking about bones.

A crack (not only a break) in the bone is also known as a fracture. Fractures can occur in any bone in the body.

There are several different ways in which a bone can fracture; for example, a break to the bone that does not damage surrounding tissue or tear through the skin is known as a closed fracture.

On the other hand, one that damages surrounding skin and penetrates the skin is known as a compound fracture or an open fracture. Compound fractures are generally more serious than simple fractures, because, by definition, they are infected.

Most human bones are surprisingly strong and can generally stand up to fairly strong impacts or forces. However, if that force is too powerful, or there is something wrong with the bone, it can fracture.

The older we get, the less force our bones can withstand. Because children’s bones are more elastic, when they do have fractures they tend to be different. Children also have growth plates at the end of their bones – areas of growing bone – which may sometimes be damaged.


There is a range of fracture types, including:

  • Avulsion fracture – a muscle or ligament pulls on the bone, fracturing it.
  • Comminuted fracture – the bone is shattered into many pieces.
  • Compression (crush) fracture – generally occurs in the spongy bone in the spine. For example, the front portion of a vertebra in the spine may collapse due to osteoporosis.
  • Fracture dislocation – a joint becomes dislocated, and one of the bones of the joint has a fracture.
  • Greenstick fracture – the bone partly fractures on one side, but does not break completely because the rest of the bone can bend. This is more common among children, whose bones are softer and more elastic.
  • Hairline fracture – a partial fracture of the bone. Sometimes this type of fracture is harder to detect with routine xrays.
  • Impacted fracture – when the bone is fractured, one fragment of bone goes into another.
  • Intraarticular fracture – where the break extends into the surface of a joint
  • Longitudinal fracture – the break is along the length of the bone.
  • Oblique fracture – a fracture that is diagonal to a bone’s long axis.
  • Pathological fracture – when an underlying disease or condition has already weakened the bone, resulting in a fracture (bone fracture caused by an underlying disease/condition that weakened the bone).
  • Spiral fracture – a fracture where at least one part of the bone has been twisted.
  • Stress fracture – more common among athletes. A bone breaks because of repeated stresses and strains.
  • Torus (buckle) fracture – bone deforms but does not crack. More common in children. It is painful but stable.
  • Transverse fracture – a straight break right across a bone.


Share on PinterestSymptoms of a bone-fracture can vary wildly depending on the affected region and severity.

The signs and symptoms of a fracture vary according to which bone is affected, the patient’s age and general health, as well as the severity of the injury. However, they often include some of the following:

  • pain
  • swelling
  • bruising
  • discolored skin around the affected area
  • angulation – the affected area may be bent at an unusual angle
  • the patient is unable to put weight on the injured area
  • the patient cannot move the affected area
  • the affected bone or joint may have a grating sensation
  • if it is an open fracture, there may be bleeding

When a large bone is affected, such as the pelvis or femur:

  • the sufferer may look pale and clammy
  • there may be dizziness (feeling faint)
  • feelings of sickness and nausea.

If possible, do not move a person with a broken bone until a healthcare professional is present and can assess the situation and, if required, apply a splint. If the patient is in a dangerous place, such as in the middle of a busy road, one sometimes has to act before the emergency services arrive.


Most fractures are caused by a bad fall or automobile accident. Healthy bones are extremely tough and resilient and can withstand surprisingly powerful impacts. As people age, two factors make their risk of fractures greater: Weaker bones and a greater risk of falling.

Treatment For Bone Fracture
Treatment For Bone Fracture

Children, who tend to have more physically active lifestyles than adults, are also prone to fractures.

People with underlying illnesses and conditions that may weaken their bones have a higher risk of fractures. Examples include osteoporosis, infection, or a tumor. As mentioned earlier, this type of fracture is known as a pathological fracture.

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Stress fractures, which result from repeated stresses and strains, commonly found among professional sports people, are also common causes of fractures.

Hyperkalemia Causes and Its Treatment

Hyperkalemia Causes and Its Treatment

What is Hyperkalemia?

If you have hyperkalemia, there are too many potassium ions in your blood. The body needs a delicate balance of potassium to help the heart and other muscles function properly. But too much potassium in the blood can cause dangerous and possibly fatal changes in heart rate.

Cause of Hyperkalemia

Additionally, if the kidneys are not functioning properly and potassium cannot be removed from the body, or if you take certain medications, hyperkalemia can occur.

Furthermore, Kidney disease is the most common cause of hyperkalemia. The kidneys help control the balance of potassium in the body. If they are not functioning properly, they will not be able to filter out the excess potassium from the blood or remove it from the body. Moreover, a hormone called aldosterone tells the kidneys when to remove potassium. Diseases that reduce the production of this hormone (such as Addison’s disease) can cause hyperkalemia.

Hyperkalemia Causes and Its Treatment

In addition, if the kidneys are not functioning well or you are taking certain medications, too much potassium in your diet can also cause high blood lipids. Salt substitutes usually contain a lot of potassium. Foods such as watermelon, orange juice and bananas are also rich in potassium.

Some health problems interfere with the way potassium ions leave the cell. Sometimes cells release too much potassium. Excessive potassium release may be due to:

  • The breakdown of red blood cells is called hemolysis.
  • The destruction of muscle tissue is called rhabdomyolysis
  • Burns, trauma or other tissue damage
  • Uncontrolled diabetes

Importantly, diseases that may affect the kidneys’ ability to remove potassium from the body include:

  • Hormone imbalance
  • Lupus
  • Renal insufficiency
  • Other kidney diseases

Drug-Induced Hyperkalemia

Moreover, some drugs can cause hyperkalemia. This is especially true if you have kidney disease or the way your body processes potassium. In addition, certain drugs can increase the amount of potassium in the body.

Medications related to hyperkalemia include:

  • Blood pressure drugs are called angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitors
  • Plus, Blood pressure medications called angiotensin receptor blockers (ARB)
  • Blood pressure drugs are called beta blockers.
  • Herbal supplements, including milkweed, lily of the valley, Siberian ginseng, hawthorn or dry skin preparations or frog poison (Bufo, Chan Su, Senso)
  • Equally, Heparin, anticoagulant
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Potassium supplement
  • Also,Potassium-sparing diuretics, including amiloride (Midamor), spironolactone (Aldactone and Carrospir) and triamterene (Dyrenium)
  • Antibiotics, including amoxicillin

Symptoms Of Hyperkalemia

Here, Potassium helps the nerves to ignite normally, thereby responding to stimuli. Again, this happens through electrical signals propagating from one unit to another.

Hyperkalemia Causes and Its Treatment

As part of the nervous system, your brain also needs potassium. importantly, this mineral allows brain cells to communicate with each other and with distant cells. Plus, changes in potassium levels are related to learning, hormone release and metabolism.

Diagnosis Of Hyperkalemia

Your doctor will examine you and listen to your heartbeat. The system will ask you questions about medical history, diet and medications. Above all, it is important to make sure that your doctor knows all the medicines you are taking, including over-the-counter products such as herbs and other supplements.

Furthermore, laboratory tests will be performed to check potassium levels in blood and urine. Your doctor will explain your specific results to you. Many different factors can affect your potassium levels. However, if your potassium levels seem to be high, your doctor may perform blood tests again.

Moreover, an electrocardiogram (ECG) or electrocardiogram (EKG) can perform to check for heart rhythm problems. This test records the electrical activity of your heart.

Not all patients with hyperkalemia have changes that can be seen on EKG.

Treatment Of Hyperkalemia

Follow are the treatments may include:

  • Follow a low potassium diet
  • Stop or change drugs that cause hyperkalemia
  • Take medicine to lower the potassium content in the body. Water pills (diuretics) remove potassium through the urethra.
  • Treatment of kidney disease may include dialysis, which filters potassium from the blood.
  • Other treatments depend on the cause of hyperkalemia.
  • Some drugs act as potassium binders:
  • Patromir (Veltassa)
  • Sodium polystyrene sulfonate (Caexalate)
  • Sodium Zirconium Cyclosilicate (Lukelma)

Additionally, you can take it by mouth to prevent hyperkalemia. Lastly, they should not used in emergency situations. If your potassium level is dangerously high, you will receive urgent care, including intravenous medication.

Complications Of Hyperkalemia

However, Hyperkalemia can cause life-threatening changes in heart rhythm or arrhythmia. It can also cause paralysis and weakness.

Spotify Is About To Launch In Pakistan

Spotify Is About To Launch In Pakistan

Spotify Is About To Launch In Pakistan. The Swedish audio broadcaster Spotify announced Monday night that it will be broadcast in Pakistan and other countries “in the coming days.”

The platform tweeted and posted a video indicating the country they will be arriving in.

SpotifyPakistan Joins Instagram
SpotifyPakistan Joins Instagram

American singer and composer Khalid said that the “power” provided by the platform will be “enormous.”

Other artists in the video include:
  • Rina Sawayma,
  • Anitta, Rosalia,
  • The Kid Lorai,
  • Finneas,
  • Bille Ellish,
  • Camilo,
  • Lous
  • Yakuza,
  • Mr Eazi.

South Korean band Blackpink said that Spotify can help them “attract fans all over the world immediately.”

Soon after the announcement, the platform also made its debut on the Instagram page created for Spotify Pakistan.

Additionally, the account was created in November last year.

Moreover, since then, the company has remained silent on its release and has not released any updates or descriptions.

However, a day later, Pakistani singer Shimon Ismail (Shimon Ismail) confirmed that the Swedish-based broadcasting platform will be launched in Pakistan in the near future.

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Is The Most Interesting Model In The New Product Line

Redmi Note 10 Pro Max Is The Most Interesting Model In The New Product Line

According to the latest data, the Redmi Note 10 series will include three models, including Redmi Note 10, Note 10 Pro and Note 10 Pro Max.

Redmi Note 10 Specification

The Redmi Note 10 model M2101K7A will be equipped with a Snapdragon 678 SoC processor, an IPS screen and a 48MP quad-camera. It will be available in 4/64 and 6/128 GB versions in the following colours.

  • Pebble White,
  • Lake Green,
  • Aqua Green,
  • Frost White
  • Dark Black.

Redmi Note 10 Pro and Redmi Note 10 Pro Max 5G will be available in ice blue, bronze, antique bronze, agate grey and dark night versions. Redmi Note 10 Pro will be available in 6/64, 6/128 and 8/128 GB memory versions. While Note 10 Pro Max 5G will be available in 6/128 and 8/128 GB memory versions.

According to reports, Redmi Note 10 Pro and Redmi Note 10 Pro Max 5G receive IPS displays that support a 120Hz refresh rate. Redmi Note 10 Pro will be based on Snapdragon 732G SoC and will receive 64MP quad cameras. Redmi Note 10 Pro Max 5G will be powered by Snapdragon 768G SoC and 108MP image sensor. Both models will be equipped with a 5050 mAh battery.

Expected Price of Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max in Pakistan is Rs. 53,999. · Expected Price of Xiaomi in USD is $402.


Xiaomi is the world’s third-largest smartphone brand REDMI NOTE CROSS series, with shipments of 200 million units.

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Furthermore, Xiaomi is the first brand to launch a flagship product with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 888. The brand launched the Mi 11 with MIUI 12.5 in December. Recently, the company officially announced a new flagship product for the global market, as well as an MIUI version specifically for a global audience. In addition to the emergence of the new flagship plan. The company also took this opportunity to reveal details of its progress. Despite the epidemic last year, the brand has successfully become the third-largest smartphone brand in the world. The Redmi brand also broke some records last year.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro Max in Pakistan

According to the brand report, it is the number one smartphone brand in ten markets, of which India is one of the most prominent. Also, it ranks third in at least 36 markets. The Chinese giant is also the fastest-growing brand in the high-end product sector. With a year-on-year growth of 3639% in the third quarter of 2020, which is shocking. This includes equipment that costs more than $500.

Xiaomi invests in research and development and improves manufacturing processes

Between the last quarter of 2019 and the third quarter of 2020. Xiaomi invested more than US$1.3 billion in research and development. Therefore, the 2,143 camera tests that used to take 3 to 4 days were automated. Today, the brand can only test its cameras in one day. The brand has also improved the camera and software. For example, Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro ranked first in the 48-day DxOMark camera ranking. Mi 10 Ultra has been at the top of the list for nearly two and a half months. Mi 11 also performed well on the camera reference website. The Sound Lab has achieved similar success. Mi 10 Pro is the best phone in the DxO audio test for most of 2020. The brand also has more laboratories to develop 5G displays, thereby improving the overall stability of the phone.

Waliya Najib: A New Sensation from Islamabad

In addition to Mi-branded phones that perform well in the high-end category, Redmi subsidiaries have also made a lot of money. So far, the Redmi Note series has delivered more than 200 million units worldwide. In comparison, it was only 140 million in November last year and 100 million in October 2019. With the arrival of the Redmi Note 10 series (China’s Redmi Note 9 series), we expect these numbers to reach new heights in 2020; we expect Redmi to bring at least two 5G smartphones in the Redmi Note 10 series.

Final Words:

It is worth mentioning that the growth of Xiaomi also stems from the demise of Huawei. However, we must praise the former because they know how to make the most of opportunities.

Waliya Najib: A New Sensation from Islamabad

Waliya Najib: A New Sensation from Islamabad

Waliya Najib Career, a roller coaster ride: I once read somewhere that the word “photography” comes from Greek, meaning painting with light. The hat is the whale’s hat: paint with light, whether it is daylight or artificial light.

 Waliya Najib is one of the most sought-after photographers in Twin Cities and a social media celebrity, with +800k followers on Instagram and 180k+ followers on Facebook. She works on many fan pages on various social media platforms.

Waliya: An Inspiration To Many:

She is one of the lucky few parents whose parents approved the idea of ​​pursuing a career in photography instead of forcing her to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, today, it earns much more than its counterparts who study at high-end universities but are still struggling to find jobs.

 At the age of 19, Waliya was invited to GIK to participate in a photography studio, where she trained older students.

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Later, she was invited to participate in LUMS, NUST and many other colleges and universities in the country, giving lectures on entrepreneurship, photography, and various photo contests. For a girl who successfully broke the limits of traditionalism, this is a huge achievement. She said to me: “After inviting me to be a guest and trainer in a large institution. I realized the importance of doing what I do best, because if I don’t pursue photography, these universities will never allow me to go because of me. They have always been ordinary students.”

Task work seems to be an explanation of its conscious and unconscious selves. “I try to capture the feeling and joy of a moment at a time. I love nature, human beings and life itself, so I try to capture the sincere peace of our existence. What is the ability to capture and immortalize the past moments? It inspired my passion for photography,” she says.

How Her Journey Starts?

Her father introduced her to photography since childhood. “My father likes to take pictures, and I used to organize them in photo albums”. She pointed to a large closet she was sitting on the sofa in the living room and showed me a bunch of photo albums she and her father had put together. She said: “Our house is always full of photos, albums and paintings. No matter where we go, the camera is with us. Every happy moment is captured by the camera”. On her 13th birthday once received the camera, this opened a door to the world of photography. After the death of his father, his parents started disputes over property and inheritance.


At that time she and her mother were facing a serious financial crisis. She said: “Despite all the troubles, my mother bought me a camera and gave me my car so that I can safely travel to and from the shooting location”. Waliya attributed all her success to her mother. Not only did her mother encourage her, but she also stood behind her as a wall to protect her from all those who look down on her new career as a photographer.

In early 2012, a new batch of cheaper digital SLR cameras appeared on the market, leading to a surge in amateurs who are not familiar with the basics of photography. I would like to know how I stood out in this deadly wave. She confidently told me that when the wave reached the town, it had already established its place in the market.

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She maintains authenticity, maintains symmetry, and constantly proposes unique ideas, which attracts people’s interest in her work.

Her Acting Career

She also participated in the TV series “Mery Dadda ki Vasiyet”.

Recently, she met with the very famous actor Feroze Khan, and they both scored certain items together. But this is definitely not the series. Let’s wait and see and see the performance of the two actors.

Waliya and Feroze posted a photo and announced that the project will be released soon.


In the past, it was difficult to persuade parents to accept photography as a profession. But nowadays, people like Waliya have managed to change the perception of countless parents. Who see that people with good backgrounds will make a difference. They call themselves in this respect.

You can also read her whole interview here:

Xbox Series X vs Xbox series S

Xbox Series X vs Xbox series S

Xbox is launching 2 new Xbox games consoles from Microsoft the Xbox series X (499.99). Additionally, the Xbox series S (249.99) comes with plenty of exciting games. However,a lot of new features coming gamer are extremely excited about these to Xbox so let’s have a brief look on both of these.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox series S

Xbox Series X

  • The Xbox Series X is known to be the most powerful fastest and best Xbox created Ever.
  • It’s going to cost you around 450$ but the cool part is that it comes with A tower-like design and a disc drive slotted at the side for perfect gaming.
  • When we talk about the hardware so it has the most advance hardware System ever built which gives you 4k game graphics and up to 120fps 8k HDR video and comes with a built-in 1TB storage
  • It has a 12 teraflops of processing power so it runs and load really Quickly
  • The weight of Xbox series X is about 4.4kg
  • It allows you to experience physical and digital gaming
  • It has an HDMI cable with ultra-high speed.

 Xbox Series S

  • The Xbox Series S is known to be the smallest Xbox ever
  • Talking about the price it’s much cheaper as compared to the Xbox X Series
  • But because it’s much cheaper it also comes with low specs as compared to the X Series
  • It allows you to play the game on 1440p
  • Has a built-in 512GB of storage
  • The processing power include 4 teraflops but it doesn’t need as much processing power to run and load games
  • This Xbox is going to cost you around 250$
  • With a weight of 1.93Kg
  • It doesn’t have a disc drive
  • Allows you to experience only digital games
  • Support HDMI cable but for the ultra-high experience you have to buy Cable separately

 What’s new to both consoles?

New wireless controller

The controls come with a new share button for recording screenshots or video footage while your playing which can help you to record and screenshot anything you want more easily. The back of the controller has stippled grip so you can hold it tight during play. It’s powered by a pair of AA batteries and you can recharge them as well which are available separately.

Visual and audio technology

 Both of the consoles have significant technical upgrades in how games will look and sound during play, it includes DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading and Spatial Audio.

Storage expansion

Both consoles have a port designed that fits a 1TB Storage Expansion Card, and three USB 3.1 ports for plugging in supported external hard drives. Most game downloads are at least 50GB, so storage is an important factor.

Quick Resume

An exiting feature built for speed Quick Resume which lets you switch between different games and apps without needing to close them down. When you switch back, you can pick up exactly where you left off its kind of a cool feature and can really help the users a lot.

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Backwards compatibility

 According to Microsoft, all Xbox including Xbox 360 and Xbox One games that are currently playable on the Xbox. One can also be played on the new consoles, and all of these games with a great visual experience and high graphics will be quite more pleasant to the user.

Which Xbox series is the best?

Depending upon the prices, features and specs both Xboxes are quite reasonable to allow you to play the latest games there design and performance are really great. But The Xbox S series as compared to the X Series has some low specs a little smaller in size and doesn’t have a disc drive.

Also, the performance and gaming experience of this Xbox X is one of the best. Those people how are not quite much interested in high-resolution games and just play games for fun can go for the Xbox S series. But still, the Xbox X Series allows you to experience physical and digital gaming.

How Much Is My Car? Free Car Valuation

How Much Is My Car? Car Valuation

Get a free online Car Valuation now!

How much is my car? For anyone selling a car, this will be your first question. We will purchase your car quickly, safely and fairly, and inform you of the value of your car within 60 seconds. Also, we are the number one buyer of used cars when we buy any car. We buy thousands of cars every week, eliminating the trouble and risk in the car purchase process for car owners who cherish time and safety. Even if you are not ready to sell your car today, we will still be happy to answer the question “how much is my car worth” 24/7/365 through our innovative and easy-to-use online free car valuation.


We have a team of used car price researchers. Unlike other dealers, we do not use online car price guides. When you rate your car on, we will provide you with an honest assessment based on the latest industry data that truly reflects the value of your car, and we will provide cash support.

CarValueNow: Benefits You Can Have

Other popular online price guides spend millions of dollars to promote themselves and become unbiased guides to “book value“. These companies are actually potential customer generators, selling millions of dollars in sales leads to auto dealerships by enticing you to come to their dealerships with an unlikely overvalued rating.

What you should do?

If you own an SUV or SUV, keep in mind that these vehicles may appreciate in bad weather or low gasoline prices. In summer, convertibles are always more expensive, especially on sunny days. Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to sell your car, because the market will convert the car and sell it at your profit. Depending on the sales location you choose, the value of the car will vary. If I choose to sell my convertible in Pakistan during the winter, I will get less car income compared to driving to Florida and selling it in Florida. This is a stark example, but it shows how selling your car at the right time can increase seller value by hundreds of dollars.

How Much Is My Car? Car Valuation
How Much Is My Car? Car Valuation
In Conclusion

When you have a good idea about the value of a used car and decide to sell, make sure to set a fixed minimum to allow you to let go of the car. When someone surprises you with the magical question “how much do you want”? there is nothing worse than selling goods or finding investment. You will find yourself completely speechless! Of course, you can always sell your car quickly, safely and fairly at your local branch in less than an hour.

Can Increased Vitamin C Intake Help Bleeding Gums?

Can Increased Vitamin C Intake Help Bleeding Gums?

A new study shows that low levels of vitamin C in the blood may be the root cause of bleeding gums. Researchers say that brushing and flossing may not be enough to reverse oral health problems.

Bleeding gums are usually symptoms of underlying oral health problems, such as gingivitis or gum disease, which is an inflammatory disease that affects the gum tissue and teeth.

In the early stages of gingivitis, the gums will swell and bleed. If left untreated, these symptoms may worsen, causing the gums to separate from the teeth and causing tooth and bone loss.

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Traditional treatments for bleeding gums include adding brushing and flossing to your daily oral hygiene regimen. As well as treating underlying diseases that may lead to the development of gingivitis.

Diseases associated with an increased risk of gingivitis include diabetes and immunodeficiency. Lifestyle choices and smoking can also play a role.

However, new research has found that although brushing and flossing are essential for overall oral health. Insufficient vitamin C (also known as ascorbic acid) may be the root cause of bleeding gums.

Can Increased Vitamin C Intake Help Bleeding Gums?
Can Increased Vitamin C Intake Help Bleeding Gums?

Researchers at the University of Washington recently published their findings in Nutrition Review.

The role of vitamin C in oral health

The study authors reviewed data from 15 clinical trials in six countries, of which 1,140 participants were in good health.

They also analyzed data from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey). Which targeted 8,210 eye-related bleeding or bleeding in the United States.

Researchers found that participants with low levels of vitamin C in the blood were more likely to have gum bleeding. During a gentle examination, the tendency of gum bleeding, and a higher rate of intraocular bleeding (called retinal bleeding).

Interestingly, the study authors found that participants with low levels of vitamin C in their plasma increased their vitamin C intake. Also, help prevent bleeding from the gums and reverse eye-related bleeding problems.

The lead author of the study, Professor Philip Hujoel, assistant professor of oral health sciences at the Washington University School of Dentistry. Said the results of this study are important because trends in gum bleeding and retinal bleeding may indicate problems with the microvascular system.

The system includes the body’s tiny blood vessels, including the brain, heart and kidneys. The results show that testing plasma vitamin C levels and correcting any deficiency can reverse microbial bleeding problems throughout the body.

However, Professor Hujoel emphasized that the results of the study did not show that there is no direct relationship between the increase in vitamin C levels and the prevention of stroke or other microvascular diseases.

Instead, the results show that the current daily recommended vitamin C is aimed at preventing scurvy. And may not be enough to prevent gum bleeding and other related microvascular problems.

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The data also shows that although it is a good practice to treat bleeding gums by increasing brushing and flossing. These procedures may not solve the root cause of the problem.

Professor Hujoel explained:

“When you find bleeding gums, the first thing to consider is not to brush your teeth. You should try to find out the cause of bleeding gums. Vitamin C deficiency is one of the possible reasons.”

Previous studies have also studied vitamin C and its relationship with gum bleeding.

A Korean study published in “PLOS ONE“. Wich says that study participants who did not take enough vitaminC were 1.16 times more likely to develop periodontitis (a type of gum disease) than participants who took enough vitamin C.