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Ghani Associate By Ghani Engineering Works

We are the Ghani Associate: Since 1990, we have been working as a leading engineering company that includes the Fabrication and Pharmaceutical machinery services under the name of Ghani Engineering works.

If you need any kind of work such as an electrical, mechanical and civil contractor and problem solver in any area of Islamabad. Most importantly, our team is available for you anytime.

So Many Trust Us AsWho Are We?

Since 1990, we have been working an an engineering works company that deal in electrical, mechanical and civil contractor, and solves problems fro our customers.

Its amazing development has come a long way, devoted to being recognized in the fields of electrical, mechanical and civil engineering. Furthermore, enjoy the reputation of being one of the reliable engineering/construction companies in Pakistan. We achieve this goal by continuously improving the professionalism of our employees and adopting the latest technology. We hope to solve all related problems and engineering defects in the industry in good faith.

So Many Trust Us AsWhat Do We Offer?

From development to production and from selling to buying, we cover all your problems here.

We have a passionate team of highly qualified professionals and experts in the engineering field. Moreover,  we have developed a very flexible organizational structure to suit the specific needs of the project. Plus, our commitment is to provide the highest quality service acceptable to international standards at a reasonable cost commensurate with Pakistani standards.

In recent years, our existence in this field is self-evident. Furthermore, we plan to grow at a higher rate in this country in future, to preserve our history and the good reputation our ancestors have gained due to their hard work and quality.

Additionally, our valued customers in the process of providing services in developing countries, we will maintain a sincere and neutral attitude.

Our Efficient Staff Is Always Available for HelpWell-Trained Experts

You can call us anytime, we have a team of dedicated and efficient members who loves their profession and want to give the best possible solution for their clients.

Most importantly, if you find any difficulty in buying and selling, in repairing or manufacturing any kind of machinery or even your household items like doors and window, call us for the supreme services at your doorstep.

Our Other Exclusive Services

Real Estate Builder

If you need a Residential plot/ commercial plots, agricultural lands, house, apartment, shops, we have our committed team that make everything possible for you. So, choose the place and leave the rest on us. Also, we have the best builder services that include on-demand complete construction (with or without material). We will provide the best architect in town and build your dream house.

Car Mania

Buy/sell/rent your car through us. If you want to sell your car or want to buy a car, Car Mania gives the easiness in your life with hassle-free procedures. For that, just write to us and buy/sell your car in a few hours. Also, we also have a range of vehicle for cooperate events like, wedding, picnic and any school/college trip.

Security Items

Security items by Ghani Associate are the ultimate experience in today’s world. Moreover, with each passing day, safe & secure environment is essential. Importantly, we provide the manufacturing of road blockers, barriers, heavy gate (sliding), tire killer, installation of security cameras.

IT Solutions and Service

In our IT services, we offer a wide range of products and services including software, hardware and networking solutions from world-renowned companies like HP, DELL, Oracle, Microsoft and Cisco, to meet customers’ requirements.