Apple’s IPhone 12 Is Popular Or Not?

Apple’s IPhone 12 Is Popular Or Not?

We Are About to See If Apple’s IPhone 12 Is Popular Or Not?

The latest iPhone 12 from the tech giant was launched late last year, and background orders continue to increase. Now we understand what this means for Apple.

Apple’s iPhone is indeed one of the most popular consumer products of all time. It is generally certain that when Apple makes major changes to the design of the phone (as with the iPhone 12), sales will increase. But last year was not normal at all.

Apple warned in February that the sales and manufacturing of its products may be affected by the coronavirus. Soon thereafter, as the pandemic changed our way of life and kept us at home, economies around the world fell into recession and unemployment rates soared.

Since the iPhone 12 was launched last year, Apple is about to release its first financial report.

Apple is expected to release sales and profit data for the holiday shopping season on Wednesday, which usually runs from October to December. For Apple, this is a particularly busy period, including the highly anticipated 5G wireless network launched by the iPhone 12 and new laptops and desktops. The company has also expanded its range of services, offering digital health-level Apple Fitness Plus ($10 per month). Apple One package prices, starting at $15 per month for TV, music and data storage services.

Apple’s IPhone 12 Is Popular Or Not?
Apple’s IPhone 12 Is Popular Or Not?

According to a survey released by Yahoo Finance (Yahoo Finance), Wall Street analysts on average expected that this would be equivalent to earnings per share of $1.40 and sales of more than $102.76 billion. Compared with last year, this means that profits have increased by 12% and sales have increased by 16%. Despite the overwhelming COVID-19 pandemic, all of these continue to disrupt societies around the world.

Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi wrote in a letter to investors last week: “Overall, the iPhone’s year may be strong”. He added although the United States and France launched the iPhone 12 Pro in October, it was still delayed in most major markets.

If Apple reports such strong sales, it will likely be seen as a leader in the broader technology industry. And its company will become stronger during the pandemic.

What Amazon Reports on Iphone 12?

Another company that has made huge gains in the past year is Amazon. The company has seen “record demand” in the past year, especially during the holiday shopping season as people switch to online shopping. Google and its parent company Alphabet also exceeded Wall Street’s optimistic expectations. Because marketers spent a lot of money to attract people’s attention online. The business collaboration application Slack was sold to software giant Salesforce for $28 billion, nearly double its value before it went public in 2019.

People are scrambling to buy new computers and register for collaboration tools for business and distance learning. Such as Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. Most students still attend classes via video chat. Despite the successful development of a vaccine, daily life is not expected to return to normal for another year.

Smart phones are also becoming more and more important, because they have become a tool that can handle work, life and entertainment. IDC Industry Watch analysts predict that smartphone shipments this year will grow by 9%. Thanks in part to key new features such as 5G.

Microsoft Xbox Live Gold Price

Lower prices also help stimulate demand. Although the price of Apple’s iPhone did not drop last year, carriers such as AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile offered substantial discounts to push people towards 5G.

Helpfully, Apple’s latest iPhone has received positive reviews. CNET critic Patrick Holland rated the iPhone 12 as one of the most watched phones in CNET’s history. And many other technology critics agree. Holland wrote in the comment: “5G support, stunning new design, improved camera and four different models. These are the factors that make iPhone 12 an absolute product.”

In addition to the cheap iPhone SE, Apple also launched four iPhone 12 models last year.

Shiny apple

Consumers buying a new iPhone means that Apple has more opportunities to connect people with music, TV, games and news services, all of which are supported by its equipment.

Apple has also attracted the attention of the tech world through its computers. The company announced a new series of computers that run chips similar to the iPhone and iPad. As Apple calls it the M1 chip, it is designed to provide higher performance. While consuming less battery life than Intel chips that have been running Mac computers since 2006.

“We believe that the iPhone 12 has been Apple’s most successful product launch in the past five years.”

Katy Huberty and Morgan Stanley

This is part of the reason why many analysts expressed the hope that all of Apple’s businesses. (including iPad, Mac and services) will grow.

Monness Crespi Hardt analyst Brian White (Brian White) wrote: “In the recent holiday season, Apple’s portfolio is better than ever.”

It is not clear how far each Apple business, especially its services, will grow.

The company’s $5/month Apple TV Plus service has not received as much attention. As HBO Max’s $7/month Disney Plus or HBO Max’s $15/month service. The two subscription services launched last year attracted many new popular brand users. Disney acquired The Mandalorian from its Star Wars brand and WandaVision from the Marvel division. The two companies have helped it attract more than 86 million users to date, far more than any other new service. . HBO relies on her cousin Warner Bros. , The film released her new movie “Wonder Woman 1984” online on December 25.

At the same time, Netflix is ​​still the largest streaming service with more than 200 million users.

However, even if Apple’s services cannot attract everyone’s money, devices. Like the iPhone will still be one of the main ways people view them.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katie Huberty wrote: “We believe that the iPhone 12 is Apple’s most successful product launch in the past five years.”

We will determine whether this is true on Wednesday.

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