Buy Heavy Construction Equipment Now

Buy Heavy Construction Equipment Now

7 Best Website To Buy Heavy Construction Equipment

The lease of heavy construction equipment is a popular trend in the growth of the construction industry. But rent can go further-sometimes it makes more sense to buy. According to Ritchie Bros., you should consider five factors: your current financial situation, cost of ownership and rent, the duration of the project or repeat business, equipment availability, fleet management, and inventory control.

Sales on  Heavy Construction Equipment

Buying heavy construction equipment is not easy for many construction business owners. The cost of the purchase can be very high-even at high five- and six-figure prices-if the owner has not used the equipment before, it may take a risk.

To help you avoid certain risks of buying heavy construction equipment. We have compiled a list of seven websites that provide affordable deals for old and new options.

1.      Construction Equipment Guide

If you are looking for a construction auction, look for construction equipment guide. Although you cannot quote directly on the website, the “Construction Equipment Guide” team construction equipment auctions into a calendar page view. Then, potential buyers of heavy equipment can find the equipment closest to them and bid directly on the product.

Buy Heavy Construction Equipment NowBuy Heavy Construction Equipment Now

For those who are not far from the actual auction, many websites related to construction equipment catalogs also offer online bidding.

2.      eBay

Ebay offers a surprising selection of heavy construction equipment. The best part of this website is that you can easily search for the exact equipment options that best suit your construction company’s needs.

Buy Heavy Construction Equipment Now

Unlike other divisions of Ebay, the heavy equipment division has fewer bidding options and more sales than “Buy Now“. This is a double-edged sword. Although many of these sales offer heavy construction equipment at reasonable prices, buyers must carefully practice Ebay’s best practices. Due diligence to ensure they get the exact items they need at a reasonable price.

3.      Equipment Trader

Equipment Trader provided more than 99,000 new and used construction equipment. Specializing in earthwork and industrial equipment, this is a huge resource especially for commercial companies.

Equipment Trader
Equipment Trader

Moreover, if you are throwing away old equipment or a merchant, then Equipment Trader is fairly easy to use to build a list. Owners can list their equipment through the seller portal-but warn users that sometimes it takes 72 hours to wait because the equipment trader will check each listing.

4.      Iron planet

IronPlanet operates entirely online and through a call center, and is well-known as the “Netflix of construction equipment”.

Buy Heavy Construction Equipment Now
Iron Planet

The process is as follows: the seller marks the equipment to be sold, then IronPlanet inspects the equipment and lists it on their site. IronPlanet became interested in marketing and eventually sold the assets. Moreover, IronPlanet is proud of most products that can be sold within four to six weeks. IronPlanet is easy to use, has a good site, and has a large number of reviews that can quickly indicate excellent customer service.

5.      Machinery Trader

Machinery Trader provides free listings for potential sellers, buyers and tenants, and it is a great resource for those who want to buy heavy construction equipment without spending too much money. Furthermore, Machinery Traders also offer parts, components and accessories at discounted prices. As well as detachable machinery for more adventurous construction company owners.

Buy Heavy Construction Equipment Now
Machinery Trader

Unfortunately, using Machine Trader for end users can be a bit difficult. It is not possible to narrow the search by postal code, and the basic search function has many shortcomings (for example, you can only search by product number in the “Parts” section of the website).

6.      Mascus

From loaders to compressors, bulldozers to tires, the building section on Mascus is full of all related equipment. The site provides the ability to sell new and used equipment, auctions, and compare equipment specifications. Navigation on the site is also fairly easy-the equipment is neatly classified into related categories, such as “road construction equipment”, “farm equipment” and “asphalt equipment”.

Buy Heavy Construction Equipment Now

7. Ritchie Bros Auctioneers

Ritchie Bros., headquartered in British Columbia, is the world’s largest industry auctioneer. They offer unreserved transactions, which means that every item is sold to the highest bidder, so the chances of obtaining cheap heavy construction equipment are very high.

Buy Heavy Construction Equipment Now

Use the search function to first narrow down the range by location. Your auction calendar can be divided into two categories: industrial auctions and agricultural auctions. From there, you can narrow down the range of potential buyers by region, industry, equipment type, brand, model auction location, year, serial number, etc., so that you can easily find and search for very specific items.

Final Words

Purchasing heavy construction equipment is a difficult and expensive task. Of course, many building owners will be keen to pull the trigger. Please visit these seven websites to make purchasing decisions for construction equipment easier.

For those who want to simplify construction project management and inventory management. Please also check out our ERP construction and construction management software solutions.

Have you ever used these websites? Like what is your experience? Did I miss some websites? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

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