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From a decade now, the Car Mania team has been buying cars. As one of the oldest and most original online cars buying/selling/rental companies in the Pakistan, we are growing every year, thanks mainly to our simple, comfortable, safe and professional approach. Importantly, our prestigious clients like to sell cars to us because we have built our trust in past years.
• Buy your perferable care
• Sell your old car
• Rent a car for event, occasion or even for personal use.

If you choose a car or vehicle and want to customize it in your own style. Then bring your ideas of our expert technician and mechanics who have amazing experienced of transforming the exact idea into reality

No matter what want you to have in your car whether it Xenon, HID, Arc Halogen or LED. We proudly present our complete range of Front lights with all the up to date characteristics. Add-on your preferable lights up to your choice. 

Usually, the cost of a manual transmission is about $1,000 less than the automatic transmission of the same model. Higher fuel efficiency, overall, automatic transmission engines are much faster, lighter than manual

Forgot about the time, if you want to sell your car today, we will purchase it today. We want to buy any car under 8 years old and/or within 100,000 miles. Usually, because we collect your car and related health and safety issues, the price of the car we buy must be worth selling and buying for both. However, we do not have any price ceiling.

Nissan, BWM, or Dodge, we have a secure procedure of buying and selling a car, no matter which model. Most of our customers are busy professionals who have no time to sell their cars or bring them to one of our competitors. We provide concierge services for such customers in many ways: fast and accurate initial quotation; fast and convenient collection facility. Before returning the car to us, pay off the arrears first.

Worry about price, we assured you that we will give the most accurate price, far best than any other dealer. Since we provide collection facilities, the entire purchase process is designed to avoid wasting time. However, we analyse each query separately also, we follow 95% of the price given before the check/bid.
Bid Your Car Value Now And We Will Be There To Collect Your Car

All upgraded models are available, send your query today, we will get back to you soon.

Car Mania

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