Baba Vanga Predictions For 2021

Baba Vanga Predictions For 2021

Baba Vanga Predictions For 2021 The name of the famous Bulgarian woman, the late astrologer Baba Vanga, is known all over the world. In which she predicted many catastrophic events and many of her predictions have been fulfilled while she has made many important predictions for next year.

Baba Vanga has said that in the year 2021, she sees that suffering and accidents will increase in the world, the world will face misery which will change the human path. She also said that a mighty dragon would engulf the whole of humanity and the three monsters would become one. According to some analysts, the dragon here could mean the Chinese economy and its expansion.

He said people would go through more severe divisions based on their beliefs and religions. Additionally, that attempts would be made to assassinate Russian President Putin. However, She also made the bizarre prediction that former US President Donald Trump would suffer from an unusual mental and psychiatric condition.

In the Bulgarian language, “Baba” is called grandmother or grandmother and this woman was blinded in an accident. Baba Venga was born in January 1911 in Bulgaria and was a well-known religious leader, herbalist. She was known for his extraordinary and mysterious abilities and his treatment cured the sick.

Baba Vanga Previous Predictions

He is said to have predicted the fall of Russia, the Chernobyl nuclear accident. The 2004 Indonesian tsunami, and the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Tower. But some of his predictions have turned out to be wrong. Baba Vanga died on August 11, 1996, also known as Nostradamus of the Balkans.

According to Baba Venga, the world will end in the 51st century AD, while for the year 2021. She had said that She is seeing 5, then 100 and then many zero numbers. For the same year, she also made a good prediction that a cure for cancer, a long-standing disease of humanity, would be discovered. Also, that revolutionary avenues for obtaining energy from the sun would open up.

But many of his predictions have also been proven wrong.

How To Speak On Topic For 2 Minutes in IELTS Speaking?

How To Speak On Topic For 2 Minutes in IELTS Speaking?

In this series, I am going to tell you some of the amazing hacks and tricks to speak fluently in the IELTS Speaking Test Part 2, which is Two Minutes of Speaking on the given topic.

The test goes like, the examiner will give you a placard, on which the topic and 3 or 4 points are mentioned. These are the points that you must have to include in speaking. 1 minute is given to you for preparing your topic and 2 minutes is for speaking. 

Just relaxed, I am here to give you the perfect hacks and tricks to complete this test like a boss. Just follow my steps and I’ll lead you to achieve your goal in minutes 

Most importantly, your accent is not important. South Asia usually suffers from a lack of syndrome, where our dialects do not speak Western accents. Okay, it might be right when trying to date a Westerner appointment, but for the IELTS test, there is no accent.

This blogpost will solve all of your common mistakes and I make sure to share with you some skills and strategies that will help you achieve a score of 8 or more in the IELTS test. 

Let get started, but before that, I want to share my experience with you all. I scored 8.5 / 9 in the IELTS test, and for the first time, all other Australian Yours readers scored similarly or even higher.

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IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a skill of your English Knowledge, your English vocabulary, your listening/understanding capacity and so on. Like any other skill, you can wisely prepare for the IELTS test. If you only focus on key elements, you can quickly dismantle and learn.

Sub-Hacks For Speaking Test Part 2: 

These are my tips, that I called Sub Hacks for Speaking Fluently on the topic.

  • Answer each Prompt/ Point given to you on your Task card.
  • Invert Details.
  • Add Story.

Talk on each point for 30 seconds, which makes 2 or 3 lines approximately. 

If you add on the details about your own experience, it will help you the most.

Last but not the least, if you can find the relatable story about the topic, do share. It will add more of 30 seconds in your speaking.


Taking my example, if the topic is of about the cultural wedding in your country.

Heavy Machinery Maintenance

I’ll share every possible detail with the examiner, as it was my personal recent experience on my Brother’s wedding. Your own experience can help you a lot in speaking.

In my opinion, it is very difficult to talk on a topic but very easy to tell someone a story about it. 

What do you need to understand first? 

In two minute of speaking on the given topic, these are the most crucial points you need to understand first.

  • Fluency does not mean speed.
  • Accent/Tone Is the Key to winning over.
  • You don’t have to hesitate you share what you want, but it should be on point
  • It doesn’t matter if the examiner makes you stop or you stop after 1.5 minutes.


Now First Thing First: Fluency doesn’t mean cramming or the fast speed. Fluency in IELTS means to convey your point clearly to the other examiner without being delayed. To practice your fluency for English speaking, try using these hacks for a week, and share your results with me in the comment section below: 

  • Start Thinking In English
  • Talk To Yourself In English
  • Focus On Flow Not On The Grammar.
  • Try English Tongue Twisters.
  • Repeat After What You Hear 

Do these exercise thrice a day for a week. I am sure you can get amazing results immediately.

The Quality of Tone: 

The second thing comes with the Tone in which you speak. Remember that the examiner has nothing do with your story that you tell on the given topic. But they need to understand the complete whatever you said. 

The sound calling or the tone/accent whatever you name it forms a major difference between good speakers and excellent speakers. No one tells you this! This will require some training, but if you don’t know, would you do it?

Intonation is the way we focus our attention on specific words, which can create a better mental vision in the listener’s mind. Let’s say: “I live in a big house on the other side of New York.”

Put stress and intensity on BIG and New York, it will change the complete image of this sentence.

Normally, the listener must process words to understand what he is talking about. However, by adding Tone to your speech, the listener’s mind will automatically create an image of your house and its location. As a result, the listener’s mind will think you are an excellent speaker, and you will get a high score. That was the most secret hack which I just shared with you. 

Other things you can practice for the better tone is below: 

  • As mentioned above, Emphasize on specific words (common noun) more.
  • Focus on the “Th” and “R” sound more. 
  • Don’t afraid of doing mistakes. 

Practice these exercise a week before your IELTS, you will feel the results on your speaking skills visibly. 

Talk On Point

When the Speaking Part 2 starts, the examiner handover a Task card on which the topic and related queries will be mentioned. Then the examiner will give you a 1 minute for preparation. 

Here I want to mention, don’t be overconfident, try to write down the main points about the given topic and prepare well for the speech. 

Play around the prompts given that makes topic much easier to explain. 

  • When you start speaking about the topic, try to pick the simple present tense. 
  • Don’t go beyond or against the topic.
  • Stick to your experience and make it simple yet creative. 

However, the Task card can be like these:  

Topic: What season in the year you like the most;

  • When it is?
  • How long it stays?
  • What is the special thing you like about it?

Pro Tip: Never try to be complex. Remember that complex always wins over simple. Prepare it well, to the point and in a simple way possible. 

Stick To Your Watch Is Not Necessarily 

Feel free to talk about the topic which you have given. It totally fine if you go beyond the 2 minutes in speaking and examiner stops you. It’s actually happened with me when I was giving the test, the examiner stops me. 

However, it is also normal and fine that you finished your speaking in 1.5 or 1.7 minutes by saying that’s it.  

  • Be confident and be natural in what you are saying, don’t be afraid or shy.
  • Stick to your saying about the topic. 
  • Play around the prompts.

Final Take On Speaking Part 2 Exercise: 

Speaking tests require more structure than anything. You do not need to speak quickly, but you must be clear and accurate. Take the time to collect your thoughts and then choose the correct word. In terms of consistency. 

If you talked for a full two minutes and slipped slightly at the end, that is no big deal, the examiner will not judge your slip, but they will judge based on all your performance you did.

Try my Prop Tips and hacks in Speaking for 2 Minutes Test.

Hope to see you all in the next lesson. 

Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday of Banu Qudsia

Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday of Banu Qudsia

Today, Google Doodle pays tribute to the life and legacy of Pakistani novelist, playwright, and television writer Banu Qudsia (better known as Banu Appa).

She is recognized as one of the most important Urdu writers in modern times.

Moreover, Banu Qudsia is known for her messages of love and hope. Above all, her TV works Aadi Bat (1968) and Raja Gidh (1981) and other Urdu classics have been widely recognized.

Additionally, Qudsia was born in Firuzpur, British India (present-day India) on that day in 1928 and has been writing short stories since he was a child.

After moving to Lahore near Pakistan, after dividing the Indian subcontinent, he obtained a master’s degree in Urdu. While in school, she also met Ashfaq Ahmed, her future husband and Urdu language and literature classmate.

OPPO Releases Trailer For Upcoming 4K Smart TV

In the fertile era of Pakistani literature, the thought-provoking Quddisya TV series has earned it a reputation as an innovator of cultural trends.

In addition, he has written more than 25 novels and founded his own magazine “Dastaango”.

Even though her legend has gone through her six-decade career, she still maintains a good reputation for acceptance and radicalism, and is known for her embrace of people from all walks of life seeking guidance or help. .

However, Qudsia was awarded the Star of Excellence (Star of Excellence) in 1983 and 2000 and Hilal e Imtiaz in 2000. It is the highest honor among the citizens of Pakistan.

Hence, Happy birthday, Banu Appa! Your contributions to Pakistani literature and entertainment will echo in future generations!

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Emilia Clarke Has A Theory Of What Happened To Drogon After “Game Of Thrones”

The mother of dragons once will always be the mother of dragons. Emilia Clarke reveals her theories about what happened to Drogon and Daenerys after the end of “Game of Thrones”.

In the year since the last episode of “Game of Thrones” aired, fans are still struggling to solve an important ending question: Where did Drogon take Daenerys’s body? They can finally get the answer in the new book “Fire Cannot Kill the Dragon: Game of Thrones” and the unknown official story of the epic series, because Emilia Clarke flies away to Drogon There is a theory for what happened later. Last time from Westeros. Reasonable warning: It’s more sad than other characters.

In the season 8 finale, after Jon Snow (Kit Harrington) killed Danny in the smoking ruins of the King’s Landing, his last remaining dragon melted on the Iron Throne, and then The body was held in the claws and flew too far. Stay away from where you are. death. According to TVLine reports, Clark told writer James Hibbard that he didn’t think it would fly to Essos or ancient Valeria as some fans thought, but it is still flying today. He said: “I think he has been flying until his body disintegrates.” “Literally, I think he has been flying until he can’t fly. He has been sad.”

Emilia Clarke Has A Theory Of What Happened To Drogon After "Game Of Thrones"
Emilia Clarke Has A Theory Of What Happened To Drogon After “Game Of Thrones”

She further said:

Although the screenwriter of the show did not comment on Clark’s theory, it coincided with what the fans learned in the finale, when the new master Sam (John Bradley) told the Broken King Bran (Isaac Hampstead Wright) Dragon was “the last time he appeared, and he was” flying east. “Then Master Quinn Brown (Jerome Flynn) replied: “The more the last dragon left by Westeros, the better.”

Clark’s theory of Dragon fits her role well, especially considering Danny’s controversial legacy in the show. In May 2019, the actress told The New Yorker that she did not want Daenerys to be hailed as the “crazy queen” and explained her complicated relationship with the character’s fate. Clark said at the time: “Daenerys has been on this road to salvation. She is sitting on top of a very safe mountain,” she added, adding that she had never seen this latest change from fans. Get there. “I don’t like being called a crazy queen.”

Clark’s own memory of Danny will always remain particularly positive. The actor explained that after they suffered two brain aneurysms in 2011, the character helped save his life. When you suffer a brain trauma, it can make you very nervous. “When walking in her shoes, I spend a lot of time every season, because it is really life and death. I felt so strong that she saved me. I can only see her. “

Emilia Clarke Has A Theory Of What Happened To Drogon After "Game Of Thrones"
Emilia Clarke Has A Theory Of What Happened To Drogon After “Game Of Thrones”

Like Drogon, Clark will always love Danny. He told Entertainment Weekly in May 2019: “This is a lovely and touching ending. Anyway, I am with Daenerys. I am with it! I can’t.”

Do Couples Start Looking More Alike Over Time?

Do Couples Start Looking More Alike Over Time?

Couples have same face over years? Mystery Solved

Over Time, Will The Relationship Between Husband And Wife Become More And More Similar? A New Study Finally Solved This Mystery

The idea of ​​long-term contact between people has existed for decades. In fact, it originated from scientific experiments in the 1980s. But is this phenomenon really strange? Something?

This unusual idea entered the consciousness of the world in a psychology study published in 1987, which concluded that couples who have lived together for 25 years are physically similar to each other due to long-term cohabitation.

Regarding how this happened, the author, led by the late social psychologist Robert Zajonc, believes that “the apparently intimate relationship of a couple” can be attributed to the fact that Lovers for life are so synchronized with each other, thus unconsciously ending a tradition. The expressions of others will change the appearance of their faces over time.

Researchers believe that “one of the implications of the vascular emotion theory is that the habitual use of facial muscles will permanently affect the physical characteristics of the face.”

“This implication also shows that the facial features of two people who have lived together longer will become similar due to repeated empathy.”

Really??? Couples Start Looking More Alike Over Time? Mystery Solved
Really??? Couples Start Looking More Alike Over Time? Mystery Solved

Today, these ideas have been deeply ingrained in the psychological literature and daily culture. Some people think that this hypothetical phenomenon has been “scientifically proven.” But do you have one?

Research says

According to a new analysis by researchers at Stanford University, no, no.

“A careful study of the literature reveals that although the fusion hypothesis in appearance is one of the tenets of current psychology and has been widely disseminated through textbooks, books, and historical articles. A project led by Pin Pin Tea, a PhD student in electrical engineering The authors of the new study said: Makorn, in their article, there is no experimental support.

“[The 1987 experiment], despite being carefully designed, was based on a very small sample of 12 heterosexual couples. Furthermore, their results have never been repeated.”

In order to re-examine the so-called advantages of facial affinity, T- makorn and its co-author, computational psychologist Michal Kosinski, performed an iteration of the 1987 experiment, but the potential similarities are much greater, not to mention ability. . Technology of the 21st Century.

A 1987 study only examined photos of 12 couples after they got married and 25 years later, but this new study combined photos of 517 couples from public sources on the Internet, and compared photos between 20 and 69 years old shortly after marriage. Make a comparison. then. (All couples are white and heterosexual, and the researchers say they cannot obtain enough images of homosexual and non-white couples for meaningful analysis.)

Other Data

In addition, Tea-makorn and Kosinski not only have to compare human referees (153 people are recruiting online). But they also have a facial recognition algorithm called VGGFace2, which has previously been shown to be superior to humans in judging facial similarity.

Really??? Couples Start Looking More Alike Over Time? Mystery Solved
Really??? Couples Start Looking More Alike Over Time? Mystery Solved

In other words, perhaps this larger and more powerful experiment is the best opportunity to finally verify the hypothesis of physical convergence decades later.

Unfortunately, the researchers found no signs that the couple looked more and more similar over time, and they admitted that they were surprised by the results.

Tea-makorn said: “When we started this project, I firmly believed that we would easily find evidence of facial expression fusion”. “This is one of the theories that all college students learn in the same 101 lesson.”


However, according to the similarity levels provided by human judges and the well-known VGGFace2, not only did the faces of couples. Become more similar over time, but also the human judges implied that the movement in the other direction was very slight (indicating that the faces of the couples It may actually become less). Similar, although the obvious difference is small).

However, although the research team had no evidence that the couple gradually liked each other, the results confirmed that people seemed to be choosing long-term partners similar to them, at least compared to other randomly selected faces.

“Consistent with previous research, we found evidence of homeopathy or trends.

The author wrote: “Based on previous research, we found evidence of symmetry, or the couple has a tendency to have similar faces.”

“The faces of the couple are similar, but they will not converge over time. This allows the appearance of the face to be in harmony with other characteristics (such as interest, personality, intelligence, attitude, values, and happiness) that show initial similarities , But will not converge over time.”

The results are reported in the scientific report.

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