10 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Classy

10 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Classy

Being Classy is a new turn-on. Regardless, it’s always very useful to freshen up your memory and re-assess your current behavior. I personally always do that, even though I know all these things inside out already. It’s easy sometimes to get lazy and fall into old habits. If you want to level up in life, you need to become classy and refine your personal brand.

10 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Classy

1. Avoid wearing too much bling, costume jewelry & anything fake

If you can’t afford expensive jewelry, my advice is to avoid accessorizing too much! Keep it simple. Don’t wear the plastic costume jewelry you find on the high street. it’s too obvious.

10 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Classy
way too much of jewellery

If you want to wear some jewelry, keep it tasteful and get something discreet from a midrange jewelry shop. Classy women wear pearls and diamonds, so make sure to put that on your Law of Attraction wish list to attract for your future.

2. Avoid slouching, harsh or masculine movements

A classy lady is a lady that carries herself with a feminine posture. Backs should be straight, chest up, neck long and her movements contained. Don’t be the “tom-boy” who is aggressive in how she stands, walks and talks. The same goes for slouching and posture in general.

10 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Classy
Masculine movements, A big no

Keep reminding yourself every time, everywhere: straighten out your back, move delicately and be feminine. If you’re finding this hard, you might have to exercise your core and back muscles. Dance classes like ballet and ballroom dancing help teach you proper feminine posture. Otherwise, pilates and barré classes can work as great sporty but graceful substitutes.

Try imitating gracious women from movies and copy their movements as much as possible. Practice in mirrors and film yourself on camera to analyze your results.

3. Avoid finishing your food

If you’re dining in an expensive place and want to appear more ladylike, don’t finish everything on your plate. The only exception would be if you’re at a gastronomic experience where portions are tiny. Finishing everything, so it looks like you’ve licked the plate, doesn’t come across as very elegant or classy. Perhaps it’s more important when you’re on a date or in a social setting and less so if you’re eating out casually with your BFF.

10 Things To Avoid If You Want To Be Classy
80% full apetite

It just looks better. Classy women are never gluttonous!

4. Avoid being loud and obnoxious (or using slang)

The problem with people who are very loud and obnoxious is that they don’t always realize it. It requires a significant amount of self-reflection to admit that you’re a little bit too much. You don’t need to be quiet and characterless, but you should never shout, use offensive language or slang.

Avoid being loud and obnoxious
Being too loud

If you’re the one who gets excited easily by a luxurious lifestyle, then make a reminder to check in with yourself once every 15 minutes and compose your energy. Take a step back when you feel you’re letting loose. You can still have a good time and express yourself flamboyantly while being sophisticated. Always be ladylike.

5. Avoid eating without utensils (or only with a fork)

In this casual society, we’re used to grabbing food on the go. True class and manners are always explored through your table etiquette.

Women who make sure to use proper utensils (and insist on using them, even when others choose to take the sloppy road) will appear more high-end than their counterparts. It will look like you’re well educated, and that’s what you want your lady-like image to signal.

Avoid eating without utensils
Avoid eating without utensils

(Note: an exception can be made for salads. If the food is in bite-sized pieces, then you may eat it with a fork only)

6. Avoid rejecting what’s being offered to you by the host

If you’re offered food and drink, never decline. It’s considered impolite to do so. Even if you’re on a special diet, don’t bore people with your lengthy explanations and save everyone the hassle of just accepting what’s offered to you.

Avoid rejecting what’s being offered to you by the host
Avoid rejecting

It’s okay for you not to eat or drink what’s been given to you, as long as you just pretend like you’ve had a taste.

7. Avoid lying and getting caught

There is nothing more embarrassing or unclassy than being caught in a lie. I do think it can be okay to spice up a story to make it fit more with your image, but going all-in with lies where you know there is a possibility of getting caught is a big no-no.

Avoid lying and getting caught
Avoid lying and getting caught

It might be tempting to tell people you went to Harvard or live in the poshest area in town, but it can bite you in the back when reality pays you a visit!

These things happen more frequently than you think, especially these days when information is so accessible! If you have something to hide, hide it. Don’t create lies. Classy women can talk around things they don’t want to be mentioned or downplay it altogether.

8. Avoid whining, complaining & being a drama queen

This is very juvenile and bad etiquette. It’s okay to share your personal frustrations with your inner circle, but nobody wants to listen to your complaints or general rants.

Being a drama queen
Being a drama queen

Spare acquaintances this headache too, nothing is interesting when indulging in negativity even if it temporarily makes you feel better. Moreover, it’s very rude behavior and signals poor manners. Classy women focus on the positive.

9. Avoid being the last person to leave

It doesn’t look good if you’re one of the last to leave a party. If you’re serious about polishing your image and want to present yourself as a respectable lady, then being the last to leave any event just looks desperate. Classy does not equal desperate.

 Avoid being the last person to leave
Avoid being the last person to leave

There is nothing wrong with having a good time and enjoying yourself. Be strategic and think about your image. Stay long enough for people to acknowledge you, but leave before you become little miss desperado.

Furthermore, keeping your appearance short will create mystery around your presence. Anna Wintour is a great example. She goes out often but she only stays for 20 minutes, never drinks and is always in bed by 10:15 pm. If that’s too rigid for you, then make a rule to stay for 2 hours. That’s more than enough to socialise properly without looking like the crazy party girl.

10. Avoid name dropping, bragging & trying hard to look good

Lastly, when it comes to creating a classy image for yourself, it’s important to note that it has to be done delicately and never in someone’s face.

 Avoid name dropping, bragging & trying hard to look good
Trying hard to look good

I’m sure you’ve come across people that constantly name-drop and brag. Have you ever considered that person elegant? They may be dressed properly and carry sophisticated body language, but their behavior ruins everything. It’s a desperate way for validation.

Don’t be that person. Don’t make it obvious to people that you’re trying to level up in life. Be discreet and private just like rich people are. That signals class and that you’re one of them, not some newbie that’s easily impressed.

7 Tips For A Happier Life

7 Tips For A Happier Life

Happier Life is not a dream. Do you feel lazy all morning? Have caffeinated beverages become a necessity to help you replenish energy throughout the day? If it sounds familiar, it’s time to abandon the quick fixes that depend on this and propose an energy management plan. It may seem daunting from the beginning, but once you reap the benefits of a happier, healthier. And more productive lifestyle, you will soon be motivated to move on.

What is energy management for healthier life?

Think of your energy as a limited resource, just like money in an account. You can start a day’s life with specific expenses, which vary from person to person, depending on age, sleep, stress level, medical condition and lifestyle. During the day, when you withdraw energy from your account and deposit the energy into your account, multiple transactions (activities) occur. Although you may not always be able to control energy-consuming activities. You can take steps to deposit more energy into your account.

7 Tips For A Happier Life

Follow these seven tips to increase energy and lead a happier, healthier, and more productive life:

1.     Eat more nutritious foods.

As we all know, a healthy diet is the foundation of happiness, but a healthy diet is generally regarded as a means of losing weight. However, according to the 2015 American Dietary Guidelines, to obtain the best energy, a balanced diet is required, which is rich in fruits and vegetables, lean protein, low-fat dairy products and whole grains. After all, to some extent, you are actually what you eat. Eat a variety of foods in all food groups to obtain a range of nutrients that will provide you with energy throughout the day. Choose fresh or frozen fruits and vegetables, especially nutrient-rich green leafy vegetables and broccoli, and orange vegetables, including carrots and sweet potatoes. There are many types of fish and beans to choose from to provide healthy protein. Make sure to eat 3 ounces of whole grains, bread, rice or pasta every day.

2.     Sleep for seven to eight hours every night.

Sleeping more seems to be a health habit that many people need to improve. We already know that we need at least seven hours of sleep every night, so what prevents us from getting sleep? Think about how to improve the biggest sleep disorder, and understand this. Sleep deprivation can perpetuate dangerous health conditions and negatively affect your mood, motivation, and energy levels. Prioritizing your sleep time is one of the best ways you can set yourself up for a successful, energetic day.

3.     Keep the company of good people.

Maximize time spent with people around you. It will inspire you to connect with other people who are active and have similar interests. On the other hand, people who have nothing to do with you or hold negative views, complain about too many or make wrong choices will only drain your energy. Be selective about the company you operate.

7 Tips For A Happier Life

4.     Avoid excessive news.

News is an important way to stay in touch with what is happening in the world. They can be educational, entertaining, or even elegant. Unfortunately, news is often full of painful stories. These stories will distort your view of the world and make you focus on the scariest fears rather than the beautiful things around you. You can’t avoid these stories completely, but try to minimize exposure, especially during stressful times.

5.     Exercise regularly for healthier life.

Do you find yourself feeling drowsy throughout the day? Have you ever used up daily tasks, such as grocery shopping or housework? Contrary to what you might think, 150 minutes of exercise per week as recommended in the American Physical Exercise Guide can increase your energy account, not subtract it from it. What to do Exercises can reduce stress and stress, strengthen muscles, and enhance endurance, which helps your body function more effectively during tasks or other physical activities.

6.     Do meaningful things every day.

What are you passionate about? Do you have special talents that you would like to practice more or share with others? Even if you like to cook a healthy meal or listen to your favorite songs, you can do something you like every day. Efforts to do the things that are most important to you will help you make the most of and maintain your energy to discover the best you can be.

7.     Come up with good ideas for others.

Maintaining a benevolent attitude is another way to save energy. An example of practicing this way of thinking is called attention. For example, try to make eye contact with a smiling stranger. While thinking “I wish you all the best.” On the contrary, this positive action may prevent you from judging this person. Judging others will cause us to make self-judgments, and this negative self-talk can be stressful.

Towards this important personal care investment, every step you take will make you feel better.

7 Tips For A Happier Life

Here are some simple activities that can help you improve your self-awareness:

Control your energy.

Get the “temperature” of energy at various points throughout the day and assign it a number from 1 to 10, where 10 represents the highest energy level. Pay attention to the details of your day so that you can identify the person or event that affects you the most.

Skills Needed To Upgrade Your Lifestyle

Make incremental changes.

Once you realize that some person or event is destroying your energy, consider the next step. Instead of solving all the problems immediately, choose an area that is important to you and that is realistic for your goals. For example, if the clutter in your home is the main source of daily stress. Choose a closet, cabinet or drawer and clean it once a week instead of wasting your energy all at once. Then, when you are ready, move on to the next goal.

Planning and priority for healthier life.

Write down the time of your highest energy level in the day. When you feel fresh and productive, decide how to use these opportunities by prioritizing important tasks.

Become Rich in Your 20’s

Become Rich in Your 20’s

Seven things you can do when you are in your twenties, and get rich when you are thirty.

Getting rich quickly is everyone’s ultimate dream. However, the one thing that not everyone has is the enthusiasm for getting rich. Therefore, only proceed if you have a rare combination of desire and passion to get rich.

Researchers have not yet invented any magic pill or gadget that can make you rich, so remember that you must work hard to achieve this goal.

7 Career Tips To Help You Succeed In The Creative Industry

When it comes to most of us, we often dream that one day we will become millionaires. However, getting rich does not work in this way, we need to change the “day” at a specific time.

If you start practising religiously, the following seven strategies will help you achieve your goals before the age of 30:

Invest in yourself:

Investing in yourself will be the best investment you make. Began to become a professional with the skills of his hobbies. For example, if you like writing or cooking, you can take courses and improve your skills. This will help you use this skill to make money later. Start reading books because they are a good way to increase knowledge. Read inspiring stories of millionaires for advice. Investing in yourself also means developing healthy eating habits and starting to use them. Health can bring amazing benefits, such as reducing stress and being more focused on your goals.

Stop using social media:

The best way is to start by deactivating unnecessary social media accounts. Uninstall all social media applications from your phone, and then in Blue Moon, you can access your account through the desktop. This will greatly increase your focus on the target because social media is indeed a great distraction in this regard. This can also make you feel frustrated during useless hangouts with friends on weekends because you often show up where you post pictures in the future.

Stop showing:

You must not succumb to the temptation to use expensive bags and shoes to capture photos in newly purchased branded clothing to show off your money. Once you control this temptation, you will stop spending money on expensive and useless things. You will choose the features of the product, which will help you get value for money.

You will stop spending money on things you don’t need, and start spending money on things that can bring a greater return on investment. Think of billionaires, such as Warren Buffet or Mark Zuckerberg, who can easily afford a Rolls Royce or a magnificent mansion, but keep the choice simple. They are billionaires, they still haven’t wasted money, you are still in the process of becoming a smart person, don’t show off anymore.

Develop multiple sources of income:

Start looking for a sideline to make money. Thomas C. Curie conducted a five-year study of self-made millionaires and found that most of them have multiple sources of income. The results show that 65% of them have three types of income, while 45% have four types of income, and 29% have five or more types of income.

Drama Industry Needs Revolution

Additional revenue streams include stock market investments, partial ownership of spin-off businesses, and real estate leases. A self-employment is also an option. There are many self-employed websites.

Hang out with like-minded people

Once she works in the office and becomes friends with a girl who loves to spend money on groceries. It only took me a month to start spending a lot of money on food. Again, I work under the supervision of a supervisor who is used to starting work before the deadline, always making sure to submit the project before the deadline. I am the one who always performs tasks in the 11th hour, but it took me a few months to develop her habit and become proactive. Therefore, if you start hanging out with like-minded people, you will be very motivated to achieve your goals.

Set a budget

Create detailed budgets based on your estimated income and expenses. Determine your fixed and variable expenses. The fixed cost includes your bills and purchases, and the variable cost includes money spent hanging out with friends. Now, remove all useless expenses from variable expenses. Check your budget regularly to make sure your budget is correct. Your expenses may increase, so you need to continue to edit your budget.

Don’t fudge

The fatal habit we all commit is procrastination. We don’t even realize the importance of completing tasks on time. We told ourselves that there is still a year left, so we can do it later, but let me tell you that days have become weeks to months, and we haven’t even realized there are days left before the deadline. Therefore, if you do not procrastinate, you will never miss any business transaction. In the long run, this will help you obtain high-quality certifications, thereby increasing your business volume.

What do you think is the most important thing for a rich man in his 30s? Please leave your comments in the evaluation section.

Upgrade Your Lifestyle With These Skills

What Kind Of Lifestyle You Are Seeing Yourself To Be Living?

What Kind Of Lifestyle You Are Seeing Yourself To Be Living?

All of us want to design a lifestyle that makes us reasonably happy. But how to achieve the desired lifestyle? The fact is, whether you are in a “traditional” job or an entrepreneur, you should avoid obstacles. Here are 5 tips for creating the desired lifestyle:

1.      Find out what is important to you for better Lifestyle

Your first step is to determine what is important to you. This means understanding your priorities and working towards them. Once you know what is important to you, you can start your life around these important matters. Many times, we get caught up in what we “should” do or what other people are doing, but forget to think about what we want in life. Take a few minutes to decide what really matters to you.

2.      Acknowledge your responsibility for life

No, you can’t control everything that happens to you, and you can’t always indicate what your current situation is. However, you can decide how to deal with this situation. Know that you can change and move forward. Being able to see this in life is the first step in transforming life into a desired life.

3.      Know the steps required to make changes

Now that you know the important things and realize that you are responsible for your life, you can start looking for the steps needed to change. You may need to get more education or training to get to a higher level. You may need to find a guide to help you through the next stage. In some cases, the first step to change is to watch less TV. Sit back, find out where you want to go, and be honest about where you are. What intermediate steps do you need to take to achieve your ideal lifestyle?

4.      Start small for better lifestyle

Most of us cannot repair our lives in a day or even a year. If you want to live a healthier life, take a few small steps when you start exercising and eating. Depending on the lifestyle you want, you may need to admit that you can tolerate more habits than you think. However, if you keep making small changes, they will accumulate over time. You will develop new habits and eventually realize that you are on the right track. Remember, your lifestyle is really not a destination. Like many things in life, this is a journey.

5.      Support yourself for strong lifestyle

Finally, make sure to get support. Get help from loved ones in the process of seeking change. It may take some time to involve your partner and help your child adjust to the lifestyle. However, you can also find inspiration in online forums, local think tanks and conferences. Technology is a way to unite us, and you can get the help and support you need.

If you are willing to define your own success and then take the necessary steps to achieve success, you can live the lifestyle you want.

Small Habits To Change Your Life

Small Habits To Change Your Life

Practice These 10 Small Habits Every Day and Watch Your Life Completely Changed

I firmly believe in the power of positive habits.

Pointing to the clouds is easy to say: “This is where I want it.”

Anyone can do it.

The challenge is to get your hands dirty and do what needs to be done every day to turn these dreams into reality.

  • Keep the first promise of the day.

The first promise we make to ourselves every day is when we rise.

do you know? The vast majority of us violated this promise.

The alarm went off. You slept with sn. Without even planning, you start a new day in full swing.

I made a promise the night before, so I decided not to fulfil it.

Develop the habit of practising making and fulfilling promises to yourself.

It’s not just “waking up”.

The Best Way To Exercise To Improve Muscle Endurance

This is about habit.

  • Dress for success.

You look good and feel good.

Part of your morning routine should include reflecting the energy you want to bring to the world.

This has nothing to do with “looking professional”, but to put yourself in a positive attitude.

When you wear comfortable shoes, you will have a different energy.

Energy is essential.

  • A moment of reflection.

Before the chaos of the day begins, take a moment to think about yourself.

For some people, this is meditation.

For others, they may be reading a few pages of a book, or sitting quietly on coffee and newspapers.

But please take a moment to feel the peace of today. If there is a storm (metaphor), he will help you later.

You will bring back memories of those quiet moments in the early morning and remember that life is full of waves.



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All to get them out.



  • Eat lunch!



Many people underestimate the value of a lunch break-even if it only takes 15 minutes to get a sandwich.



Personal health is very important for long-term gaming, and if you ignore it, you will only prepare for bigger problems in the future.



If your schedule is very busy and you can’t spare time to feed yourself, it means that your food is a bit unbalanced-I promise it is not a lunch issue.




  • A moment in the afternoon.



How many people think about where they are in five minutes of the day?



Not much.



Instead, once we start a new day, we push, push, and push until we reach the sofa at 9 pm. They said, “Wow, I’m tired.”



Life is not the enemy. Life is a marathon.



Not only do you have a quiet morning and/or night, but you also need to spend five minutes in the middle of the day to stay calm.



If you find that this situation is “impossible,” let yourself go to the bathroom for five minutes.



Everyone should use the bathroom, right?



No matter what time it takes, let these five minutes happen in the afternoon.



For the rest of the day, five minutes of calm will surprise you.



  • Looking for some free time.



If you are a motivated person, then the concept of “free time” does not exist.



Free time is the time you can spend more time on achieving your goals.



However, in the long run, this can also cause problems.



Everyone needs time to relax.



The length of time has nothing to do with the quality of time.



Compared with an hour that is completely separated by 5 hours a day, 5 hours alone is much more efficient because you will punish yourself mentally for “resting”.



Free time is crucial, especially for creative people.



Let your mind drift.



Take a step back.



See the forest instead of the trees.



  • Manage your funds well and don’t let your funds drain.



A lot of pressure stems from money.



But is it the money’s fault?



Or is it our relationship?



Take the time to learn something about finance and how to prepare for success.



Develop positive habits here and stick to it.



All salaries are transferred to retirement accounts.



Set aside another part of your personal savings. Make a reasonable purchase.



Then, once a month, do a quick check on yourself to see where you spend your money.



The more diligent you are here, the more likely you are to develop a habit and prepare for the future you really want.



  • Introduce yourself.



When was the last time you talked to someone on the train?



At the grocery store?



Are you waiting in line for coffee?



You never know who to meet-it is these timing moments that make life move forward in an interesting way.



Through random conversations in the gym, I came across some of the best business contacts.



Some of my favourite stories are the result of a decision to talk to new friends.



Develop the habit of introducing yourself to people who hinder you.



This is the easiest way to keep your life fun.



  • Explore.



Based on the above, it is easy to fall into the routine of going to the same place, ordering the same dishes, and meeting the same people.



Get used to exploring new things.



If you want to go to that new cafe on the street, then go.



If you are considering trying a new restaurant, please make a reservation.



Unless you do, it will never happen.



  • Keep a diary and fall asleep.



Of course, there are two most underrated habits in the world: keep a diary before going to bed and then fall asleep.



The reason why I advocate recording a log before going to bed is that it is a few quiet times during the day.



This is the best time to use it for meditation, know what a day is like, know how you feel, know how to improve for tomorrow, and then set your own intentions.



Another reason you must do this before going to bed is that it penetrates your subconscious mind while you sleep.



If you can develop this habit, you will be very aware of what you need to do to succeed the next day.



You will spend the whole night studying these “next steps” outside, and when you wake up, it’s time to start working.

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Sleeping so underestimated.



For a long time, I believe that the less you sleep, the more difficult your work is.



Indeed, this is true: if you don’t get enough sleep, you will feel that you are the hardest person on earth.



But this does not mean you are smart.



Seven to seven and a half hours of sleep is the best choice. If you can get an eight, that would be great. If not, that’s great.



But don’t settle for five or six.



A relaxed mind is more productive than a tired mind (no matter how much coffee you drink).

How To Speak On Topic For 2 Minutes in IELTS Speaking?

How To Speak On Topic For 2 Minutes in IELTS Speaking?

In this series, I am going to tell you some of the amazing hacks and tricks to speak fluently in the IELTS Speaking Test Part 2, which is Two Minutes of Speaking on the given topic.

The test goes like, the examiner will give you a placard, on which the topic and 3 or 4 points are mentioned. These are the points that you must have to include in speaking. 1 minute is given to you for preparing your topic and 2 minutes is for speaking. 

Just relaxed, I am here to give you the perfect hacks and tricks to complete this test like a boss. Just follow my steps and I’ll lead you to achieve your goal in minutes 

Most importantly, your accent is not important. South Asia usually suffers from a lack of syndrome, where our dialects do not speak Western accents. Okay, it might be right when trying to date a Westerner appointment, but for the IELTS test, there is no accent.

This blogpost will solve all of your common mistakes and I make sure to share with you some skills and strategies that will help you achieve a score of 8 or more in the IELTS test. 

Let get started, but before that, I want to share my experience with you all. I scored 8.5 / 9 in the IELTS test, and for the first time, all other Australian Yours readers scored similarly or even higher.

Best Drawing Tablet Under 100

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is a skill of your English Knowledge, your English vocabulary, your listening/understanding capacity and so on. Like any other skill, you can wisely prepare for the IELTS test. If you only focus on key elements, you can quickly dismantle and learn.

Sub-Hacks For Speaking Test Part 2: 

These are my tips, that I called Sub Hacks for Speaking Fluently on the topic.

  • Answer each Prompt/ Point given to you on your Task card.
  • Invert Details.
  • Add Story.

Talk on each point for 30 seconds, which makes 2 or 3 lines approximately. 

If you add on the details about your own experience, it will help you the most.

Last but not the least, if you can find the relatable story about the topic, do share. It will add more of 30 seconds in your speaking.


Taking my example, if the topic is of about the cultural wedding in your country.

Heavy Machinery Maintenance

I’ll share every possible detail with the examiner, as it was my personal recent experience on my Brother’s wedding. Your own experience can help you a lot in speaking.

In my opinion, it is very difficult to talk on a topic but very easy to tell someone a story about it. 

What do you need to understand first? 

In two minute of speaking on the given topic, these are the most crucial points you need to understand first.

  • Fluency does not mean speed.
  • Accent/Tone Is the Key to winning over.
  • You don’t have to hesitate you share what you want, but it should be on point
  • It doesn’t matter if the examiner makes you stop or you stop after 1.5 minutes.


Now First Thing First: Fluency doesn’t mean cramming or the fast speed. Fluency in IELTS means to convey your point clearly to the other examiner without being delayed. To practice your fluency for English speaking, try using these hacks for a week, and share your results with me in the comment section below: 

  • Start Thinking In English
  • Talk To Yourself In English
  • Focus On Flow Not On The Grammar.
  • Try English Tongue Twisters.
  • Repeat After What You Hear 

Do these exercise thrice a day for a week. I am sure you can get amazing results immediately.

The Quality of Tone: 

The second thing comes with the Tone in which you speak. Remember that the examiner has nothing do with your story that you tell on the given topic. But they need to understand the complete whatever you said. 

The sound calling or the tone/accent whatever you name it forms a major difference between good speakers and excellent speakers. No one tells you this! This will require some training, but if you don’t know, would you do it?

Intonation is the way we focus our attention on specific words, which can create a better mental vision in the listener’s mind. Let’s say: “I live in a big house on the other side of New York.”

Put stress and intensity on BIG and New York, it will change the complete image of this sentence.

Normally, the listener must process words to understand what he is talking about. However, by adding Tone to your speech, the listener’s mind will automatically create an image of your house and its location. As a result, the listener’s mind will think you are an excellent speaker, and you will get a high score. That was the most secret hack which I just shared with you. 

Other things you can practice for the better tone is below: 

  • As mentioned above, Emphasize on specific words (common noun) more.
  • Focus on the “Th” and “R” sound more. 
  • Don’t afraid of doing mistakes. 

Practice these exercise a week before your IELTS, you will feel the results on your speaking skills visibly. 

Talk On Point

When the Speaking Part 2 starts, the examiner handover a Task card on which the topic and related queries will be mentioned. Then the examiner will give you a 1 minute for preparation. 

Here I want to mention, don’t be overconfident, try to write down the main points about the given topic and prepare well for the speech. 

Play around the prompts given that makes topic much easier to explain. 

  • When you start speaking about the topic, try to pick the simple present tense. 
  • Don’t go beyond or against the topic.
  • Stick to your experience and make it simple yet creative. 

However, the Task card can be like these:  

Topic: What season in the year you like the most;

  • When it is?
  • How long it stays?
  • What is the special thing you like about it?

Pro Tip: Never try to be complex. Remember that complex always wins over simple. Prepare it well, to the point and in a simple way possible. 

Stick To Your Watch Is Not Necessarily 

Feel free to talk about the topic which you have given. It totally fine if you go beyond the 2 minutes in speaking and examiner stops you. It’s actually happened with me when I was giving the test, the examiner stops me. 

However, it is also normal and fine that you finished your speaking in 1.5 or 1.7 minutes by saying that’s it.  

  • Be confident and be natural in what you are saying, don’t be afraid or shy.
  • Stick to your saying about the topic. 
  • Play around the prompts.

Final Take On Speaking Part 2 Exercise: 

Speaking tests require more structure than anything. You do not need to speak quickly, but you must be clear and accurate. Take the time to collect your thoughts and then choose the correct word. In terms of consistency. 

If you talked for a full two minutes and slipped slightly at the end, that is no big deal, the examiner will not judge your slip, but they will judge based on all your performance you did.

Try my Prop Tips and hacks in Speaking for 2 Minutes Test.

Hope to see you all in the next lesson. 

7 Career Tips To Help You Succeed In The Creative Industry

7 Career Tips To Help You Succeed In The Creative Industry

Career Tips: If you’re reading this article, chances are, you have some sort of creative passion. And if you decide to pursue that passion into a career in the creative industries, you’re in for one of the most rewarding, exciting, and (obviously) creatively fulfilling adventures of your life.

If you’re a creative, turning your passion into a career is the definition of living the dream. But the road to success in the creative industries isn’t paved with rainbows; if you want to succeed, you need a strategy.

But what, exactly, does that strategy look like? Let’s take a look at some of our top tips to help you succeed as a professional creative:

Find your niche

Find your niche and build it. Photo by Brad Neathery on Unsplash.

There is such a huge variety of creative careers—and even within those careers, there is such a huge variety of jobs, roles, and specialties.

When you’re a creatively driven person, you might want to get your hands into every creative endeavor possible. But if you want to build a successful career, you need to find your niche—and build your creative skills within that niche.

So, for example, let’s say you’re a graphic designer. There are so many jobs that fall underneath the graphic design umbrella. You can design logos for small businesses. moreover, you can design pitch decks for start-ups. You can design resumes for executives, menus for restaurants, posters for concerts and music festivals…the possibilities are endless.

But you’re not going to reach your full potential if you bounce from one creative opportunity to another. If you want to truly become a master of your craft—and find success in your field—you need to choose a niche. So be a logo designer. Be a pitch deck designer. Be a resume designer—but don’t try to be everything at once.

No matter what kind of creative career you want to have, you’re going to need a well-designed resume to land your dream job. Get started with one of Canva’s resume templates, like the Pastel Pink and Blue Modern Resume or the Bright Pink Modern Resume.

  • Pastel Pink and Blue Modern Resume
  • Use this template
  • Bright Pink Modern Resume
  • Use this template
  • Challenge your creative thinking

Don’t be stagnant. Challenge your creative thinking. Photo by CHARLI on Unsplash.

When you work in a creative industry, it can be easy to “coast” on your job; since you’re working on creative projects all day, that’s all you need to keep your creative skills up to par, right?

Not necessarily. When you work on the same kinds of projects day in and day out (which can often happen in a creative role), it’s easy to grow stagnant—and your creativity may suffer.

That’s why working on projects outside of work is so important. It gives you the opportunity to step outside of the box and work on projects that challenge you in a different way—which can reignite your creative spark and make you better at your job.

So, for example, if you’re a copywriter at an ad agency, try taking a screenwriting class. If you’re a graphic designer who specializes in presentation design, try experimenting with a logo or poster design after hours.

The point is, if you want to stay strong creatively, you need to flex your creative muscles—and stepping outside of the box and working on projects outside of your job is just the creative workout you need.

Network, network, network

Build connections, create your network.

As the old saying goes, “You are your network”. This is, to some degree, true in every industry—but it’s especially important in the creative world.

So many creative opportunities come via referral, whether from a past client, a colleague, or someone who knows and loves your work. That’s why it’s so important to focus on building your network; the more people you know—and the more people who know your work—the more opportunities you’ll have.

Spend time cultivating your network. Connect with other creatives and look for opportunities to share your work. Attend industry events. Reach out to people whose work and career you admire and ask them for coffee.

Again, the more people you know, the more people out there that will know your work—and the more people who can recommend you for creative opportunities.

When you work in the creative industries, the more connections you make, the better. Make sure those connections know how to get in touch (and send opportunities your way) with one of Canva’s business card templates, like the Colorful Leaves Creative Writer Business Card or the Pastel Modern Web Designer Business Card.

  • Colorful Leaves Creative Writer Business Card
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  • Pastel Modern Web Designer Business Card
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  • Keep a student mentality—no matter what stage of your career you’re in

Don’t stop learning. Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working as a creative for a month, a year, or a decade—there is always something new to learn.

Approaching your career with a student mentality—no matter how long you’ve been working in your field—will ensure that you’re always learning, always growing, and always challenging yourself creatively. Take classes, learn about other creative disciplines, keep your finger on the pulse of what’s going on in your field. Acknowledge that there will always be things you don’t know—and, if you want to reach your full creative potential, you should always be willing to go the extra mile to learn them.

Accept feedback

When you pour your heart and soul into a project, you want people to love it just as much as you do—which can make it hard when they have to deliver tough-to-hear feedback.

But being open to receiving feedback is part of the gig! When you’re working on your own projects, you’re free to create whatever you want. But when you’re working on a project for someone else (like a client or manager), you need to create something that’s in line with their vision—and that means taking and implementing their feedback.

So, for example, let’s say you’re designing a logo for a client—and they tell you they don’t like the look of the fonts you incorporated into the design. Instead of arguing with them or trying to make them see why the fonts work, accept the feedback, ask what they’d like to see changed, and then implement the changes.

When someone critiques your work, it can sting. But if you want to thrive in a creative career, learning to accept constructive feedback—and accept it graciously—is a must.

When you’re a creative, accepting feedback is part of the gig. And, depending on your career path, giving feedback might be part of your role, too. Deliver feedback to your team with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor with one of Canva’s report card templates, like the Blue Lines Homeschool Report Card or the Orange & White Modern Homeschool Report Card.

  • Blue Lines Homeschool Report Card
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  • Orange & White Modern Homeschool Report Card
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  • Be as professional as you are creative
  • Be a professional while still being a creative.

You need creative chops in order to succeed in a creative industry. If you want to work as a screenwriter, you need to be a great storyteller. However, if you want to be a design director, you need to have a solid design eye. If you want to be an interior designer, you need to know how to stage a room.

That goes without saying. But in order to succeed in the creative industries, you need more than just creativity—you need professionalism as well.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are—if you’re difficult to work with, consistently late on deadlines, and never respond to emails, no one’s going to want to hire you.

Put just as high a priority on acting professional as you do on being creative. Make it a pleasure for everyone—clients, managers, and coworkers—to work with you. The more professional you are—and the more positive the experience of working with you is—the more opportunities you’ll have in your creative career.

Want to show potential employers you’re just as professional as you are creative? Showcase your creative experience in a professional way with one of Canva’s resume templates, like the Red Dot & Circle Minimalist Resume or the Turquoise Photo Interior Designer Resume.

  • Red Dot & Circle Minimalist Resume
  • Use this template
  • Turquoise Photo Interior Designer Resume
  • Use this template
  • Practice perseverance
  • Stay focused and persevere.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are. If you decide to work in a creative field, you’re going to face rejection—and oftentimes, a whole lot of it.

If you let your first “no” stop you from hitting your goals, you’re not going to make it very far. Working in the creative industries is not for the thin-skinned; if you want to succeed, you need to practice perseverance.

It can be tough, but if you want a career as a creative, you need to stand behind the value of your work—no matter what kind of rejection you might face. Apply for a job—only to have the hiring manager tell you your samples aren’t quite what they’re looking for? No worries—that just frees you up to find a company that’s a better fit. Sending out your portfolio and feel like all you’re hearing is “no?” That’s ok—that just means you’re one step closer to a yes.

The point is, in order to succeed, you need to believe you’re going to succeed—even in the face of rejection. Tenacity and perseverance are the names of the game—and you need to play them well if you want to build a career as a creative.

Get out there and turn your creativity into a career

If you’re lucky enough to turn your creative passion into a career, you want to do everything you can to make that career successful. And now that you have these tips, you have everything you need to succeed in the creative industries and take your career to the next level.

Bring your ideas to life in minutes.

Pakistani Wedding; A Trend Setter

These unconventional Pakistani weddings were full of love in the most unique way

Who doesn’t love a good wedding story?

And while we’re all for mushy expressions of love, we’re over destination weddings, OTT weddings and the works. What we’re really digging are weddings which encourage intimate settings, environmental conservation, economising, and honestly, couples just breaking out of the mould to celebrate their big day.

We got in touch with a few desi couples who managed to convince their parents to go against the tide. Here are seven couples who have won us over with their wedding stories.

This couple went eco-friendly to have a zero-waste wedding

The couple posing on their wedding day.
The couple posing on their wedding day.

Recircle co-founders Wasma Imran and Mahin Khan tied the knot on 30th December, 2018 and there was one thing they knew they wanted for sure; a one-day, zero-waste wedding, as they’re big on sustainable living.

“We asked our catering service to use 19 litre Nestlé bottles, and fill them in metal dispensers so that no 1 litre plastic bottle rested on tables. These big nestle bottles are sent back to the company to be recycled,” said Wasma. “As for cold drinks, we did not use plastic 1.5 litre bottles and no straws, instead we used glass bottles that were emptied by the catering service in glasses and sent back to the company for recycling.”

They had an afternoon wedding in an open farmhouse in Lahore that they rented and they made sure that everything used was recyclable, like artificial flowers. “All our arrangements were re-usable so that even organic waste was avoided and the artificial flower arrangements can be reused at other weddings too. The organic food waste from our wedding was collected by a solid waste company which they converted to compost.”

“Our wedding is just another example of how we wanted to ‘not’ harm the environment while we were taking this really big step in our lives. It was about staying true to our principles and practice what we believe in.”

To conserve the environment, the couple made invites from seed paper so that when buried and watered regularly, grow into basil plants, making them 100% biodegradable.

“We also made very limited cards, and used a web-invite for most people to be as paper-free as possible. Our wedding favour packaging was made of 100% recycled paper, and no packaged stuff went into it. Only nuts and dried fruits. Moreover, our wedding favour includes one pot with a tiny plant for each family.”

Left: Seed paper invites. Right: Ring made of recycled silver and meteorite
Left: Seed paper invites. Right: Ring made of recycled silver and meteorite

They even got their rings hand crafted from Europe Wasma said, “My wedding ring is made of recycled silver, with a meteorite in it. My husband’s ring is also made of meteorite and recycled metal. We got them shipped from Norway and Budapest, respectively. As we’re 100% against diamond mining. Meteorites don’t cost a kidney, and they’re ACTUALLY rare compared to diamonds which are artificially inflated. And while it sounds really fancy, meteorite rings are really cheap! 1/50th the price of diamonds. My wedding jewellery is also hand crafted from scrap metal and recycled silver, as I really didn’t want to spend a lot on my jewellery. It was designed by Esfir Jewels and I absolutely love them!”

She added, “Our wedding is just another example of how we wanted to ‘not’ harm the environment while we were taking this really big step in our lives. It was about staying true to our principles and practice what we believe in. This is who we are and how we live!”

And to top it off, both parties split the costs and there was no dowry in the equation.

This couple got married with just 35 people in attendance and bought a car with their wedding fund

Practical romantics for the win!
Practical romantics for the win!

Food writer and voiceover artist, Aneela Sheikh Bhatti chose to take the path less travelled and had a super intimate ceremony for her wedding.

“Whenever I tell my wedding story to people, especially in Karachi, I am usually met with a few raised eyebrows and judgmental stares. My wedding was very different from the vast majority of matrimonial festivities that take place in Pakistan. For starters, it wasn’t a week of celebrations. I mean, if it’s considered a cultural norm here to have three events just for an engagement, then what we did was not normal,” explained Aneela.

“One day, we were sitting in my house, my then-boyfriend and now-husband, took my hand, dragged me to my mum’s room and told her, ‘Aunty I want to marry your daughter’and that was basically our engagement. A few months later, we called about 35 people to my house, just the closest family and friends. I signed papers in one room and he did the same in another. After it was over we sat together while people helped themselves to light refreshments of tea, fries, sandwiches, the very basics. I bought my outfit ready made the night before.”

“We were 23 with hardly any money in our pockets and did not want to start married life with a ton of debt looming over our heads. As cliché as it sounds and with the spirit of Valentine’s Day around the corner, I need to say that although a lot people look to turn their wedding day(s) into this fairy tale, a dream of a perfect day; for me, the fairy tale was always in the happily ever after.”

She added, “As a wedding present, my friend’s mother had my make-up and hair done at her parlour, so I really lucked out and I happened to look stunning on the day. We didn’t even have a professional photographer so all the pictures from my wedding day are pretty much off people’s phones.

“With the money we saved from the wedding, we got a secondhand Alto which I affectionately refer to as Betsy and is the very same car I drive everywhere to date, four years and a super cute baby later! As a wedding present our friends and family pitched in and we went on an amazing honeymoon to Thailand. Both these things were worth far more to us than feeding 400+ people, most of whom would’ve spent the evening whispering to each other about how they thought I was getting married because I was pregnant. Sure, we upset a few people by not inviting them to our small event, but we still look back and are so thankful we stuck to our guns and did OUR wedding OUR way. “

Aneela continued, “We were 23 with hardly any money in our pockets and did not want to start married life with a ton of debt looming over our heads. As cliché as it sounds and with the spirit of Valentine’s Day around the corner, I need to say that although a lot people look to turn their wedding day(s) into this fairy tale, a dream of a perfect day; for me, the fairy tale was always in the happily ever after.”

This bride wore her pre-worn sari to her wedding, and the groom wore jeans

Sana and Wilhelm have been married for seven years now.
Sana and Wilhelm have been married for seven years now.

Talk about being comfortable at your wedding. Sana Nizamani Nilsson and Vilhelm, who wed in Sweden on 12th March 2012 wanted an “event to celebrate love, friendship and mutual respect for who we are. I wanted the focus on us as people and less on the material things.”

After taking an exhausting look at the wedding planning, the couple decided to go the simple route.

“We wanted to keep it simple. Firstly, every time we thought of having to book venues, decide the menu, plan the guest list, etc, we got very overwhelmed. It simply took energy and focus away from each other and into this idea of how a wedding day is supposed to be,” Sana said.

“Desi weddings are beautiful, bright, big and fun. However, they, much like all weddings in general, can very easily become about the list of guests who must be invited and less about the couple.”

“Also, as I am a very private person, I felt uncomfortable having a large gathering on such a special day as we were going to read our vows to each other. Thus, quite early on we realised how we wanted it to be small and intimate. Plus, we wanted to pay for everything ourselves even though both our families generously offered to contribute so a small wedding made it possible to keep it classy within our budget.”

When it came to clothes, nothing seemed to be the right fit. “I couldn’t see the point in paying a lot of money for a dress I’d wear once. A few years earlier, my mother had gifted me a sari which I loved. I had worn it to a friend’s wedding and had brought it with me when I moved to Sweden. It was simple, red, and it had a history that felt special. Wearing that sari was a way to have my mother at the wedding and I’m so happy I made that decision.” She paired it with the only pair of heels she had – bought six years prior.

Sana decided to improvise and made her necklace into a teeka!
Sana decided to improvise and made her necklace into a teeka!

“All my life, I had seen bride wearing teekas. It was hard to imagine becoming a bride and not have one. Years ago, my parents had gifted me a beautiful and simple gold set of which I always wore the necklace. On the day of the wedding, I casually placed the necklace on my head and realised it doubled perfectly as a teeka,” she added.

Speaking of her husband’s choice to wear jeans, Sana said that that’s just him. “Enduring, simple, comfortable and yet, handsome. My husband is a giver, but he rarely treats himself. As he is a great admirer of country living, I was so happy to see him going to a genuine cowboy shop in Stockholm and getting himself clothes down to the leather boots. I slipped an Ajrak around his neck to celebrate the Sindhi in me on our big day.”

The total number of people at the event was less than 20 which included her husband’s family and their closest friends. Unfortunately Sana’s parent’s weren’t able to attend the ceremony due to visa delays. “My side of the family could only be there on Skype and in our hearts.”

“Within minutes, we were all a room filled with happy tears and crackling voices. This sense of raw emotion and the freedom to express it had been made possible by having only a tight knit of people. Seven years and two children later we still cherish the memory of the wedding day and feel thankful for the decisions we made to keep it simple. The sari, the teeka necklace and my husband’s Ajrak made helped create symbolism. There was a lot of thoughtfulness that day.”

This couple had a court marriage and distributed food at an Edhi Centre for their valima

The bride and groom on their wedding day.
The bride and groom on their wedding day.

On 19th May 2018, Saadia Subhan got married for the second time wearing a simple blue kurti with a dupatta, no extravagance.

“It’s my second marriage after being single and fighting depression for years, so my parents were hesitant and very careful about it,” she said. “On the other hand, it was his (now-husband Subhan Aslam) first marriage and he, being the only son of his parents, also faced many questions.”

However, once the families met, there was no going back.

“We had our arrangement at a lawyer’s chamber in Islamabad and our parents were well aware and willing for our marriage. We, along with our parents reached court, had our nikah and registration done within an hour’s time,” said Saadia.

“I wore a simple blue kurti and dupatta to match his blue formal shirt,” she added.

“Besides not wasting any money to please people who’ll criticise no matter what, it was done to remove stigmas attached to the matrimonial process in our society. You don’t have to take heavy loans to meet a set standard just to feel accepted in society”.

Their reason for the basic wedding was simple. “Besides not wasting any money to please people who’ll criticise no matter what, it was done to remove stigmas attached to the matrimonial process in our society. We are not against those who love extravagant weddings, but our choice of a simple wedding was to spread a message that marriages can be done in an easy way too. You don’t have to take heavy loans to meet a set standard just to feel accepted in society.”

“Our families firmly supported us in standing against social norms of not marrying a divorced woman, accepting/demanding heavy dowry and taking loans for day long celebrations because of “log kia kahein gay” Our parents proudly stood beside us and respected our choice of simple marriage.

The couple driving off to their honeymoon after their nikah
The couple driving off to their honeymoon after their nikah

The funniest bit was the reaction of friends and relatives. “They thought it was a prank. Our wedding announcement was a Facebook post with a picture taken an hour after nikah, both in t-shirts and nobody could tell that we’d really gotten married.”

After the nikah, Saadia and Subhan dropped their parents’ home and drove off to Nathia Gali for a one-night honeymoon and returned Sunday night, to resume work the following morning. Upon their return they distributed food at an Edhi centre for their valima.

“We are both humanitarians and there was no better way of celebrating valima other than distributing food among those who really deserve.”

The total cost of the event, including the nikah and valima food came to a roundabout figure of Rs 15,000.

This bride wore her mom’s shaadi outfit on her wedding

Photo (R) by Usman Jamshed Studio
Photo (R) by Usman Jamshed Studio

Journalist Annam Lodhi always knew that when she got married, she wanted to wear her mother’s shocking pink shaadi dress.

“Her shaadi outfit was hot pink and the valima jora was this mehndi green dress, with a jamavar gharara and organza dupatta. I’d always thought I’ll wear her green dress on my mehndi and the pink one on my shaadi. Strangely, my mom was always against it. Her reasons being, “one should only wear new clothes on their wedding” but I couldn’t resist, she had preserved her clothes with the utmost care! She’d worn them just on her wedding day and never again and also still has her bangles, shoes and other accessories from the wedding, even hair pins,” shared Lodhi.

The bride and the groom on their big day
The bride and the groom on their big day

Fast forward to 2019, it was time for Annam’s nikah: “The idea behind me actually using her dress was my attachment to all things vintage and old. My mom told us numerous stories about her wedding day, how her hair was a mess and the nose pin wasn’t right and how hard it was for her to walk in a shahrara for the first time. She was only 17 when she got married, she tells us about her feelings about how she was confused yet happy and what not. I just wanted to be able to tell her story by just wearing her dress.

“Even though I was very emotional about the dress, in the process I realised it helped with the finances too. With the current market, wedding dresses burn a hole in your wallet.”

The hot pink shahrara and dupatta have identical work, various handwork techniques have been used, not a sign of machine work and best of all, the work hasn’t gone black even after 30 years! The dupatta is just 2.5 meters long. The shirt was plain pink, which I got changed because I wanted it to look heavier and I added an extra dupatta. Even then, everything felt so lightweight because there were no blingy stones on it, it didn’t constrain my movement in any way.”

The hot pink sharara!
The hot pink sharara!

She got a shirt made from Liberty Market for Rs 20,000 to go with the outfit and the whole look came up to under Rs1 lakh including shoes, jewellery and makeup!

And there’s another cool thing about going vintage; Lodhi adds, “Even though I was very emotional about the dress, in the process I realised it helped with the finances too. With the current market, wedding dresses burn a hole in your wallet. It is great to repurpose old dresses and enjoy your day guilt free!”

This bride sang at her wedding to enjoy her day to the fullest

A picture of the happy couple
A picture of the happy couple

Kaghaz’s vocalist Amna Nizami caught everyone’s attention when she auditioned for Pepsi Battle of the Bands Season 3. She’d taken a flight right after her wedding to Shamayale Khattak and qualified to the next round with henna still unfaded. Turns out this wasn’t her first performance post-wedding. She decided to have a concert on her big day as well!

“We wanted to make our wedding our own,” said Amna. “It’s our big day, why should we be the ones sitting idle and waiting for it all to be over? I should enjoy my own wedding and do what makes me feel alive and happy. We didn’t have any MehndiMayun or rasmay. Our main event was a small barat with a nikah so we decided to have a simple event to accompany it and I decided to perform. I’m a musician, that’s what I do.”

Amna got a few of her fellow musicians on stage and performed for her family.

“It’s our big day, why should we be the ones sitting idle and waiting for it all to be over? My parents knew that I’d be performing and they were okay with it. Yes, the guests were surprised because brides don’t do that but that’s who I am.”

“My parents knew that I’d be performing and they were okay with it. Yes, the guests were surprised because brides don’t do that but I had played at other close friends’ weddings before with other musician friends and I felt it would be more personal if I do it on mine because that’s who I am.”

“We started with two cover songs which I sang. At the end two very close friends played the rubab and guitar. I played darbuka and people came up on dance floor to dance to the music and that was a win for me.”

She added, “Also, this was the first time a lot of my family heard me sing. They were pretty impressed!”

This bride doesn't care for naysayers.
This bride doesn’t care for naysayers.

Amna put on a show but groom Shamayale had his own fair share of surprises. The groom revealed that the barat made an entry to the theme music of wrestling stars DX. Coming from a theatre background, Shamayale got his troupe together and put on dances for the crowd.

“It was like larki waley vs larkey waley but we were more involved in them than anyone else.”

Brides and grooms having a wedding with their own quirks and enjoying it their way, that’s a yes from us!

This couple got married on their balcony within a budget of Rs20,000

Rizwan in his dark blue kurta, minus his wife.
Rizwan in his dark blue kurta, minus his wife.

Rizwan and his wife, Palwasha Minhas celebrated their wedding with the least amount of fuss. In the midst of all the wedding madness last winter, Rizwan tweeted the details of their event, all within Rs20,000.

“Guys shaadi season hai so here’s my wedding story in a thread so you guys know that having apni marzi ki shaadi (a wedding of your choice) is possible,” he wrote.

The couple, who reside in Lahore and are wedding photographers by profession, had a maximum budget of Rs20,000. “My guest list had 25 names: friends and parents. The venue was my terrace. The menu was chicken tikka, seekh kabab, pathoray chanay, halwa, strawberries.”

“A friend lent his cooks, I bought the chicken and masalay from the money and helped prepare the food. My wife cooked khattay aloo as the starter. I forgot dessert so a friend brought strawberries and ice cream. He also brought tables for the food.”

“My guest list had 25 names: friends and parents. The venue was my terrace. The menu was chicken tikka, seekh kabab, pathoray chanay, halwa, strawberries.”

Decor was kept to a minimum. “My dad bought fairy lights and put them up on the terrace. I borrowed 25 chairs from the neighborhood election committee.

“My wife and I wore plain blue shalwar kameez,” he said, courtesy of his mother and sister who bought it as a gift for the duo. “We all ate and talked till midnight when WAPDA cut off the lights. The whole shaadi then moved to restaurant The Manji Munch, DHA and then bas. Khush! Done!”

He concluded by saying, “Sukoon karo. Do whatever you want of course and whatever you can afford. But HAVE FUN. Be happy. Big or small, all weddings should just be HAPPY. Khush raho sab. Bye.”