Dealing Difficult Sister Relationships

Dealing Difficult Sister Relationships



This is a love untainted by any worldly interests or ulterior motives. True sisterly love is a relationship whose purity is derived from the light of Islamic guidance (Dr. Muhammad A. al-Hashimi). It is a bond that links a Muslims to her sister regardless of geographical origins, ethnicity, skin color, hair form, eye shape, or language. (It is) a bond based upon faith in Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aala) Who is greater than all our little petty divisions.

“The Believers are but a single brotherhood….”

(Al-Hujuraat 49:10)

Dealing Difficult Sister Relationships

A love which is an expression of the sweetness of faith:

“There are three things that whoever attains them will find the sweetness of faith: if Allah and His Messenger are dearer to him than anyone else; if he loves a person solely for the sake of Allah; if he would hate to return to kufr after Allah has rescued him from it, as much as he would hate be thrown into the Fire.”

[Al-Bukhari and Muslim]

So this is not love for the sake of status, notoriety, or fame. It is a love that requires a clean heart, a light heart, a soft and pliable heart.

In the hadeeth of Mu’adh reported by at-Tirmidhi, the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:

“Allah said: ‘Those who love one another for My glory, will have minbars of light, and the Prophets and martyrs will wish that they had the same”

[hasan saheeh hadeeth]

This kind of love is the only way to eliminate hatred, jealousy, and rivalry from peoples hearts.


The importance of kindness is mentioned hundreds of times in the Qur’aan! Islam instills in its followers the characteristic of kindness and faithfulness towards one’s friends, including the parents of one’s friends.

The seerah is filled with examples of kindness and faithfulness among the early believers. If you remember the story concerning our mother ‘Aaisha (radiallahu ‘anhaa) who used to become upset with Rasoolullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) because he used to extend himself to the friends of his late first wife, Khadijah (radiallahu ‘anhaa). He (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) spoke highly of Khadijah (radiallahu ‘anhaa) and sometimes he would slaughter a sheep and send a large portion to Khadijah’s friends.


In Muslim it is reported our beloved Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:

“Do not think little of any good deed, even if it is just greeting your brother with a cheerful countenance.”

The act of smiling actually stimulates the secretion of certain chemicals (endorphins) that increase our sense of well-being.

 “Your smiling at your brother is an act of charity (sadaqah)”

[reported by at-Tirmidhi who said it is hasan gharib]


Sincerity is one of the most basic principles of Islam and a central foundation of the faith. Without sincerity, a sister’s faith is invalid and her Islam is worthless. When the first believers gave allegiance (bay’ah) to the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam), they pledged their sincerity. This is confirmed by the statement of Jarir ibn ‘Abdullah (radiallahu ‘anhu):

 “I gave allegiance to the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) and pledged to observe regular prayer, to pay zakat and to be sincere towards every Muslim.”

[Agreed upon]

Furthermore, our beloved Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:

 “None of you truly believes until he likes for his brother what he likes for himself”

[Agreed upon]

It is impossible to do this without sincerity.


The religion that calls for love continued contact, and mutual affection is also the religion (Islam) that has forbidden sisters in faith to hate or abandon one another. It is reported by al-Bukhari in al-Adab al-Mufrad:

“No two people who love one another for the sake of Allah, or for the sake of Islam, will let the first minor offense of either of them come between them.”

This hadith and others tell us that prolonged estrangement from our sister is not acceptable. The longer the estrangement lasts (3 days or more) the greater the sin and the more severe is the punishment that will befall the two who are split by the dispute. Reconciliation among sisters-in-Islam is encouraged and the better of the two (disputing) Muslimahs is the first to give salaam. The Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:

“There should be no breaking off of ties, no turning away from one another, no hating one another, and no envying one another. Be brothers, as Allah has commanded you.”


The great Sahabi Abu Darda (radiallahu ‘anhu) used to say: “Shall I not tell you about something that is better for you than charity and fasting? Reconcile between your brothers, for hatred diminishes reward.”

[reported by al-Bukhari in Ad-Adab al-Mufrad]


Sometimes it seems so easy to become angry with our sisters in Islam about just about anything. However, the true Muslim restrains her anger and is quick to forgive her sister, and does not see any shame in doing so. Rather, she recognizes this as a good dead that can bring her closer to Allah and earn her His love which He bestows only on those who do good:

“…[those] who restrain anger and pardon (all) men – for Allah loves those who do good.”

(Al-‘Imran 3:134)

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The believing woman does not gossip about or backbite her sisters in Islam. She knows that gossip is haraam as the Qur’an says:

“…. Nor speak ill of each other behind their backs. Would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? Nay, you would abhor it. But fear Allah: for Allah is Oft-Returning, Most Merciful.”

(al-Hujuraat 49:12)

The believing woman restrains her tongue and speaks only good of her sister, remembering the words of the Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam):

“Do you know what gossip is?”

They said:

‘Allah and His Messenger know best.’

He said:

“It is your saying about your brother something which he dislikes.”

He was asked:

‘What do you think if what I say about my brother is true?’

He said:

“If it is true then you have gossiped about him and if it not true then you have slandered him.”


Being two-faced is an aspect of this. In fact the two-faced person is regarded as being one of the worst people in the sight of Allah. Our beloved Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:

“You will find among the worst people in the sight of Allah on the Day of Resurrection, the one who is two-faced, who approaches some people in one way and others in another.”

[al-Bukhari & Muslim]


It is reported by al-Bukhari in al-Adab al-Mufrad that our Prophet (sallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) said:

“Do not argue with your brother, do not joke excessively with him, do not make a promise to him then break it.”

Arguing leads to further misunderstanding, rigidity, and is an easy opening for Iblis; hurtful jokes often lead to hatred and loss of respect, and breaking promises upset people and destroys love. We need to learn to be able to “back off” to not have the final say, to sometimes just “agree to disagree” until the matter can be resolved by someone with more knowledge. The kind of posturing and gesticulation that poisons so many disagreements is leftover jahl (ignorance). We need to run away from this.


The Muslimah prefers friendship with a Muslim over the non-Muslim. The bond of common belief forms the foundation for generosity, a basic Islamic characteristic. We are entreated by Allah (subhaanahu wa ta’aalaa) to be

“… lowly [or humble] with the believers, mighty against the kafirun …”

(al-Maidah 5:54)


The sincere Muslimah who truly likes for her sister what she likes for herself does not forget to pray for her sister in her absence. This is a practical demonstration of sisterly love and care. A sincere, pure prayer of this kind is the kind most quickly answered. It is reported by al-Bukhari in al-Adab al-Mufrad that,:

“The quickest prayer to be answered is a man’s supplication for his brother in his absence.”

MeriumPervaiz Launched Her Brand

MeriumPervaiz Launched Her Brand

Yes, you heard it right, MeriumPervaiz just launched her cosmetics brand. Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics; Unwind The Beauty 

It’s all about beauty.

MeriumPervaiz Beauty Products

Initially, Merium Pervaiz cosmetics has three product.

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Notably, Merium Pervaiz Cosmetics; Unwind the beauty

Merium Pervaiz Hits Million Followers

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Friends Reunion Is Finalized In LA

Friends Reunion

David Schwimmer talked about how “I’m going to Los Angeles in a month” to film the “Friends Reunion”.

Fans of the popular sitcom series “Friends” are uneasy, and various reports have confirmed that the show will officially release their reunion show in Los Angeles next week.

According to the deadline, HBO Max’s own unwritten performance will restore the cast to the original series.

The sitcom that was popular in the 1990s was originally planned to have a reunion episode on the 25th anniversary of the series.

The Plot Of The Reunion Of Friends Finally Has A Shooting Date, Which Excites The Fans

The special show features Matthew Perry, Jennifer Aniston, Courtney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, David Schwimmer, and Matt LeBlanc. Who will return to the original sound stage at stage 24 at the Warner Bros. studio in Burbank, California.

Moreover, the special program will be broadcast on the broadcast machine of the 236 episodes of the series. Which has become the main program on the broadcast platform.

Earlier, David Schwimmer talked about “how I will go to Los Angeles in just one month.”

In last he added: “Finally, what I mean is that we have come up with a way to take pictures safely, And because of the security agreement, we will need to take pictures outside.”

Merium Pervaiz Hits Million Followers

Merium Pervaiz Hit Million Followers

Meet Merium Pervaiz, An Influential Person In Pakistan With More Than One Million Follower on Instagram

They say that the seeds of hard work always pay off. Merium Pervaiz is an Instagram and YouTuber influencer with a large following. She created an Instagram account on June 26, 2018, and started posting courses on makeup and skin care procedures on her social media account, which contributed to her career.

After receiving the audience’s love, she decided to create a YouTube channel, where she could blog and post makeup content. However, he has also begun to share his own nutritional recipes, which is also very popular.

5 Pakistani Actors Who Badly Failed In Acting

Merium Pervaiz is a young influencer, wife and mother of a beautiful daughter. You are confident and determined in your work and ideas. She is naturally passionate and energetic, and all the love of her audience and followers makes her more confident. Moreover, never ignores her followers, which is why people like her humble and friendly character.

Furthermore, she has interacted with her followers/fans on Instagram every day of her life or by replying to the comments below. Her cute personality helped her build a huge internet family on YouTube and Instagram.

If there is a will, things will happen

Recently, Merium Pervaiz won the YouTube Gold Medal Button and gained 1 million subscribers. In eight months, this became a new feeling in Pakistan. Therefore, YouTube also rewarded her with a silver play button.

Merium Pervaiz; Lifestyle Influencer

She became very popular in less time. She is a source of inspiration for other young women and mothers. It has become a weather vane in Pakistan. The young mother not only saw its content, but also the young people.

Continuing her personal life, her husband has spared no effort to support her, even in the days when she started and was criticized. Her lasting love for makeup and skin care and her self-evaluation put her at the top of the list in just 8 months.

She has a very good career and her family life has set an example for her. She still makes YouTube videos on a regular basis to keep her family up-to-date and beautiful like her.

Waliya Najib: A New Sensation from Islamabad

Waliya Najib: A New Sensation from Islamabad

Waliya Najib Career, a roller coaster ride: I once read somewhere that the word “photography” comes from Greek, meaning painting with light. The hat is the whale’s hat: paint with light, whether it is daylight or artificial light.

 Waliya Najib is one of the most sought-after photographers in Twin Cities and a social media celebrity, with +800k followers on Instagram and 180k+ followers on Facebook. She works on many fan pages on various social media platforms.

Waliya: An Inspiration To Many:

She is one of the lucky few parents whose parents approved the idea of ​​pursuing a career in photography instead of forcing her to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, today, it earns much more than its counterparts who study at high-end universities but are still struggling to find jobs.

 At the age of 19, Waliya was invited to GIK to participate in a photography studio, where she trained older students.

Do You Know What Meghan Markle Best Spare Time Activity Is?

Later, she was invited to participate in LUMS, NUST and many other colleges and universities in the country, giving lectures on entrepreneurship, photography, and various photo contests. For a girl who successfully broke the limits of traditionalism, this is a huge achievement. She said to me: “After inviting me to be a guest and trainer in a large institution. I realized the importance of doing what I do best, because if I don’t pursue photography, these universities will never allow me to go because of me. They have always been ordinary students.”

Task work seems to be an explanation of its conscious and unconscious selves. “I try to capture the feeling and joy of a moment at a time. I love nature, human beings and life itself, so I try to capture the sincere peace of our existence. What is the ability to capture and immortalize the past moments? It inspired my passion for photography,” she says.

How Her Journey Starts?

Her father introduced her to photography since childhood. “My father likes to take pictures, and I used to organize them in photo albums”. She pointed to a large closet she was sitting on the sofa in the living room and showed me a bunch of photo albums she and her father had put together. She said: “Our house is always full of photos, albums and paintings. No matter where we go, the camera is with us. Every happy moment is captured by the camera”. On her 13th birthday once received the camera, this opened a door to the world of photography. After the death of his father, his parents started disputes over property and inheritance.


At that time she and her mother were facing a serious financial crisis. She said: “Despite all the troubles, my mother bought me a camera and gave me my car so that I can safely travel to and from the shooting location”. Waliya attributed all her success to her mother. Not only did her mother encourage her, but she also stood behind her as a wall to protect her from all those who look down on her new career as a photographer.

In early 2012, a new batch of cheaper digital SLR cameras appeared on the market, leading to a surge in amateurs who are not familiar with the basics of photography. I would like to know how I stood out in this deadly wave. She confidently told me that when the wave reached the town, it had already established its place in the market.

15 Best Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow This Year

She maintains authenticity, maintains symmetry, and constantly proposes unique ideas, which attracts people’s interest in her work.

Her Acting Career

She also participated in the TV series “Mery Dadda ki Vasiyet”.

Recently, she met with the very famous actor Feroze Khan, and they both scored certain items together. But this is definitely not the series. Let’s wait and see and see the performance of the two actors.

Waliya and Feroze posted a photo and announced that the project will be released soon.


In the past, it was difficult to persuade parents to accept photography as a profession. But nowadays, people like Waliya have managed to change the perception of countless parents. Who see that people with good backgrounds will make a difference. They call themselves in this respect.

You can also read her whole interview here:

Engin Altan Düzyatan Biography

Engin Altan Düzyatan Biography

Engin Altan Düzyatan Biography:

Importantly, Engin Altan Düzyatan is a renowned Turkish actor. He is most popular for his role as “Ertugrul”. He was born on 26 July 1979 in Karşıyaka, Izmir, Turkey. Presently, Engin Altan Düzyatan age is 41 years .

Famous Role – Ertugrul Ghazi in Diriliş: Ertuğrul

Famous Name:Engin Altan Düzyatan
Full Name:Engin Altan Düzyatan
Age:41 years 6 months 5 days
Birthplace:Karşıyaka, Izmir, Turkey
Hometown:Izmir, Turkey
Net Worth:$1 Million – $5 Million Dollar (Approx) (As in 2020)
Famous for:He is most popular for his role as “Ertugrul”

Parents & Brothers:

Father:Mevlan Düzyatan
Mother:Gülşen Düzyatan
Brother(s):Alpay Selim Düzyatan

Education / Qualifications:

University:Dokuz Eylül University, İzmir, Turkey

Engin Altan Düzyatan started acting during his secondary school days. Additionally, his families are Albanian outsiders from Prishtina. He joined Dokuz Eylül University to contemplate theater. Moreover, he finished his course and moved to Istanbul where he began his expert acting profession.

Body Measurements:

Height:6 feet 1 inches (1.85 m)
Weight:75 kg (As in 2020)
Chest Size:40 inches
Waist Size:30 inches
Eyes Color:Brown
Hairs Color:Light Brown
Measurements:40-30-15 inches
Shoes Size:10 (US)
Body Shape:Slim
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Zodiac Sign:Leo

Career Debut:

Debut Year:1997
1st Tv (Show):Ruhsar (1997)
1st Movie/Drama:Kalbin Zamanı (2004)

He made his screen debut in the TV arrangement Ruhsar and proceeded to show up in Yeditepe Istanbul, Koçum Benim and Alacakaranlık. In 2005, he acted in the movies Beyza’nın Kadınları coordinated by Mustafa Altıoklar and Kalbim Zamanı.

In 2007, Düzyatan showed up in the arrangement Sevgili Dünürüm with Haluk Bilginer, Sumru Yavrucuk and Nevra Serezli. His next roles were in the movies Cennet (2008) and Mezuniyet (2009). Additionally, in 2009, he played Doctor Serdar Batur in the arrangement Bir Bulut Olsam with Melisa Sözen and Engin Akyürek, composed by Meral Okay.

Engin Altan Will Inaugurates A Mosque In Islamabad Aka Ertugrul Ghazi

Moreover. Düzyatan acted in the movies Romantik Komedi, New York’ta Beş Minare and Bir Avuç Deniz in 2010. Above all, he hosted the game show Canlı Para which is Turkish form of The Million Pound Drop Live on Show TV in 2010 and 2011. He has another arrangement in Kanal D titled, Cinayet.

His co-actors are Nurgül Yeşilçay, Uğur Polat, Şükran Ovalı, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan and Goncagül Sunar. However, from 2014 until 2019, he has featured in the TV arrangement named Diriliş: Ertuğrul in its namesake leading role on TRT 1.

Movies List:

  • Kalbin Zamanı (2004)
  • Beyza’nın Kadınları (2005)
  • Cennet (2007)
  • Cin Geçidi (2008)
  • Romantik Komedi (2009)
  • Bir Avuç Deniz (2010)
  • Anadolu Kartalları (2011)
  • Aziz Ayşe (2012)
  • Bu Son Olsun (2012)
  • Bu İşte Bir Yalnızlık Var (2013)
  • Romantik Komedi 2: Bekarlığa Veda (2013)
  • Ve Panayır Köyden Gider (2015)
  • Bilal: Özgürlüğün Sesi (2017) (voice)
TV Series:
  1. Ruhsar (1997)
  2. Bizim Otel (2001)
  3. Yeditepe İstanbul (2001)
  4. Koçum Benim (2002)
  5. En Son Babalar Duyar (2002)
  6. Mühürlü Güller (2003)
  7. Hürrem Sultan (2003)
  8. Alacakaranlık (2003)
  9. Kampüsistan (2003)
  10. Sil Baştan (2004)
  11. Azize (2004)
  12. Kadın Her Zaman Haklıdır (2005)
  13. Belalı Baldız (2005)
  14. Sıla (2006)
  15. Kızlar Yurdu (2006)
  16. Affedilmeyen (2007)
  17. Sevgili Dünürüm (2007)
  18. Cesaretin Var mı Aşka (2008)
  19. Dantel (2008)
  20. Kapalı Çarşı (2009)
  21. Bir Bulut Olsam (2009)
  22. Şen Yuva (2010)
  23. Son (2012)
  24. Yol Ayrımı (2012)
  25. Cinayet (2014)
  26. Çırağan Baskını (2014)
  27. Diriliş: Ertuğrul (2014)
  28. Kurşun (2019)
Engin Altan Düzyatan Net Worth:

Moreover, his net worth is estimated to be $1 Million – $5 Million Dollar (Approx) as in 2020. He is also talented actor.

Yoga Poses For Beginners

Engin Altan Düzyatan Wife, & Son:

Engin Altan Wedding Picture with her wife Neslişah Alkoçlar

Marital Status:Married
Wife:Neslihan Alkoçlar
Son(s):Emir Aras Düzyatan

Furthermore, Engin Altan is married to Neslihan Alkoçlar in 2014. His son name is Emir Aras Düzyatan.

Also, Engin Altan with his Wife in Selfie on Instagram

Social Media Accounts:

Instagram:Click here
Twitter:Click here
Facebook:Click here

Engin Altan Düzyatan Age, Biography, Wiki, Family, Education, Movies, TV Shows, Net Worth, Wife & Kids

Fahad Mustafa’s Attempt To Become Pakistani Ekta Kapoor

Fahad Mustafa's Attempt To Become Pakistani Ekta Kapoor

Fahad Mustafa has embarked on a mission to take Pakistani dramas to the level of Indian dramas. People are not happy about it.

There was a time when all Pakistanis were gripped by Star Plus in such a way that from 7 pm to 12 pm, from every house only “because mother-in-law was also a daughter-in-law”, “the test of life” and ” There were sounds of dramas like “Kum Kum”. None of these dramas had 700 or less 800 episodes. The Indian drama makers had the same goal: run if the ratings of the dramas are coming; and a generation of Pakistanis grew up watching these dramas.

What was it about these plays that drove women and children crazy? Mother-in-law’s conspiracies, magic tuna, but the most successful formula was to change the face from plastic surgery to force another actor into the play instead of a good actor. What is the drama in India in which the faces of the actors have not been changed through plastic surgery, and 200 more episodes were released in the same cycle.

Ekta Kapoor,

Be it the dramas shown on Star Plus, on Sony TV, on ZTV or any other Indian channel, the story of almost all dramas is exactly the same. Only the actors change and behind all these nonsensical, nonsensical dramas, there was only one woman, Ekta Kapoor.

Ekta Kapoor once dominated Indian channels. She was the creator of all the long-running dramas. Who along with the Indians had driven the Pakistanis crazy behind their nonsensical nonsense dramas.

But then people got bored. How far we see the same story in every play. Repeatedly changing his face with plastic surgery to see the good character ruined. And just as Buddhists return home, Pakistanis also got rid of Indian dramas and returned to their home dramas.

Sara Chaudhary Back On Instagram

The feature of Pakistani dramas is that dramas are not drawn here for no reason. Reality stories are shown that reflect society. Neither the dramatic Dhoom Tana Nana sensations are spread in the dramas, nor the dramas last so long that the characters have to be replaced through plastic surgery.

Fahad Mustafa Badly Failed As A Producer

But Fahad is Mustafa! On a mission to bring good Pakistani dramas back to the forefront of Indian dramas. Fahad Mustafa wondered what would happen if Pakistanis refused to watch Indian dramas. I am no! I will make plays that will remind them of Indian dramas again. And they made a drama.

In the beginning, the story of Nand drama was very good and it was showing almost the same thing that happens in 60% of our homes. Namely, the battles, conspiracies and quarrels of Nand Bhauj. People also liked this drama and the ratings of the drama started coming. What’s more, in the rating cycle, Fahad Mustafa decided to ruin the drama that had come to an end.

The story of the play was not only unnecessarily extended but also included magic tuna. Conspiracies were once again shown among the women of the house to prolong the drama. In which all the women together were seen conspiring against a poor oppressed daughter-in-law. But the limit was reached that Ekta Kapoor’s formula was used to replace the strongest character of the play ‘Gohar’ i.e. Faiza Hassan in the play, i.e. ‘Plastic Surgery’.

Final Words

Yes congratulations friends! Pakistani dramas are now on the heels of Ekta Kapoor and Star Plus. Because in the drama serial Nand, the role of Faiza Hassan will now be seen being promoted by Jawariya Saud. And that change has come through plastic surgery. In other words, Faiza Hassan was replaced by Javariya Saud overnight through plastic surgery. The drama is about to complete its 100 episodes and with the entry of a new character in the drama, the viewers will get to see more conspiracies, so it is possible that this drama will complete 100 more episodes. That is why the drama Nand will be ready to suffer even more.

How To Speak On Topic For 2 Minutes in IELTS Speaking?

My only question to Fahad Mustafa is, what is he trying to show in his dramas? Will the Pakistani people, who had survived long Indian dramas without stories, be able to accept Pakistani dramas based on the same formula? It is true that people are shown on TV what they want to see. But it is also a bitter truth that when people have nothing but useless material to see, they will see it all. As a producer, it is your responsibility to show good content to the people and not become Ekta Kapoor in the cycle of God rating.

Sara Chaudhary Back On Instagram

Sara Chaudhary Back On Instagram

New photos of former actress saying goodbye to showbiz industry go viral

Former actress Sara Chaudhry’s new photos saying goodbye to Pakistan showbiz industry are becoming popular on the internet and she is being liked a lot.

Former actress Sarah Chaudhry, who has completely distanced herself from showbiz due to her religious leanings, often posts on Instagram.

She recently posted a picture of herself in a mountainous area of ​​Pakistan for fun and can be seen with her husband and three children.

“I don’t think there can be anything more special than the standard time you spend with your family,” Sarah wrote with the photo.

Sarah Chaudhary Left Showbiz in 2011

In addition to this, the photos posted by him a few days ago on Instagram are also being liked a lot.

It may be recalled that Sara Chaudhry, who started her showbiz career in 2001, said goodbye to showbiz in 2011-12 when she was firmly entrenched in the industry.

Former actress Sara Chaudhry’s new photos saying goodbye to Pakistan showbiz industry are becoming popular on the internet and she is being liked a lot.

Former actress Sarah Chaudhry, who has completely distanced herself from showbiz due to her religious leanings, often posts on Instagram.

She recently posted a picture of herself in a mountainous area of ​​Pakistan for fun and can be seen with her husband and three children.

“I don’t think there can be anything more special than the standard time you spend with your family,” Sarah wrote with the photo.

In addition to this, the photos posted by him a few days ago on Instagram are also being liked a lot.

It may be recalled that Sara Chaudhry, who started her showbiz career in 2001, said goodbye to showbiz in 2011-12 when she was firmly entrenched in the industry.

Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization

Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization: Good Seed Makes a Good Crop

Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization: Good Seed Makes a Good Crop

Robina Shakeel, a non-governmental Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization, has always been a pioneer in opening temporary schools, operating temporary schools with funds generated from the collection and sale of waste every day.

Women Behind Aabroo, Rubina Shakeel
Women Behind Aabroo, Rubina Shakeel

Lahore has a population of more than 11 million and produces 7,200 tons of waste every day. While the Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC) has only one company, which is responsible for handling a pile of garbage. In this case, a non-governmental organization, Aabroo Education Welfare, took the lead in managing a batch of temporary schools with funds generated from daily waste collection and sales.

A Woman In Lahore Sells Garbage To Educate Thousands Of Children: AabrooEducational Welfare Organization

Founded by Robina Shakeel, a charity activist based in Lahore, Abreu (translated as respect) provides education, food and medicine to more than 5,000 poor children and orphans studying in these schools.

The organization collected 21 tons of waste from 8,000 households across the city and sorted out plastic bottles and reusable materials from the garbage. The collected items are then sold to the local recycling market. Which generates 1.72 million rupees (approximately) rupees per month, enough to cover 40% of the school’s expenses.

Aabroo currently owns three secondary schools in Aabroo Welfare, providing day and evening courses for 1,532 children, including a secondary school on Ata Bakhsh Road. Its headquarters are located in Hudiara Drain, the city’s largest open-air sewer.

A Woman In Lahore Sells Garbage To Educate Thousands Of Children: Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization
A Woman In Lahore Sells Garbage To Educate Thousands Of Children: Aabroo Educational Welfare Organization

Children enrolled in these schools from kindergarten to intermediate level not only receive free education and vocational training. But also receive medical assistance, lunchtime fresh food, books, stationery, uniforms and toys.

Currently, more than 300 girls are receiving sewing and knitting training from coaches in three different facilities. The staff includes 150 lecturers, 45 administrative staff and more than 50 volunteers.

Aabroo Welfare Where Waste Make Good

Robina told TNS that he came from a poor background. “Some elderly people nearby and my little siblings helped me continue my studies. When I felt that I could help disadvantaged children, I had the same idea.”

She said she started teaching the five children of the maid “on the balcony of our car”. This number has increased over time: “In about 40 days, my number of students has increased to 65!”

Robina said she realized that the free lunch and free education in the afternoon would attract parents of children. This laid the foundation for Aabroo Educational Care in 2003.

The organization collected 21 tons of waste from 8,000 households across the city and sorted out plastic bottles and reusable materials from the garbage. Then sell the collected items to the local recycling market.

Today, every school’s kitchen prepares food for students. These schools also have cattle farms to provide milk for the children.

In addition, students will also receive technical and vocational training (TVT). He added that it is mandatory. “Children can choose from a variety of fields, including sewing, designing clothes, repairing and maintaining electronics, cooking or calling center work.”

Shakeel firmly believes that students should receive technical education. He said: “It is this skill that makes them productive citizens in society after they leave school.”

A large garbage collection station was established near the Aabroo headquarters. These bags were distributed to about 8,000 households to store solid waste. After that, the Aabroo team collected them and brought them to the warehouse.

“In the warehouse, our team sort wood, clothes, books and decorations,” said Zahid Qureshi, warehouse manager in Aabroo. “We send all kinds of plastics, bottles, glass, kitchenware, electronic products and paper to recycling companies registered with the Punjab government.”

Aabroo Welfare Details

The bundled clothes are used to sew eco-friendly shopping bags that can be sold in the market. None of our waste is our waste, everything can be reused to educate, feed and provide shelter for children in need, and this makes us proud. “

Environmental scientist Asif Ali Sayal believes that the collection and use of residential waste is a good example.

Rubina-Khalid: Founder of Aabroo

He said: “LWMC’s daily garbage collection capacity may not exceed 6,000 tons, so the remaining garbage provides opportunities for the informal sector.”

It is estimated that this informal economy is worth more than Rs 1 billion per year. Aabroo needs to raise 3.7 million rupees a month to cover operating costs.

Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday of Banu Qudsia

Google Doodle Celebrates Birthday of Banu Qudsia

Today, Google Doodle pays tribute to the life and legacy of Pakistani novelist, playwright, and television writer Banu Qudsia (better known as Banu Appa).

She is recognized as one of the most important Urdu writers in modern times.

Moreover, Banu Qudsia is known for her messages of love and hope. Above all, her TV works Aadi Bat (1968) and Raja Gidh (1981) and other Urdu classics have been widely recognized.

Additionally, Qudsia was born in Firuzpur, British India (present-day India) on that day in 1928 and has been writing short stories since he was a child.

After moving to Lahore near Pakistan, after dividing the Indian subcontinent, he obtained a master’s degree in Urdu. While in school, she also met Ashfaq Ahmed, her future husband and Urdu language and literature classmate.

OPPO Releases Trailer For Upcoming 4K Smart TV

In the fertile era of Pakistani literature, the thought-provoking Quddisya TV series has earned it a reputation as an innovator of cultural trends.

In addition, he has written more than 25 novels and founded his own magazine “Dastaango”.

Even though her legend has gone through her six-decade career, she still maintains a good reputation for acceptance and radicalism, and is known for her embrace of people from all walks of life seeking guidance or help. .

However, Qudsia was awarded the Star of Excellence (Star of Excellence) in 1983 and 2000 and Hilal e Imtiaz in 2000. It is the highest honor among the citizens of Pakistan.

Hence, Happy birthday, Banu Appa! Your contributions to Pakistani literature and entertainment will echo in future generations!

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