Chai Wala Cafe By Arshad Khan

Chai Wala Cafe By Arshad Khan

Do You Remember The Handsome Chai Wala Viral Arshad Khan? Now He Owns Cafe Chai!

Do you remember the beautiful viral tea that caused a sensation in Pakistan a few years ago? After a photo of Arshad Khan circulated on social media in 2016, he became famous overnight. It turns out that social media has opened a modern-style tea house in Islamabad.

On a decisive day in September 2016, 17-year-old Arshad Khan started his daily activities. As usual, he went to Islamabad’s local market, Itwar Bazar (Sunday Market) to work as a tea vendor. By then, he had been doing this for four years.

However, because an aspiring photographer was about to finish shooting, his blue eyes caught attention on the camera, so this day is different. Then he posted the photo to Instagram a month later with the title “Hot Tea”. Pictures are all the rage, and this is how the Internet sensation Chai Wala appeared.

In addition, the audience also fell in love with this tea. Later she managed to get a lot of acting/modeling opportunities in the show business. At the beginning of the morning show, Arshad shared his plan to give the tea industry a new meaning and soon opened his own tea house.

In fact, he told the host that his goal was to open the first Chai Cafe in Islamabad. It should be noted that the villa where he worked before is not his property. He is just an employee, so he plans to open his own tea shop where he can sell his tea.

Arshad now has its own tea restaurant

In an interview with Urdu News, Arshad Khan reported that he has now opened his own Chai Cafe. He said: “Someone suggested to my cafe” Arshad Khan, “They asked me why I called it Shai Walla and told me to delete it.”

In response, she said that making tea and serving tea is part of her identity that she cannot give up. Additionally, the blue-eyed guy talks about his fashion tea coffee. In his cafe, he used various artworks on the truck, as well as tables and chairs with a sense of design.

 “There are at least 15-20 dishes beside the tea. At present, running this cafe is the most important thing for me, so I give it more time because it is related to my name.”

Speaking of his career in the field of acting, Arshad said: “My TV show performed two to four episodes. God will, and I will give this time.”

People often say that education is very important. I did not receive education, but even so, God gave me the opportunity to do so,” he said without apologizing.” But yes, I regret that I did not receive education. This is why I decided to create a research institute so that children whose parents cannot afford tuition can both learn and learn later life skills.

Do You Remember The Handsome Chai Wala Viral Arshad Khan? Now He Owns Cafe Chai!
Do You Remember The Handsome Chai Wala Viral Arshad Khan? Now He Owns Cafe Chai!

Chai Walla entered his infancy and made the front page of the news again, thus continuing to be successful. This will always be the embodiment of 2016. This is a great example of how things spread so easily and how people still regard appearance as the most important value of people.

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