Importance of Detailing Structural Steel

Importance of Detailing Structural Steel

The importance of structural steel detail design is an important structural steel engineering process, and its accuracy is required to reach 99%. Even a simple mistake can waste precious time and money. Steel detailing is an important and mandatory process in all types of manufacturing and construction activities, such as the construction of residential and commercial buildings, factories and research institutes, and shipbuilding. 

The steel structure detailed design process is an important “communication link” connecting key professionals (such as engineers, architects, contractors, manufacturers, etc.), who are individually and collectively responsible for the highest accuracy at each stage.

Steel structure detailed drawings include the creation of detailed drawings for manufacturers and contractors, including plans and estimates, as well as reports and other important tasks. The process includes two main types of drawings: workshop drawings and assembly drawings.

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Workshop drawings or detailed drawings specify all the exact details of individual steel parts or assemblies (columns, beams, beams, struts, tie rods, etc.) that must be made by steelworkers. These drawings include material specifications, component dimensions and dimensions, surface specifications, welding details, screws, coatings, and all other information related to the manufacture of each component. These drawings are only related to manufacturing and do not include detailed information on the installation and installation of steel components.

The assembly drawing represents the dimension drawing and specifies the position of each steel component in the overall structure. These drawings include detailed and specific information about the location of each component, installation requirements, and all related fieldwork (such as mounting bolts, wedge anchors, and spot welding).

The steel structure detailing service also includes other important stages, such as reinforcement detail drawing, anchor bolt placement plan, steel structure design, connection drawing, workshop bolt summary, and BoM (bill of materials).

Steel Detailing Standards

Retailers must comply with the steel detail standards of different countries, such as:

  • American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC)
  • American Welding Society (AWS)
  • National Institute of Steel Design (NISD)
  • Canadian Institute of Steel Structure
  • Australian Institute of Steel Structure
  • Euro symbol and British Standard symbol

Importance of Detailing Structural Steel

The structural steel engineer is responsible for the design, strength, and safety of the steel structure, while compliance with key dimensions and building codes is the responsibility of the architect. The retailer is responsible for approving the detailed steel structure drawings of the structural engineers and architects before delivery to manufacturing.

Advantages of Structural Steel Detailing Service

At Ghani Associate, we provide detailed steel drawing services to customers all over the world. Our steel headquarters detailed the Indian headquarters and hired engineers with degrees in structural and civil engineering. In addition, it is also equipped with a wealth of technical expertise and rich experience in steel structure details. Our talented professionals have skills in design, detail design, and writing, all of which are our core competencies.

Our structural steel design team is able to analyze complex design problems and propose solutions that have a significant positive impact on the project. Our knowledge, experience, and expertise in various fields such as 


 Civil Engineering,

 Structural Engineering,

 Electrical Engineering, 

Mechanical/Piping Design,

 and various building materials (such as steel and concrete) provide us with the necessary competitive advantage. A collaborative work culture and effective internal systems and processes, coupled with our rich experience, enable our talent pool to provide accurate and consistent work in a timely manner, thereby enhancing our competitive advantage.

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