Do You Know What Meghan Markle Best Spare Time Activity Is?

Do You Know What Meghan Markle Best Spare Time Activity Is?

How do you spend your free time like Meghan Markle?

It is said that Megan likes to do these seven hobbies. Since getting married in May 2018, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been busy. In the past two years, they have moved to Los Angeles and visited countries around the world, and they got their name for many important reasons. But what will a famous couple do in their spare time? Meghan has many ambitions for many reasons, but if you want to know her entertainment purpose, here are seven hobbies of Meghan Markle. It turned out that before joining the royal family, she was the queen of noise.

Before announcing her date with Prince Harry, you may have known Megan as Rachel from The Suits. However, during her acting career, she has a successful lifestyle blog The Tig. It had been written for nearly three years before it closed in April 2017. Teague provided very little information about Megan’s world. In an interview with “Best Health”, he said: “This concept actually centers on all the exciting things I find. You have no strategy, which may be the reason for your success. It comes from my organic Share what I want to share.”

Blogging is not the only writing that Megan is passionate about. Like Meghan Markle, here are 7 ways to kill time.

Acting is not always the most stable career. In 2013, Megan Esquire told her that she had worked as a line artist between acting jobs. Initially, this was a hobby that Megan mastered until she wrote wedding invitations and parties for serious Hollywood names, such as Dolce & Gabbana and Gabbana’s celebrity letters. He said he learned the basics at school, and his beautiful handwriting is based on the fact that he also likes letters.

He told “Mr. Fashion”, “I was sitting there with a white sock in my hand so that the oil would not stick to my card, trying to pay the bill during the test.” “I am very happy that no one can write by hand. I can try to keep it alive.”

Blogging & Journalling

Megan’s love of writing goes beyond calligraphy. Not only does she run her own lifestyle blog, The Tig, but she also says she likes blogs.

Meghan-Blogging Skills
Meghan-Blogging Skills

She and Prince Harry have always advocated for the president to be together, a mental health initiative established by young royal family members. When she appeared on the “Teenage Therapy” podcast, she said: “You have to find something that works for you. For me, I think the diary is very powerful. It allows me to think about my origin. Then there are many points of view. When you see something, it doesn’t look big.”


One of the benefits of being a member of the royal family is that you can visit the best restaurants in the world. However, Meghan’s passion for food predates her relationship with Prince Harry.

According to reports, Megan was cooking roast chicken when they got engaged in November 2017. In an interview with Good Housekeeping, she said: “Nothing is as delicious (or impressive) as roast chicken. A game of change. I used it as dinner and made many friends.”

Meghan-Cooking Skills
Meghan-Cooking Skills

Many of his life blogs “The Tig” are related to food and health, and one of the Kings’ early initiatives is also related to food. In 2018, together: community recipes. This is a collection of recipes collected by women who lost their homes in the Great Fire of Glenfield and gathered in the Hubb community kitchen in West London.


Megan is always loyal to her roots in California and is open to her love of yoga and meditation. Her mother, Doria Ragland, used to be a yoga teacher, and Meghan (Vogue) revealed in Vogue that one of her favorite exercise methods is yoga. He said that he really likes the etiquette class at Heartcore Gym in London because it “transforms his energy into inner beauty, celebrates the power of breathing and meditation, and [including] a favorite exercise that motivates you as much as possible Use the heart more often.



Although Meghan and Prince Harry traveled together many times, this was once a very important part of her life. According to reports, he had worked abroad and traveled through New Zealand in a caravan in 2015.

The Sun also stated that before closing the social media page, they wrote: “I have always wanted to get rid of the ordinary travel of Anthony Bourdain.”


Megan studied drama and international relations at Northwestern University and brought her two relatives together. According to The Good Butler, she chose to combine her two passions because she “hates these cliché ideas: a Los Angeles girl decides to become an actor”.

Do You Know What Meghan Markle Best Spare Time Activity Is?
Do You Know What Meghan Markle Best Spare Time Activity Is?

Although she has never performed on stage, during her stay in the UK, Megan still spent time, platform and knowledge to raise awareness of the initiative led by the National Theatre in London.


Megan seems to be alive a lot. While acting and working independently as a calligrapher, she taught the art of binding. This is not the most popular hobby, but during a trip to Africa in September 2019, she visited a social enterprise studio in Johannesburg, which supports start-ups and craftsmen. He bought three books and said that he also practice binding.

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