Drama Industry Needs Revolution

Drama Industry Needs Revolution

Our drama industry is decline. Media channel owners should take the responsibility of promoting personality and nation building dramas that groom our public as a nation.
It should be noted that television is only medium that is accessible to masses (lower, middle or elite class).

In our old times, drama scripts have an incredible amount of dialogues that leave an impact for weeks, months, and even years.

Few years back Directors like Sarmad Khousat direct dramas like “Sehr e zaat” and “humsafar” that are still memorable and give us life lessons.

Best scene of Zindagi Gulzar Hai

Furthermore, Umera Ahmed has the most beautiful way of playing with words. Her dramas like “ Dur e Shehwar”  “ Zindagi Gulzar Hai “ Durraha” are ideal for women. As she always show strong women.

Alif By Umera Ahmed

Moreover, channel used to promote a content which give awareness to people about style and fashion. The top fashion channel of Pakistan was Style360, in which you see the latest trends, fashion weeks, and many other programs.

The Makeover Show
Shopping 360 By Hira Tareen

Some of the game that needs to be back on TV

Lipton Light on hai

MAsterchef Pakistan
5 Pakistani Actors Who Badly Failed In Acting

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What we are showing on TV now a days.

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