Facebook Ads Tips And Tricks 2021

Facebook ads are very versatile. Knowing how to make the most of such a multifaceted and far-reaching platform will allow you to easily target almost any audience. Unparalleled customization capabilities.

Seven Tips And Tricks To Improve Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are very versatile. Knowing how to make the most of such a multifaceted and far-reaching platform will allow you to easily target almost any audience. Unparalleled customization capabilities.

However, if you do not understand the basics, these options are useless. Even skilled marketers struggle on the Facebook advertising platform from time to time, but they are never afraid. Today, we delved into the seven tips and tricks of Facebook advertising, which can guarantee the optimization of your campaigns, produce better results, and maximize your return on investment.

1)      Create multiple versions of ad copy

No matter how competent your copywriting is, there will always be some unknown factors when creating a new Facebook ad. It can be said that at least there will always be some obstacles enough to know what is consistent-especially if you have not done extensive A/B testing.

Create multiple sets of ad copy. Write some titles and texts that can be combined well. Each group should focus on different core messages, solve another pain point, and write in a unique style and tone. Try structure: Have you tried bullet points, short sentences, long paragraphs?

Facebook has a feature called dynamic creativity, which allows you to add up to five headlines, descriptions, and images in your ads. Then, the function combines them into various permutations with various calls to action and determines which one works best.

2)      You cannot exaggerate the power of video

After Facebook greatly exaggerated its video metrics in 2018, many advertisers began to question whether the video is still a relevant marketing tool on the platform. In short, very much.

Videos provide you with plenty of space for creativity and entertainment. No media can provide more opportunities to tell touching stories. Did you know that many customers say “no” after seeing more than two lines of ad text? the end. Customers are happy to pause their social media activities to watch videos of 20 seconds or more.

Facebook Ads Tips And Tricks 2021

Set up your Facebook advertising video funnel. Run campaigns that attract similar audiences or attract traffic. Your video centers on your brand, tell a great story and then creates ads for users who watch your video for at least 10 seconds. Show them an important public advertisement. You can also offer discounts, such as consultations, e-books, or free courses.

3)      Build similar audiences with high-value customers

All companies have more valuable customers than other companies, either because they are loyal or because they spend a lot of money. You can use this knowledge in your Facebook advertising strategy by creating custom audiences only from the most valuable consumers. This will help you connect with unpopular audiences who are most similar to your high-value customers. This is a valuable way to expand to high-value customers.

It is a good idea to update the data of high-value audiences based on their behavior on and off Facebook. Otherwise, you may miss the opportunity to target users most closely related to your ads.

4)      Keep frequency low-high importance

Facebook advertising has two metrics that are ignored by too many advertisers: frequency and importance.

In short, frequency is the average number of times users see an exact copy of your ad. Ideally, your frequency should be kept at a maximum of three. Any higher, it may start to ruin your campaign. Think of it this way: if users have seen the same ad ten times and haven’t converted, they’re unlikely to convert.

In order to keep the frequency low, the goal is to have a large enough audience so that your ads spread between different people at a consistent speed. If you expand your advertising spend, remember to pay attention to whether this will affect your frequency.

What about the correlation scale? Instead, this score should be as high as possible. Facebook ranks your ads from 1 to 10 based on their relevance to the audience. Active interactions such as like, watch, comment, click and share will improve your score. Negative interactions, such as users taking steps to actually hide your ads in their feeds, will inevitably lower your score.

A minimum score of 8 for your ad relevance would be great. The higher you get, the more motivated you are in the Facebook algorithm. This can have the cumulative effect of reducing cost-per-click (CPC).

5)      Always prioritize mobile content

Google prioritizes content created for mobile devices, and when it comes to your Facebook ads, you should do the same.

Desktop content does not always translate well on mobile devices, but not vice versa. In other words, content created using mobile devices is usually translated well on the desktop. Therefore, you should always customize your ad to fit mobile devices; this way, you are more likely to reach audiences who currently have difficulty seeing it.

Make sure your ads comply with mobile best practices. This means vertical video so that mobile users can easily view the full screen without having to turn on the phone. It seems that small considerations like this can really make you stand out from the competition.

6)      Know your audience before you start targeting ads

Facebook is known for its multiple targeting options. If you put some marketers in the middle of all these options, they will be like kids in a candy store. This is exciting, but you need to channel this energy wisely.

Creating a specific audience can be harmful. For campaigns that are generic in nature, you might increase the frequency score (as we saw in the second tip, this is not ideal). Before defining targeting criteria, you need to understand your audience. Don’t let the range of available options distract you from the basic criteria. You may inadvertently increase your cost-per-click significantly.

7)      Set bid limit

If your budget is limited, Facebook allows you to set a maximum bid. This strategy allows you to pay the lowest possible price for each ad placement to expand your budget and ensure that your spending does not exceed your capacity. You can test the lowest cost for a few days, check the type of results you get in the auction, and then implement a new benchmark based on that result.

Have you made the most of Facebook advertising?

Digital marketing campaigns can be overwhelming, but implementing any (or all) of Facebook’s seven advertising tips and tricks in your marketing strategy will help you run the platform like a professional. If you still need more support, why not seek professional help?

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