Fahad Mustafa’s Attempt To Become Pakistani Ekta Kapoor

Fahad Mustafa's Attempt To Become Pakistani Ekta Kapoor

Fahad Mustafa has embarked on a mission to take Pakistani dramas to the level of Indian dramas. People are not happy about it.

There was a time when all Pakistanis were gripped by Star Plus in such a way that from 7 pm to 12 pm, from every house only “because mother-in-law was also a daughter-in-law”, “the test of life” and ” There were sounds of dramas like “Kum Kum”. None of these dramas had 700 or less 800 episodes. The Indian drama makers had the same goal: run if the ratings of the dramas are coming; and a generation of Pakistanis grew up watching these dramas.

What was it about these plays that drove women and children crazy? Mother-in-law’s conspiracies, magic tuna, but the most successful formula was to change the face from plastic surgery to force another actor into the play instead of a good actor. What is the drama in India in which the faces of the actors have not been changed through plastic surgery, and 200 more episodes were released in the same cycle.

Ekta Kapoor,

Be it the dramas shown on Star Plus, on Sony TV, on ZTV or any other Indian channel, the story of almost all dramas is exactly the same. Only the actors change and behind all these nonsensical, nonsensical dramas, there was only one woman, Ekta Kapoor.

Ekta Kapoor once dominated Indian channels. She was the creator of all the long-running dramas. Who along with the Indians had driven the Pakistanis crazy behind their nonsensical nonsense dramas.

But then people got bored. How far we see the same story in every play. Repeatedly changing his face with plastic surgery to see the good character ruined. And just as Buddhists return home, Pakistanis also got rid of Indian dramas and returned to their home dramas.

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The feature of Pakistani dramas is that dramas are not drawn here for no reason. Reality stories are shown that reflect society. Neither the dramatic Dhoom Tana Nana sensations are spread in the dramas, nor the dramas last so long that the characters have to be replaced through plastic surgery.

Fahad Mustafa Badly Failed As A Producer

But Fahad is Mustafa! On a mission to bring good Pakistani dramas back to the forefront of Indian dramas. Fahad Mustafa wondered what would happen if Pakistanis refused to watch Indian dramas. I am no! I will make plays that will remind them of Indian dramas again. And they made a drama.

In the beginning, the story of Nand drama was very good and it was showing almost the same thing that happens in 60% of our homes. Namely, the battles, conspiracies and quarrels of Nand Bhauj. People also liked this drama and the ratings of the drama started coming. What’s more, in the rating cycle, Fahad Mustafa decided to ruin the drama that had come to an end.

The story of the play was not only unnecessarily extended but also included magic tuna. Conspiracies were once again shown among the women of the house to prolong the drama. In which all the women together were seen conspiring against a poor oppressed daughter-in-law. But the limit was reached that Ekta Kapoor’s formula was used to replace the strongest character of the play ‘Gohar’ i.e. Faiza Hassan in the play, i.e. ‘Plastic Surgery’.

Final Words

Yes congratulations friends! Pakistani dramas are now on the heels of Ekta Kapoor and Star Plus. Because in the drama serial Nand, the role of Faiza Hassan will now be seen being promoted by Jawariya Saud. And that change has come through plastic surgery. In other words, Faiza Hassan was replaced by Javariya Saud overnight through plastic surgery. The drama is about to complete its 100 episodes and with the entry of a new character in the drama, the viewers will get to see more conspiracies, so it is possible that this drama will complete 100 more episodes. That is why the drama Nand will be ready to suffer even more.

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My only question to Fahad Mustafa is, what is he trying to show in his dramas? Will the Pakistani people, who had survived long Indian dramas without stories, be able to accept Pakistani dramas based on the same formula? It is true that people are shown on TV what they want to see. But it is also a bitter truth that when people have nothing but useless material to see, they will see it all. As a producer, it is your responsibility to show good content to the people and not become Ekta Kapoor in the cycle of God rating.

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