OPPO Releases Trailer For Upcoming 4K Smart TV

Guangdong Opel Mobile Communications Co., Ltd. is about to launch its first smart TV. The release date is approaching, so Oppo will introduce the press conference with its latest video, which shows the look and feel of TV. OPPO released a trailer video for the upcoming 4K smart TV.

In addition, the trailer video is the first shared video on Weibo because it shows the default quality of the TV before it shows the TV itself. The latest OPPO TV can display 4K video at 120 frames per second.

OPPO Releases Trailer For Upcoming 4K Smart TV

This video was co-created with 8KRAW, combining stunning scenery video with vivid colors and contrast to demonstrate the capabilities of smart TVs. Watching the video can confirm that the new OPPO TV has a pop-up camera, just like the high-end TVs from Honor and Huawei.

In addition, the small bezel of the TV has a silver base on the bottom with the brand name written on it. However, the TV will be launched next month, but the company will provide all its details.

According to the report, Oppo TV offers 65-inch and 55-inch models that support 120Hz refresh rate. The recorded video is of original 8K quality, confirming that the new TV is equipped with a 4K panel.

The video clip was made with high-definition images of the southern sky in summer, spring, winter and autumn. This short film also celebrates the 71st anniversary of the founding of New China.

Leakster Digital Chat Station shared informal information about Oppo Smart TV. According to them, the TV will be available in two sizes, and both TV versions will use 4K Quantum Dot panels.

According to rumors, the audio system of Oppo Smart TV comes from one of Denmark’s leading audio brands. Similarly, refer to Bang & Olufsen. As we all know, Oppo is already associated with B&O. Although in the Find X2 series, the B&O headset is still a spare award. In addition, the latest OPPO smart TV will be available to everyone, but the firm price of the TV has not yet been confirmed.

Details Of “Google TV” Released By The New Chromecast

Today, in a Google device event, it is expected that new Pixel phones, Nest’s new speakers, home speakers and new Chromecast devices will be unveiled in the company. The latter was accidentally brought to the United States for sale. In the store on older Chromecast devices, we also provide pictures of the latest Chromecast with Google TV.

The new products have been distributed in Home Depot retail stores, and few users can find items for sale in their local stores. These first few transactions provide us with not only photos, but also allow filtering before the product launch. Now, we have a detailed understanding of the latest Chromecast, price and some specifications and features of the latest Chromecast.

Details of “Google TV” released by the new Chromecast

First, the product is priced at $49, as shown in “Snow White.” There are two AAA batteries in the remote control, which we saw in the leak. The device received is Sabrina Abbey. We don’t know where the monastery came from (it may be the name of the new remote control), but we do know from earlier reports that this is Sabrina’s code name. The new Chromecast is running a new version of Android TV, branded as “Google TV”.

Details Of "Google TV" Released By The New Chromecast
Details Of “Google TV” Released By The New Chromecast

Support Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, DTSX and HDR10 +, as well as support for h.265 and 4K resolution. The previous report showed that another customer purchased the technical information of the product before purchasing the new Chromecast. The following details were found when installing the AIDA64 app from the Play Store. It has 2GB RAM and 4154MB storage capacity. It is also compatible with ARM Cortext-A55 quad-core 1908MHz and ARMx8-A 64-bit (32-bit mode).

The USB-C connector is used with the dongle itself, but it is not clear whether other protocols (such as Ethernet) or connections with devices (such as mouse and keyboard) are allowed. At the same time, because the remote control has volume buttons, the remote control can send signals to the TV through CEC, which uses HDMI to communicate with the TV. Therefore, there is no remote infrared transmitter.

Not only does it look like Home Depot, but Walmart brought the news to the market with the new Chromecast later last week. Not all retailers sell them, but we think they will be available in the United States soon because we are close to the event time.

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