Saw Saturn Through Earth

Saw Saturn Through Earth

Saturn can be seen from the earth within a week.

Here’s how to understand the planet and its halo around sunset.

Now sightseers and aspiring astronomers can see Saturn and its halo. They can do it alone, with friends or with relatives on a dark and quiet night.

This is still an unknown factor in how the universe formed, but the Kepler telescope recently discovered how planets formed around “young stars.” Particles such as ice, hydrogen, dust, and other components are formed. Become things that orbit this plasma ball, eventually becoming a planet.

Saturn can be seen from the earth

On July 19, 2013, during a global event, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft slid into Saturn’s shadow and twisted to visualize the planet, its seven moons, and its inner ring. Our planet earth will be visible in the background.

According to EarthSky, Saturn will be visible to humans from August 1st to 2nd because it will be in the ideal position of the earth, which is called a “hedge”. Otherwise, this so-called “resistance” will occur when the planets are aligned with each other. In this case, the earth will be exactly in the middle of the sun and Saturn.

This just means that humans will have the opportunity to fully enjoy the beauty of Saturn and its seven rings visible from a distance. A closer look at Saturn has more than seven rings. This is a pleasure for most stargazers, because Saturn moves slowly in the orbit of the sun, so it is rarely seen in opposition.

Saw Saturn Through Earth

Saturn will reach its best condition in early August, and its climax will appear at 11.30 pm on August 1st. Pacific Time and 2:30 AM Eastern Time on August 2nd. People on the west coast will be lucky because this will be the golden time to see the best state of the earth.

But don’t worry, the planet may still be available for sightseeing throughout August.

How to detect Saturn?

Space scene: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn will be with the moon before sunrise on March 18.

Saturn will also be close to Jupiter, which will be the main reference point for discovering this ringed planet. The location of this ring-shaped planet is just west of Jupiter. Users only need to look in that direction to see the sixth planet.

Telescope or naked eye?

According to Farmer’s Almanac calendar, Saturn can only be seen when using a telescope, which means that users must take out their gear when camping at night or going to a place.

In addition, Saturn can be seen to the west, and it will be in the sea-goat Capricorn.

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