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Security items by Ghani Associate are the ultimate experience in today’s world. With each passing day, safe & secure environment is essential, we provide the manufacturing of road blockers, barriers, heavy gate (sliding), tire killer, installation of security cameras.

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We are at your service since 1990 with strong foundation carrying the future

Your one-stop-shop for any query, we deal with every security issue amidst secrecy and tackle it with great vision. 

Security Camera

Ghani Associates provides a variety of CCTV surveillance cameras for residential and commercial purposes. We provide IP CCTV and analogue cameras for small and medium-sized and enterprise-level settings according to customer needs and budget.

Our technicians are familiar with all types of surveillance cameras and provide suggestions after scanning. If you are a homeowner or want to install a security camera in your workplace, just contact us and our team will start visiting your residence. 

  • Can be handled manually in emergency or power failure
  • Tested and certified.
  • Can be integrated with other access control devices
  • Project Controls
  • Safety / Quality Assurance
  • Indoor/Outdoor CCTV Solutions
  • Estimating and DVR system
  • CCTV IP Cameras
  • CCTV Installation

about us

RoadBlockers are also called rising obstacles or rising steps. It is made of heavy steel welded parts to provide sufficient strength to overcome any load on the axle. Designed to provide shockproof parking for vehicles. Designed for high-security facilities such as banks, embassies, gold bar warehouses, stalls, ports and truck stations. These facilities include damaged parking lots that need to be protected against theft.

Create barriers to provide protection for entry points that require high security. For areas that need to protect vehicles from attack, hydraulic roadblocks are preferred because they provide unique solutions and high safety. Even if the attack comes from a high-load vehicle with high acceleration, the vehicle cannot continue to travel due to damage to the front, bottom, and wheels of the vehicle.

  • Hydraulic mechanism is responsible for smooth and noise-free operation.
  • Lockdown features through emergency buttons.
  • Back indication system.
  • Traffic lights system.
  • In case of power failure, the system can be operated manually.
  • Robust construction to withstand impacts of heavy vehicles as well.
Ghani Associates road blockers, barriers
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Hydraulic roadblocks

Hydraulic roadblocks (also known as roadblocks or anti-terrorist walls). It is divided into heavy,

Standard type, all based on hydraulic lifting. Mainly to prevent illegal vehicles from being forced to enter, it has high availability, reliability and safety. It can provide a variety of configuration options according to the needs of the scene and customers, and can be customized to meet the functional requirements of different customers. The emergency power-off system enables cars to pass normally even in open channels in emergency situations such as power outages.

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