Career Choices At 40

Career Choices At 40

Career Choices can be very tricky at the age of 40. But here we are with an exciting list of career choices at 40.

Professional experts recommend the best mid-career transition ideas for women in their 40s

What To Choose At Your Early 40’s

Changing careers at the age of 40 may seem overwhelming, but this is a career decision that many women are currently making or just thinking of! Unlike in the past, long-term careers in organizations or similar positions were the norm, today’s changing business environment requires experts to maintain coordination and be proactive in career development, regardless of whether this means returning to work.

What to know when changing careers at 40?

 Dr. Robin Buckley, CPC, thought and behavior consultant, reporter, and organizer of insight group psychology and counseling services says, “Women have many opportunities to start a second or new career after the age of 40.” “When women do not have the courage or are they lucky enough to change jobs or enter the job market after the holidays and hesitate, remember the key measure of participation is what you are expert in. When you gain another career and gain experience, the women will have important information and skills to contribute.”

Another Reference Says:

 Kelli Thompson, authority and professional mentor explains, “If you consider changing your career or re-entering the work environment after leaving for a while, this adjustment in your life will usually lead to self-insecurities and unacceptable success. This is typical, consider to all factors, you are implementing a fearless upgrade.” “An important secret to alleviating fear is to pay attention to the fact that you spend most of your life developing attractive skills that can be transferred to any job. First, summarize and record your attractive skills.” What are the necessary skills to influence people, activities, or interests? “

Signs You Should Leave Your Job

According to James Philip, CEO of the Recruitment Company and creator of The Sh!t They won’t teach you in business school. “They should be prepared for the fact that they may not be able to return to where they were before. The world is changing at an alarming rate, and experience needs are constantly changing. Returning to work does not mean that they have just started. , But you have to be rational. However, the key is not to give up confidence, lose inspiration, or frustrated. Changing jobs is like changing high school in 10th grade, it’s hard for anyone, not even famous. However, if you look up, it’s very possible.”

The most effective way to successfully change careers at 40

As Doctor. Buckley said, “When considering career choices, the best career for a woman over 40 is what she needs.” “Rather than choosing the “best for children”, “career that supports my partner” or “meaningful” tasks. Women ages 40 and over can spend their energy and time on choosing tasks that meet their future needs and needs on their own.” “The biggest part of deciding on another career after the age of forty is that during a period of your life, you focus on yourself and use your confidence and skills to do the work you love.”

To differentiate your needs in terms of the best career choice, Dr. Barkley suggests that women over 40 who wish to change careers can start by solving two things:

  • What you are active at,
  • What do you like to do and
  • Which exercises make you feel that your work is the closest to perfection?
Career Choices At 40
Career Choices Statistics:

In addition to checking your goals and interests, you should also consider career development when you change your career in your forties to ensure that the field you choose has good job prospects in the future. According to statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor, the 10 fastest-growing jobs in the next 10 years are as follows:

1.     Movie viewers

10-year growth rate: 70%

Median salary: $27,490

2.     Professional management of wind turbines

10-year growth rate: 68%

Median salary: $56,230

3.     The tour guide, waiting room attendant, and ticket holder

10-year growth rate: 62%

Average salary: $25,110

4.     Professional nurse

10-year growth rate: 52%

Average salary: $111,680

5.     Solar photovoltaic installation

10-year growth rate: 52%

Average salary: $46,470

6.     Restaurant Chef

10-year growth rate: 49%

Average salary: $28,880

7.     Talent managers and experts

10-year growth rate: 46%

Median salary: $75,420

8.     Midwife clothing

10-year growth rate: 44%

Average salary: $42,910

9.     Health Professionals Group

10-year growth rate: 39%

Median salary: $40,510

10.   Wooden model manufacturer

10-year growth rate: 39%

Median salary: $64,050

In any case, if these 10 fastest-growing areas do not include you, here is an important summary of the top positions that provide professional mentors for women in their 40s who need to change careers:

Real estate broker

James Philip, a professional educator, CEO of BOOST, and creator of The Sh!t emphasizes, they won’t teach you in business school. “In addition, this is a profession that you never have to give up, so it is adaptable.”

Patient Care Technician

This is an “evolving field,” said Andi Simon, a corporate anthropologist and creator of Rethink: Smashing the Myths of Women in Business. “This profession is very popular. As the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics (BLS) clearly stated, patient consideration experts expect the occupancy rate to increase by 17% by 2024.”


According to Indeed, publishers earn about $22 an hour, so if your language structure is unusual, serious, and responsible, and you need to manage your schedule at home, then becoming an editor may be a good choice. The competition started at the age of 40. Get some major customers and build your publishing portfolio by publishing your department on Upwork, and get everything up and get started.

Amazon FBA seller

Whether you are selling handmade products or goods purchased at discounted prices, opening your online retail store on Amazon or Etsy is an incredible second job for any wise salesperson, because profit margins are usually about is half. Following the fulfillment by Amazon program, you can ship products to Amazon fulfillment centers, and they will monitor delivery and satisfaction for you for a small fee, making it a hassle-free career, starting at $40.

Career Choices At 40

Beautician/ Cosmetic

Can you say with certainty that you are a lover or a person obsessed with pimples? As long as this is true, becoming a beautician may be the perfect career change for you. Some private lessons are required to get your permission. Besides, requirements vary from state to state, so check your state’s school regulations and pre-licensing requirements. You will do some skincare work, from facial treatments to exfoliating medications, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Promotion Manager

Thompson said, “Managers can provide a wide range of promotional activities to the association, from executive advocacy work to innovation management and customer experience.” “A lot of publicity jobs, especially those that focus on computerization and web-based presentations, are very popular. In addition, a large number of these jobs usually have adjustable hours and opportunities to work from home. They get quite a bit Remuneration, the manager has an intermediate salary upgrade is approximately $136,000.”

A registered financial advisor or financial planner

Simon describes the advantages of becoming a financial professional or CFP are “you can work independently or for a company that helps customers; and the practice of helping women achieve financial efficiency and prosperity.”

Programming developer

Brie Reynolds, a career development manager, and mentor at FlexJobs and said: “The applications and programming created by programming designers are in great demand for personal computers or various gadgets. Also, “The job is easy to get, and there is no need to go back to school to get another new degree. Likewise, the interest in experts with these capabilities is high. “

Program and task manager

Thompson says, “Look at any business committee, you will most likely find one of these open positions.” For women with a strong adventurous spirit, board of directors, academic and interpersonal skills, these types of jobs provide the ability to learn new courses and projects in the association. If you don’t believe in getting things done and taking others with you, these jobs are often found on the home job website, and their median salary is $64,000. Importantly, the median salary for professional commitment managers is close to $106,000 per year. “

Massage therapist

Although figuring out how to become a back massage specialist does require some coaching, if you get the proper license, the job may be beyond your home. In addition, it is great to work in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, which means there will be no annoying workdays like those encountered in a more professional workplace. Whether you sell your department for free through destinations such as Task Rabbit or Fiverr or join a nearby spa, you will bring together customer connections without being tied up in the workspace all day long.

Quality Assurance Analyst

According to Brie Reynolds, “Quality assurance experts ensure that applications and programming are running as expected.” Due to the growing interest in programming and applications, quality assurance is also an evolving and popular field with various whole preparations. Moreover, this includes experience in innovation-related work, general technical knowledge, and special care for charity.

IT managers and analysts

Thompson said, “In recent memory, more women have entered the field of innovation than ever before.” It is difficult to find any reason to develop professional skills as an important part of work. If the internship is good for you, many universities will provide funding and help for women in the STEM field. An innovative society is inherently adaptable to work anywhere. “The average salary for managing IT managers is $139,000.”

Online teaching work

Simon says, “The show field may be an area where you can adapt to life wherever you need it but still have a show field.” “The range of topics is very wide, from coding presentations for young women to Spanish coaching and ACL courses.”

Virtual administrative assistant

Reynolds said, “The jobs of chief experts and religious writers are rapidly shifting to completely remote positions, and demand is developing” “This is a career change field, especially for people who have extraordinary authority, appreciate individual and group support, and have extraordinary talents in using innovation for communication and teamwork.”

Retail/restaurant management

As Philip says, “Even without relevant knowledge, retail and coffee shops are an industry where you can quickly apply precise functions and achieve important results.” Furthermore, “This is also an industry that constantly needs hard-working employees.”


If you work fast and work efficiently, switching to a transcriber at 40 may be a decent and adaptable choice. Find a transcription job on or, one of the largest recording departments, and pay between $5 and $25 per audio file. The coolest thing: you can choose the profession you need, and you can also handle your schedule.

Professional organizer

For women who want to change careers in their 40s and who like to party, turning to an expert coordinator may be the best way. You will go to your customers’ homes, help them clean up, and create a reliable framework that will serve them in the long run. Just think of yourself as the next Marie Kondo!

Comprehensive teacher

Simon said, “A wide range of mentoring, life guidance and consulting functions can be accessed face-to-face and remotely.” “They provide a lot of self-improvement and satisfaction for the personal mentor and her clients.”

Ice-Cream Truck Owner

For people in their 40s who are still working or preparing to retire, claiming to own an ice-cream truck business is a good sideline. Apart from this, you can do this at night or on weekends to generate extra cash and establish a low-maintenance source of income. The annual income is expected to exceed $100,000! In addition, it provides good exercise, so there is no compelling reason to go to the entertainment center.


“Is mathematics your area of ​​interest? Simon says, Analysts are the fastest-growing category and can provide huge development potential. “All big information needs people who can decipher and clarify the experience generated by the data.”

Tender Agent

As Philip says, “Currently there is a serious shortage of manpower in the transaction.” If you are at a certain stage in your career and you are unwilling to accept a significant salary cut, or if you need to make up for some recent setbacks (for example, retirement reserve funds), a Settlement partnership, It’s a good place to enter again.”

Uber or Lyft driver

If changing your career at the age of 40 seems to be overwhelmed by the argument that you are not ready to accept cruel lifestyle changes, then at this point, being an Uber or Lyft driver can be a challenge. A decent and gentle alternative. You can set your working hours in it. It doesn’t cost too much to start all the things considered! No matter how long your vehicle meets specific needs, it can be up and running in just a few days! In addition, the acquisition potential is unlimited, and depending on your region, some drivers report annual payout rates as high as six figures.


Reynolds said, Due to the development of professional remote equipment, treatment at this time is not limited to face-to-face work. Treatment is one of the more advanced remote professional fields, usually due to increased interest in the origin of emotional health. In addition to this, “The various treatment preparation options available allow people to move to this field without the need for long additional preparations.”

Physical coach

If you are in the field of health and wellness, the extraordinary career change you should make at the age of 40 is the guarantee of being a fitness coach. Not only will you learn a lot about health and wellness, but you will also help customers achieve their goals while staying healthy-talk about mutual benefit! In addition, you can manage your working hours, which means you can increase or decrease adjustable working hours according to your requirements.

Network Media Manager

If you are an online media expert, please consider becoming an online media manager as a post-career from the age of 40. Not exclusive, there is a huge market for TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and all stages of online media content. This is a good post that can make your imagination shine. Glassdoor pointed out that the normal salary of an online media manager is $55,000 per year. Many organizations have online media manager positions that employees can access, but you can also work independently and track client groups in specific areas of expertise that interest you.

Hairdressing expert

According to the salary website, the annual salary of beauticians and stylists is about 27,000 US dollars, and it is expected that the requirements of hairdressers will increase by about 8% in the next seven years. Generally speaking, hairdressing experts work as merchants, renting their corners in existing shops or salons, which simplifies the development of the customer base. You must first complete the state licensing test and meet all state requirements, so be sure to check the regulations in your state.


Thompson said: “Many women told themselves when they left the labor market during this pandemic and rethink the ‘why’ behind their jobs.” “Many women have business ideas or need to start. Sideline business, but no opportunity or energy to do so. Never exceeded the point where they could start their own business or submit their ideas. Many women in their forties encouraged the courage and certainty to embark on this journey.” “By representing myself and like-minded entrepreneurs, we can set working hours, evaluate and select the people we need to work with.” “At the moment you can’t miss family activities because of work while you can’t say that when working in the company.”

Yoga instructor

There are many ways to obtain a yoga teacher qualification, and it only takes less than two months, which means that this is a career change that can be easily completed whether you need it or not. Open your studio or join an existing practice. As mentioned by, the normal time-based salary for a yoga teacher is $25 per hour, but it ranges from $15 per hour to $49 per hour. Bonus: Your workplace will be very quiet!

Visual designer

For a career transition in your forties that allows you to express your creativity, please consider becoming a visual fashion designer. Simon says, “If this is a professional and interesting topic for you, it is not difficult to work at home or in an illustration agency.” As Payscale pointed out, the normal salary for visual content creators is $46,000.

Innovation and Data Analyst

Philip explains you can go to many technical locations to obtain specific certifications and limited work skills. If someone is proficient in research statements with little coding or research information, then innovation is a respected industry and it is constantly being hired.

Dental health

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary is $77,000, which may be the ideal and profitable career transition at 40 for women inspired by dental health. You will be responsible for tooth cleaning and general dental support, which may be overwhelming for the job, but the pay and stable working hours are usually not just on the surface. In addition, the U.S. Department of Labor Statistics increased dental hygienist jobs by 6% over the next ten years.

Remote recruiter

Simon said, Remote admissions organizations can provide women with very interesting and useful positions, which should be possible at home with customers from all over the world. You need to have extraordinary system management skills and be a decent communicator to effectively make this career transition in your 40s.

Entertainment party rental

It’s an easy-to-use 10-foot toy dinosaur walk for occasional rental. It only uses the Facebook market, its neighboring Facebook groups, and Facebook pages to promote business development. One can book more than 64 times so far, and the yearly goal is to earn more than $20,000. This feature is great for people over 40 because it’s adaptable and allows you to spend your time. This is also an incredibly satisfying position, perfect for anyone who is looking for a meaningful job that can bring happiness to others, while all the COVID-19 incidents have occurred in the past 18 months.


If you can speak another dialect, the translation profession may be a useful second profession for women over forty years old. The average annual salary of an interpreter is US$45,000, but the payment amount may be as high as US$6. The numbers depend on where you work. In addition, interpreters are needed in countless different situations, from medical clinics to corporate environments and anywhere in between, so there are many open positions.

Resume writer

You will be surprised to know how much money you can make as a resume writer! People will pay up to $150 to review meetings/resumes, and you can get your work done almost anywhere! Therefore, if you know HR or have worked as a recruiting supervisor, I suggest you use your experience when you switch careers and promote to resume author at the age of 40, where you can set your own time and work with different clients in all companies.

Remote Accounting Jobs

Simon says, “Today, more than 65% of accountants are women.” This is an ideal position for women who need to rejoin the workforce or change careers. Accounting firms are moving towards a more adaptable workforce that can also be used within the organization.

Registered dietitian

According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, the hourly salary of a registered dietitian (RD) is approximately $30. In this career option for women over 40, you need to have a college degree and some additional private courses; you must explicitly participate in the registered dietitian registration examination committee or the so-called CDR test.

Telephone customer service representative

If you like to chat with people and become a supervisor in an emergency, becoming a remote customer service manager at the age of 40 is an amazing career shift. According to the salary website, you can earn between 27,000 and 43,000 US dollars per year, which is the average level of compensation generally at 35,000 US dollars. The biggest benefit of this career transition is that everything is very easy you only need strong interpersonal skills and phone lines!

Freelance writer

Simon explains, “The work of blogs, white papers, and freelance writers provide interesting situations for people who like to take exams and write for companies or classes.” Find jobs on Upwork, Fiverr, or TaskRabbit to help you get started. You can also contact many organizations that operate corporate websites to see if they are looking for experts to return to the right job.

Sellers of e-books or online courses

Lastly, Simon says, “As an online merchant, you can buy locally made goods or anything else in it and sell it as a sideline so that you can get the right strength to find it full-time”, this is a good career choice for ladies over 40. “Some ideas include illustrations for training [or writing] e-books” on their topic.