Stay Anonymous Online

Stay Anonymous Online by Using These Tricks

Stay Anonymous Online by Using These Tricks

In the anonymous 21st century, this is not about staying alone at home and no one will know what you are doing, but your online privacy.

Stay Anonymous Online by Using These Tricks

1.      Use an app called Signal

The Signal is indeed the best encrypted private messenger (yes, it is not a telegram). This is a simple messenger, the main thing-privacy and cryptocurrency. Its encryption is incredible, better than anything you can find. Of course, a strong organization will know that it is using a signal, but in any case, there is nothing better and more useful than it for private communications.

2.      Use Tor (easy to predict)

Tor is the most popular and popular browser in the world, and it is surprisingly resistant to metadata. Regardless, for whatever reason, Tor does not provide you with 100% anonymity as some people believe, but it is still the best. The browser only works via TCP and cannot log all sites from Tor because some sites will block access. Since it does not provide 100% performance, it always has dual-use or trial features, such as VPN tunnels, but it is very suitable for mobile devices.

3.      Don’t expect VPN to be anonymous

VPN is not anonymous. Yes, this is correct. It provides some seasonal goodies, such as accessing sites that are blocked in your country or any other related sites, when your access is blocked but you still need to go there. Just change your IP address. For example, Tor distributes your traffic through Tor nodes located in different parts of the Internet, while VPN transfers your traffic to your server so that your Internet provider can still see what you are doing, and there is nothing about Next to you. Remember, if the VPN server is hacked, the hacker will get all your traffic.

4.      If possible, only use zero-knowledge services

You may not know that all Internet giants such as Dropbox, Google, and Office 365 can read everything you save and write. As we know from Snowden’s report, they can indeed read, so they are closely related to the FBI. cooperate. These services have no privacy. You can encrypt everything before using these services, but it is easier to use a zero-knowledge site. Some examples are SpiderOak (as an alternative to Dropbox) and Protonmail (private email). This is not a panacea, but it is much better.

Stay Anonymous Online by Using These Tricks

5.      Think first, then post below

This is a very simple step, but very important. All the content you post can be created and used to target you. From text posts to photos, addresses, mobile phones, videos, birthdays, full names, and more. Do you want to be anonymous? -Don’t post, don’t use real names, don’t use real information, always check what it is when you go online.

6.      Always check app permissions

Usually, applications require really necessary permissions, which are necessary for normal application operation, but sometimes they use very strange things. They always collect information about you to create large data sets, mainly for advertisers, but this information is easily obtained by this FBI, and it can also be obtained by any other trained person. It is interesting when a simple application (at first glance) asks for the microphone, your location, or your address book, it is better not to use these applications, and it is difficult to stop all these applications on IOS, so most Good to use Android.

7.      Use ad blockers

You must use an adblocker. Every time you click on an ad, they will collect data about you, your computer, browser, and other information that may be detrimental to you. It is best not to give them this opportunity. Just download the extension, there are many.

8.      Let your family help

Home assistants have become very popular in recent years, but their main problem is: they listen and collect everything you say and send it to their server, perfect crime, right? There is nothing to discuss, just use it directly.

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