Pakistani Illustrators From Instagram

Ready To Get Surprise: Follow These Paki Illustrators From Instagram

Ready To Get Surprise: Follow These Paki Illustrators From Instagram

You Will Be Shocked After Seeing These Nine Pakistani Illustrators Who Enhance Their Instagram Game With Their Creativity

Let’s be realistic. Pakistan has developed slowly in terms of art and culture. In an industry where ordinary artists cannot get the credit they deserve, it is not surprising that visual artists or painters do not get the recognition they deserve. However, the time has come and these Pakistani Illustrators have become famous.

In illustrations with artist marks, hand-painted artworks have a certain originality. The illustration has the power to attract, evoke and miss the audience. In a world where everything is digital, our marvelous rewards for artistic painting are not surprising. These are the nine contemporary Pakistani painters you should know and pay attention to now.

Umairnajeebkhan By Umair Najeeb Khan

Pakistani Illustrators From Instagram
Pakistani Illustrators From Instagram

The 26-year-old independent painter living in Islamabad is a famous cartoonist. After his version of the Pakistani superhero became popular, his story was ambitious.

Aktoonify By Abeer Kasri

Abeer is a self-taught digital artist. He said: “My experience has focused on designing characters and illustrations for children’s books.” By Samad Razavi

Samad Rizvi is a conceptual artist and photographer based in Karachi, mainly engaged in comics, movies and games.

TheCreativePea by  Saleha Kamran

Saleha Kamran Kamran is known by the social media name The Creative Pea, she is a CGI artist in Islamabad.

Poichanchan By Maha Abdul Al

Self-taught concept artist Maha Abdel-Alem is currently working on some games and animation projects!

Poday_wali By Amina Hashemi

Amina Hashemi is a freelance artist, designer, painter and enthusiast. The 26-year-old artist from Rawalpindi shares her works, which are often inspired by stigma and social issues.

Worldofhazem By Hazem Asif

Asif is a multidisciplinary graphic designer and digital photographer based in Lahore. By Mahin Z

Mahin, 26, is an artist living in Lahore. She told us: “I was train as a PIFD costume designer and currently work as a game designer and freelance photographer at Frag Games.”

Haris.mnsr919 By Haris Mansoor

Haris Mansoor is a 25-year-old painter and designer in Lahore. He explains: “I graduated from the NCA Rawalpindi campus in Visual Communication Design in December 2018.”

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