Steel Fabrication Drawing Services

Steel Fabrication Drawing Services

If you are in the construction, construction, or steel industry, you will understand Steel Fabrication drawings. But why do we make it just right so important?

An introduction

The Steel Fabrication drawing is developed by the manufacturer, contractor, factory or supplier. Provide parts and views, including installation and welding information, dimensions, details and standards. In other words, it includes the details of how to design, manufacture, assemble and install various structural elements.

Steel Fabrication drawing is used for:

  • Beams, stairs, supports, pillars, stairs, handrails, trusses and frames, etc.
  • Including layout plan and anchor preparation plan.
  • Steel structure installation drawings, main and miscellaneous.
  • Display data files of all prefabricated components.

This information simplifies the manufacturing process. Detailed metal drawings will help to obtain building approvals and increase the profitability of the project.

A good manufacturing drawing will guide the contractor to update the details. However, the impressive manufacturing drawings will provide the site contractor with accurate measurements and the total number of items required to complete the project.

Unlike design drawings that are aesthetic expressions or concepts, workshop drawings translate design intent into detailed drawings. In addition, construction drawings contain more details than construction documents.

Your workshop drawing should include the following:

  • Comparative information for engineers and architects.
  • Recommendations on where to check the dimensions of the job site.
  • Changes or changes in construction documents.

Of course, inaccurate structural manufacturing drawings will delay the construction period and cause site damage, which is self-evident.

Steel Fabrication drawings 101: Types of manufacturing drawings

When you work with a team that specializes in manufacturing design, you may receive three basic manufacturing drawings.

Steel Fabrication Drawing Services

These play a vital role in complex construction projects. In addition, all these drawings require several scattered views of the drawings.

Let’s take a look at the drawing type of the mixture.

Metal manufacturing drawings

These outline the different metal parts that will be used in your building, as well as detailed information about manufacturing, supply, assembly, and installation.

It includes manufacturing workshop drawings and sheet metal drawings.

Part of graphics

A part drawing is a workshop drawing showing the manufacturing information of a single part, usually without welding. Usually, they use a smaller paper size, such as A4.

These drawings focus on the more complex details of your architectural project. It includes the specific details of the cutting material, the size, and the weight of each part.

Assembly drawing

When the individual components are ready, they will be sent to the welder for assembly with assembly drawings. These drawings include information about material lists and finishes.

The assembly drawing contains manufacturing information for an assembly. Generally speaking, an assembly consists of the main part and various secondary parts, which are bolted or welded to the main part. The paper size is larger than the size of the part drawing, such as A3.

General ranking chart

The general arrangement drawing or GA drawing is the main drawing and discusses how all the components are put together to create a single unit.

They are contract documents that contain information about the structural elements of the general arrangement. GA drawings show the general configuration of objects (such as buildings) and are usually created using computer-aided design (CAD) or in a BIM workflow.

Steel Fabrication Drawing Services

GA drawings are usually used by consulting structural engineers to communicate the structure to public authorities, legal teams, construction, design, and cost teams. The GA drawing shows the model from different directions. In addition, they often include enlarged views of more complex details or areas.

General layout drawings can also be called “location drawings” because they show the locations of various assemblies and components. However, these drawings that indicate the geographic location of the building can cause confusion.

What is the role of great structural manufacturing drawings?

Incorrect manufacturing drawings will cost you money, resources, and time. In addition, it can damage erected buildings and endanger the safety of workers and residents.

However, excellent manufacturing drawings will provide you with a safe and durable structure.

The metal structure of your building will be assembled correctly

Incomplete information in the drawings may cause the site contractor to assemble the structure incorrectly. The structure will no longer have the same safety specifications. In addition, their assembly will take more time and effort

Comply with manufacturing drawing standards

Most veterans in the advanced electronics industry are familiar with the strict standard testing and quality assurance controls that manufacturing drawings follow.

Failure to perform QA testing and rush to build will only lead to further delays and waste.

Avoid falling in the middle of the building

Poor manufacturing drawings mean that you won’t order the materials you really need.

Getting caught in construction due to lack of materials or incorrect presentation will only disrupt your schedule.

Safety first!

Improper installation of components, incorrect materials, and missed deadlines all endanger the safety of workers and residents.

How to make sure you have the correct set of manufacturing drawings

Before submitting structural manufacturing drawings to the construction site, ensure that the drawings pass the review process.

Attention to detail. What is needed and how much is needed is critical to creating a reliable manufacturing drawing kit.

Usually, a site visit to the construction site is required to assess the full scope of what you plan to write on paper.

Let the internal supervisory manager, stakeholders and other interested parties who have opinions on the construction review your drawings.

In Conclusion

We hope this article will give you an idea of ​​why accurate detailed manufacturing drawings are so important to a successful construction project.

Unfortunately, due to budget cuts and increased pressure from engineers, the quality of design output may decline. This is why it is important to have a team of experts who can accurately convert design drawings into execution drawings.

The team is on We have been in the AEC industry since 2003 and are very familiar with the manufacturing process. We provide services to most of the best home builders in the United States, and we provide a certain degree of expertise that can bring ease and efficiency to you and your business.