Top Ten Fashion Designers In The World

Top Ten Fashion Designers In The World

Top Ten Fashion Designers In The World

Fashion is not only fashion, it is an art, but also a passion. Create dreams, design life vision. So let’s take a look at the top ten most famous and influential fashion designers in the world who have left a deep mark on the global fashion industry.

1.      Coco Chanel (1883-1971).

Coco Chanel
Coco Chanel

For nearly sixty years, this French fashion designer has been dominating Parisian high fashion. Their elegant, simple designs encourage fashionistas to abandon complex and distressing 19th-century clothing such as petticoats and corsets. She believes that “luxury should be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury”. Her design focuses on simplicity and comfort. Since then, her belief in fashion has completely changed the entire fashion industry. Chanel’s suits, quilted bags, fashion jewelry, and “little black dress” are his most outstanding innovations and contributions to women’s fashion. The perfume “Chanel No. 5” launched in 1921 became the financial foundation of the brand. As one of the most influential figures, Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld) has ownership (1983-2019) after his death to run Chanel’s fashion house.

2.      Calvin Klein (born 1942)

Calvin Klein (born 1942)
Calvin Klein

A well-known American fashion designer who designs jeans, women’s clothing, men’s clothing, cosmetics, perfumes, bedding and bath towels, and other fashion collections. He founded Calvin Klein Inc. In 1968, he expressed his design concept as “clothing is simple, comfortable and elegant, but without any exaggeration or excessive things.” His designer clothes are expensive, classic, and elegant. It is very easy to use and highly praised by fashionistas in the US and other countries.

3.      Donatella Versace (born in 1955)

Donatella Versace (born in 1955)
Donatella Versace

Donatella Francesca Versace is an Italian fashion designer. Vice President and Technical Director of Gianni Versace SpA. Ltd. was founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace. Versace was founded together with Young Versace and later became an integral part of the company. She cares about brand image. After the death of Gianni Versace, he focused on advertising and developed the brand. She brought Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, and other stars to the Versace series.

4.      Giorgio Armani (born 1934)

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Giorgio Armani

Italian fashion designers are mainly known for their ultra-luxury, elegant, and comfortable design styles. In 1975, he launched his own men’s and women’s ready-to-wear brand, which later developed into music, sports, and luxury hotels. He expressed his fashion philosophy, saying: “I am the first person to soften the image of men and emphasize the image of women. I use women’s fabrics to dress men and steal from men what women want and need: suit.”

5. Ralph Lauren (born 1939)

Ralph Lauren (born 1939)
Ralph Lauren

The American fashion designer mainly builds his own brand into an American high-end lifestyle brand, making it a successful global fashion empire. In 1968, his first complete menswear collection was called Polo. He explained his style: “I am interested in longevity, timelessness and elegance, not fashion.” He is an amazing benefactor.

6.      Tom Ford (born in 1961)

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Tom Ford

An American fashion designer, famous for reviving “Gucci” from his bad days. From 1994 to 2004, he served as the creative director of Gucci. In 2004, he founded the fashion company “Tom Ford”. In 2007, the brand flagship store opened.

7.      Marc Jacobs (born in 1963)

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Marc Jacobs

American fashion designers are mainly known for the “grunge” group. In 1993, he founded Marc Jacobs International, L.P., which later relaunched its flagship brand Jacobs and launched a menswear collection.

8.      Donna Karan (born in 1948)

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Donna Karan

Full name Donna Ivy Faske is an American designer. Furthermore, it is well-known for its acclaimed comfort and simplicity, and it incorporates modern clothing design. In 1988, the DKNY series made its debut under the guidance of Donna Karan and is known for its unique catsuits, dark leggings, fitted jackets, and heavy jewelry.

9.      Dior (1905-1957)

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Christian Dior

This French fashion designer dominated the fashion industry during World War II. It completely changed the fashion and introduced a variety of new styles such as H-line, A-line, and Y-line. In 1947, it launched a groundbreaking new look, which sparked international controversy about significantly lowering the hem. Above all, this style is characterized by small shoulders, a narrow waist, and wide skirts.

10.  Stella McCartney (born 1971)

Top designer around the world
Stella McCartney

The British fashion designer is mainly known for her flawless, skin-friendly clothing and her celebrity clients. She is the daughter of Sir Paul McCartney (formerly the Beatles) and famous photographer and animal rights activist Linda McCartney. However, she designed uniforms for athletes representing the United Kingdom in the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. In 2018, Meghan Markle (Meghan Markle) wore her tailor-made gown to the wedding.