No One Tells You Why Smartphones Are Expensive

No One Tell You Why Smartphone Are Expensive In Pakistan

This Is Why Smartphones Will Be More Expensive In Pakistan

The Pakistani government has imposed a tax of up to 5,000 Pakistani rupees on imported smartphones. The new order was implemented through the Financial Law 2018 at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

In order to obtain more revenue, the previous federal government announced that it would impose a tax of up to 5,000 Pakistani rupees in the 2018-2019 budget. According to the “Finance Act 2018” (Finance Act 2018), the tax rate of headsets will vary according to their category.

Detailed information about different smartphones taxes:

If the value of the phone entry (including import duties and taxes) does not exceed Rs, no tax is required. 10,000

There will be a tax of Rs. When the import value (including import duties and taxes) is greater than Rs, 1,000 Rs is displayed on the mobile phone. 10,000 rupees. 40,000.

There will be a tax of Rs. When the value of the phone entry (including import duties and taxes) exceeds Rs, it is 3,000. 40,000, but less than Rs. 80,000.

A fee of Rs will be charged. When the telephone input value (including import tax and tax) is greater than Rs, it is 5,000. 80,000 per game.

According to the “Financial Law”, the tax is Rs. The price of a complete demolished (CKD)/half-subtracted (SKD) mobile phone kit (parts required to assemble the product) is 175/set.

However, some people believe that a tax on mobile phones may increase the price of mobile phones and encourage the smuggling of mobile phones.

Imports of mobile phones showed explosive growth last year. According to data released by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS), the net import value in May 2018 was US$81.362 million, an increase of 25.64% from the US$64.76 million in May 2017. However, compared with April 2018, the increase was 7.72%.

The 3 Most Expensive Smartphones Bought In Pakistan

Since smartphones are no longer a luxury but a necessity, mobile phone companies are adding more and more features to their smartphones to enable them to stand out and show that their products are luxury products. More features will automatically mean higher prices. We are here to talk about the most expensive phones you can buy in Pakistan and why they are so expensive.

Apple iPhone 11 PRO MAX

You can get this phone starting from Rs. 220,000 to 235,000 (more if you want to upgrade to more storage space). The main reason for the price spike is the dynamic OLED mobile phone screen. Which is newer than all LCD screens on other iPhones.

No One Tells You Why Smartphones Are Expensive

Thanks to the iPhone’s night mode, enhanced HDR and extended dynamic range video stabilization, the phone is equipped with a triple camera that provides excellent photos and videos. If used frequently, the battery life of the iPhone is also 12 hours, and using your own charger can charge up to 50% of the battery in half an hour. According to us, these characteristics make it worth the money.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

The price range of the S20 Ultra is similar to that of the iPhone 11 Pro Max, starting at Rs. 215,000 Indian rupees. 230,000. This phone has one of the largest Android phone screens at 6.9 inches. It also has five cameras, you can use the rear camera to take 108MP photos, the front camera to take 40MP photos, and 8K video recording.

No One Tells You Why Smartphones Are Expensive

Another reason for the price increase is that the phone has 5G facilities, which is 66 times faster than 4G LTE at the fastest speed. In order to enjoy this heavy function, S20 Ultra is also equipped with a large battery with a capacity of 5000mAh, so fast battery consumption is not a problem.

Samsung Galaxy Z folding 2

This foldable smartphone is the most expensive phone you can buy in Pakistan, starting at Rs. 400,000. Z Fold 2 was launched this year after many trial and error releases of previous foldable smartphones by the same company. It has a 7.6-inch screen when unfolded. Plus, it is thicker than two conventional smartphones stacked on top of each other when folded.

No One Tells You Why Smartphones Are Expensive

Since foldable smartphones are unfamiliar and prone to error handling, Samsung has put in more effort to ensure that the devices in them are sturdy and durable. Z Fold 2 uses the fastest Android smartphone processor to date.

The only reason for the price of mobile phones is not only the foldable screen. Samsung provides benefits to Z Fold 2 users, including (but not limited to) a free round of golf and access to a service called Tock. Through which users can enjoy instant food with Michelin stars. Although Pakistan may not be able to enjoy these benefits. We still need to pay the same fees for mobile phones.

In Conclusion

It is important to note that since these phones are not locally produced, each retailer will offer you slightly different prices. But we have already mentioned the closest estimated price range based on market research. And you will definitely get the corresponding Pakistani phone in this range.

All in all, you will notice that the most expensive phones in Pakistan are always the latest models launched by Apple and Samsung. Because they contain the latest technologies and features that smartphones did not have before.

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