Xbox Series X vs Xbox series S

Xbox Series X vs Xbox series S

Xbox is launching 2 new Xbox games consoles from Microsoft the Xbox series X (499.99). Additionally, the Xbox series S (249.99) comes with plenty of exciting games. However,a lot of new features coming gamer are extremely excited about these to Xbox so let’s have a brief look on both of these.

Xbox Series X vs Xbox series S

Xbox Series X

  • The Xbox Series X is known to be the most powerful fastest and best Xbox created Ever.
  • It’s going to cost you around 450$ but the cool part is that it comes with A tower-like design and a disc drive slotted at the side for perfect gaming.
  • When we talk about the hardware so it has the most advance hardware System ever built which gives you 4k game graphics and up to 120fps 8k HDR video and comes with a built-in 1TB storage.
  • It has a 12 teraflops of processing power so it runs and load really Quickly
  • The weight of Xbox series X is about 4.4kg
  • It allows you to experience physical and digital gaming
  • It has an HDMI cable with ultra-high speed.

 Xbox Series S

  • The Xbox Series S is known to be the smallest Xbox ever
  • Talking about the price it’s much cheaper as compared to the Xbox X Series
  • But because it’s much cheaper it also comes with low specs as compared to the X Series
  • It allows you to play the game on 1440p
  • Has a built-in 512GB of storage
  • The processing power include 4 teraflops but it doesn’t need as much processing power to run and load games.
  • This Xbox is going to cost you around 250$
  • With a weight of 1.93Kg
  • It doesn’t have a disc drive
  • Allows you to experience only digital games
  • Support HDMI cable but for the ultra-high experience you have to buy Cable separately

 What’s new to both consoles?

New wireless controller

The controls come with a new share button for recording screenshots or video footage while your playing which can help you to record and screenshot anything you want more easily. The back of the controller has stippled grip so you can hold it tight during play. It’s powered by a pair of AA batteries and you can recharge them as well which are available separately.

Visual and audio technology

 Both of the consoles have significant technical upgrades in how games will look and sound during play. It includes DirectX Raytracing, Variable Rate Shading and Spatial Audio.

Storage expansion

Both consoles have a port designed that fits a 1TB Storage Expansion Card, and three USB 3.1 ports for plugging in supported external hard drives. Most game downloads are at least 50GB, so storage is an important factor.

Quick Resume

An exiting feature built for speed Quick Resume which lets you switch between different games and apps without needing to close them down. When you switch back, you can pick up exactly where you left off its kind of a cool feature and can really help the users a lot.

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Backwards compatibility

 According to Microsoft, all Xbox including Xbox 360 and Xbox One games that are currently playable on the Xbox. One can also be played on the new consoles, and all of these games with a great visual experience and high graphics will be quite more pleasant to the user.

Which Xbox series is the best?

Depending upon the prices, features and specs both Xboxes are quite reasonable to allow you to play the latest games there design and performance are really great. But The Xbox S series as compared to the X Series has some low specs a little smaller in size and doesn’t have a disc drive.

Xbox series

Also, the performance and gaming experience of this Xbox X is one of the best. Those people how are not quite much interested in high-resolution games and just play games for fun can go for the Xbox S series. But still, the Xbox X Series allows you to experience physical and digital gaming.