Canning Equipment

Canning Equipment

Canning the vegetables, snacks, and other processed foods have been one of the most reliable and widely famous methods of handling and bundling work by the food processing industry for the past few years because it provides a very long easy-to-use delivery time. Whereas, canning equipment manufacturers provide an arrangement to start and end the arrangement of scan lines work in fruit processing plants.

Can Body Reformer

An essential machine in any canning line. This automatic canning machine is suitable for molding flat cans of different sizes into round cans, which allows customers to significantly save on cofactor costs by shipping new cans and then molding them during the season of use at a natural product processing plant. Furthermore, it can work at a speed ranging from 10 to 15 packs/min.

Can Flanger Machine

Suitable for can flanging – closed after replacement and ready to connect cans. Also, a simple button activity enables the admin to increase the speed from 10 cans/min to 15 cans.

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Lid Embossing

This is suitable for using embossing pressure to embellish the lot number, date of manufacture, item name, and other appropriate data on the lid before sealing. However, removal of this is not possible later to protect the organization and clients from fake projects. Whereas, it work in a speed range of 10 to 15 covers/min.

Can Body Beader

This thing works with jar beading. This product is sterilized during shipping to prevent body framing or injury. It can also works at 10 to 15 cans/min to accommodate standard esters.

Double Seamer (Rotary Type)

Double Sewing Machine (Rotary) – A sewing machine works to close the tractor. Whereas, the canister rotates during the closing event using a fixed sealing roller that seals the top at 10-15 cans/min.

Can Sealer Machine(102 DS Still Type)

This can seamer is suitable for quick sealing OTS (Open Top Sanitary) cans for pressing organic purees, juices, jams, pickles, candies, and more. Moreover, the case stays put while the rollers curl make it close. It can work in the speed range of 20-25 and 35-40 cans/min.

Can SealerMachine( BM24 DS Still Type)

This sealing machine is suitable for quickly sealing reasonable OTS hygienic cans for pressing organic fruit purees, juices, jams, pickles, candies, etc. Therefore, the case stays put while the rollers curl it closed. It works in the speed range of 20-25 and 35-40 cans/min.

Canning Retort

This food protection works at any reasonable machine point to sterilize cans and containers after venting and stabilizing. Sterilize at 110-120°C for 15-30 minutes, kill harmful microorganisms such as infections and microorganisms, and prolong the use time. Also available in 21, 90, 200, 300, 425 cans and packs.

Exhaust Box

Exhaust Box is famous in canning lines to vent trapped air from a filled can or container before closing. The filled can is passed through an exhaust box, and as the temperature rises, the air expands, eliminating any trapped air pockets. Furthermore, this interaction establishes a time frame for the actual use of the food. Then secure the jar or container tightly to ensure long-term use. Whereas with MS or SS strut sprockets or flanged picks, it can reach 12 to 18 feet tall.

Cooling Conveyor

This continuous cooling belt reduces the temperature of hot liquids in cans, pockets, or glass bottles. Its working cycle is divided into two stages; the main stage uses ambient water temperature and the second stage uses cold water for cooling. This ensures that a vacuum is created in the cabin after the temperature has dropped to the surrounding environment, thus ensuring long-term practical use. Also, they can reach lengths of 2 to 6 meters.

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Can Seamer/Filler Machine

This filling machine works to seal sticky items such as tomato puree, chewing gum, or mango puree into cans up to 5kg. The machine is an Unlogger type filling machine and can fill cans up to 700 mm. The filling and sealing machines are programme to realize high-speed filling. It can reach 50 to 200 cans/min.

Counter Pressure Sterilizer Retort

Additionally, autoclaves for back pressure sterilization: Steam sterilization works for airtight, heat-resistant pressure materials such as polypropylene cans, bottles, and jars, or responsive packagings such as pressure autoclave bags and plates. It is fully programmed and incorporates a built-in PLC control framework to filter in this way and achieve excellent purge temperatures and retention times, ensuring that the food pressed in the rack is there for a long time. Lastly, It connects to a variety of flat models such as hot water spray type, circulation type, and whole-body immersion type.