37 Death Anniversary of Legendary Waheed Murad

37 Death Anniversary of Legendary Waheed Murad

Today Is The 37th Birthday Of Chocolate Hero Waheed Murad

On November 23, 1983, Waheed Murad, the pioneer of Pakistan’s film industry, died. However, Waheed Muraad, the legendary Pakistani film actor and chocolate champion, died 37 years ago.

A Glimpse of Waheed Murad’s Interview

On October 2, 1938, the municipal hero Waheed Murad opened his eyes at the home of director Nizar Murad. Additionally, Waheed Muraad has a master’s degree in English Literature from Karachi University. Furthermore, his career began in the 1962 film “Aulaad”.


Waheed Murad’s first movie as a hero was “Diamonds and Stones”. The 75-week film “Oman” on the screen pushed  Also, Waheed Muraad to new heights and was known as the first regular star in the Pakistani film industry. He is the only Indian subcontinent superhero to imitate his hairstyle and clothing after Dilip Kumar.

Once, actor Waheed Murad and director Parvez Malik, poet Masrour Anwar, musician Sohail Rana and singer Ahmed Rushdie (Ahmed Rushdie) ) work together to create a successful record in film production. Above all, Film critics say that Waheed Muraad is not an individual but an organization.

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He represented the chocolate champion Waheed Muraad in a total of 124 films, including Doraha, Andalib, Jap Jap Bean Kahal Jap Jap Bean Khal, Salgara, Anjaman, Jahan Tm Wahan Hm, Phool Mery Gulshan Ka and Dua Dewar Babhi.

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Moreover, one of the differences between  Waheed Muraad and other actors is that even after thirty years of death, he is still in the hearts of fans. Here one can compare the rise and fall of Waheed Murad to Hollywood’s Elvis Presley. After a long reputation, it suddenly dropped.

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On November 23, 1983, Waheed Murad , the pioneer of Pakistan’s film industry, died. Nonetheless, his technical services have won awards such as Sitara-e-Imtiaz, Nigar, Graduate, Masroor  and many National awards.