Pause Your Voice Recording -WhatsApp

Pause Your Voice Recording -Whatsapp

WhatsApp will launch the “Pause Voice Recording” feature  

The popular messaging app WhatsApp is currently promoting another feature of the app that allows customers to “close” voice mail accounts. According to a report by WABetaInfoWhatsApp is covering an update to improve the messaging component of the application.  

The upcoming update is “very useful” for WhatsApp customers. Currently, you do not need to pause and clear the audio message and re-record another message.  

“Pause” and “Record” feature 

 Eventually, the new project will allow customers to stop recording by clicking the pause button and continue recording from a similar point where they stopped.  

While updating WhatsApp for iOS the feature was discovered. At present, the application is also beginning to apply to Android.  

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As some reports indicate, WhatsApp will send an item to allow customers to follow external audio in the access window. This component is called “Global Voice Message Player”. This component will promote the experience of listening to voice messages and at the same time provide customers with more options. Regardless of whether visiting the sent message option, allows you to follow the voice message.  Nevertheless, customers should pay attention to voice when using WhatsApp.  

Pause Your Voice Recording -Whatsapp
WABetaInfo reports about new updates in the Whatsapp Voice Record feature.

WhatsApp is also responsible for handling various new projects. WhatsApp will implement new components to further develop the utility of disappearing messages. The messaging application will allow customers to control the time before the message disappears. The client can also enable the default message clock, set the selected time for all new conversations, and the highlighted message will disappear. Initially, iOS beta customers can only have access to these updates.  

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WhatsApp also drew chat bubble diagrams. Unlike the old models, they are currently rounder, bigger, and brighter. iOS beta customers can also access this feature.

WhatsApp Introduces A New Feature

WhatsApp users' desktop calls will not be interrupted even if phone loses internet connection

Even if the phone is disconnected from the Internet, the call of desktop WhatsApp users will not be interrupted

Whats App announced this week that it has introduced audio and video calling for the desktop version.

But many users want to know what effect the call will be if the phone is disconnected from the Internet.

WABetaInfo, a website that monitors news on the messaging service. Said that if the mobile phone is not connected to the Internet during a call. Whats App Desktop will not cut off the user’s phone call.

The platform wrote on Twitter: “If your phone is no longer connected to the Internet during a call. WhatsApp Desktop will not disconnect the current call.”

The website also stated that Whats App will also allow users to make calls and send messages without an active Internet connection when multi-device functionality is provided in a future update.

WhatsApp confirmed on Thursday that it has introduced its video and audio calling capabilities to the desktop version of the platform.