Employment Background Checks Are Important

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

Employment background checks are a way to determine if someone is qualified to work in a particular position. The process of conducting an employment background check involves collecting information from various sources, such as the applicant’s past employers and educational institutions. This information is then used to evaluate the applicant’s qualifications for the position.

Employment background checks are conducted on potential employees to assess their criminal and employment history. The purpose of the check is to determine whether the employee would pose a threat to public safety or violate company policies. Background checks can also be used to evaluate an applicant’s suitability for a specific job. 

What Is An Employee Background Check?

An employee background check is a process that allows an employer to review the past of an employee. This can include criminal records, education, and employment history. Background checks are often used as a way to mitigate risk for employers, as well as to ensure that employees have the proper qualifications for the position they are being hired for.

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Types of Background Checks

There are many types of background checks that an employer can conduct on a potential employee. 

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?
How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

1. Criminal History Check

A criminal history check is a process by which someone can find out if an individual has a criminal record. To conduct a criminal history check, you will need the person’s full name and date of birth. You can then search for this information in public records databases. If the person has a criminal record, the record will show up in these databases.

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?
How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

When someone is looking to do a criminal history check on someone else, they will typically search the following records: 

  • National criminal databases
  • Criminal court records
  • National and state criminal records
  • Sex offender databases/registries
  • National and global terror watch lists

2. Past Employment Verification

When it comes to hiring new employees, many employers choose to perform background checks on potential hires. This is done to get a better idea of who the applicant is and to ensure that they do not have any criminal convictions that would make them unsuitable for the job. One part of the background check process often includes verifying past employment. This can be done in a few ways, but the most common is by contacting the applicant’s previous employers and asking for a reference or confirmation of employment.

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?
How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

  • The past employment verification verified that:
  • Job start/end dates
  • Positions held
  • Description of responsibilities discharged
  • Reason(s) for exit
  • Details of compensation/perks

3. Education Verification

Education verification is a process that employers use to ensure the validity of an employee’s education. The verification process can include contacting the institution where the degree was earned or requesting an official transcript. Education verification is an important step in the hiring process, as it can help employers determine if an employee has the necessary skills and qualifications for the job.

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Employers often require employees to provide proof of their education, such as an official transcript or a letter from the institution. Some employers may also contact educational institutions directly to verify degrees and courses. The education verification process can help employers determine if an employee has lied about their education or if they have falsified documents.

4. Reference Check

Reference checks are another important part of the hiring process. A reference check is when you contact someone who has worked with a potential employee in the past and ask them about their experience working with them. This can help you get a better idea of what the potential employee is like and whether they would be a good fit for your company. Reference checks are a great way to find out more about potential employees’ skills and how they work with others.

5. Drug Screening

One common type of background check is drug screening. Drug screenings can help employers to determine whether or not a potential employee is using drugs illegally. In most cases, drug screenings involve taking a urine sample from a potential employee. 

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?
How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

Drug screenings are an important part of the hiring process because they can help businesses to protect their employees and customers. Drug use can lead to workplace accidents and injuries, and it can also damage customer relationships. In addition, drug use can increase an employer’s liability risk. 

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How Employment Background Checks are conducted?

Employment background checks are conducted to ensure that the potential employee is qualified for the position they are applying for. Employment background checks usually consist of a criminal history check, verification of employment history, and a review of any social media accounts that the applicant has. The criminal history check will look for any arrests or convictions that the applicant has. 

The verification of employment history will verify that the information on the resume is accurate. The social media check will look for any posts or pictures that could be embarrassing or reflect poorly on the company. Most employers use a third-party company to conduct employment background checks. Moreover, these companies have databases of criminal records, employment histories, and social media accounts. They will usually charge a fee for their services.

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?
How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

How Do Employment Background Checks Work?

When an employer needs to fill a position, one of the first things they do is screen potential employees. This usually starts with reviewing resumes, but it doesn’t stop there. Many employers will also conduct employment background checks on potential employees before making a final decision. However, not everyone understands how these background checks work or what they entail. 


In conclusion, employment background checks are an important part of the hiring process. By doing a background check on a potential employee, you can ensure that you are making a safe and informed decision. If you have an interest in conducting a background check on someone, or if you would like more information on how they work, be sure to visit the websites in the resources section.

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