Waliya Najib: A New Sensation from Islamabad

Waliya Najib: A New Sensation from Islamabad

Waliya Najib Career, a roller coaster ride: I once read somewhere that the word “photography” comes from Greek, meaning painting with light. The hat is the whale’s hat: paint with light, whether it is daylight or artificial light.

 Waliya Najib is one of the most sought-after photographers in Twin Cities and a social media celebrity, with +800k followers on Instagram and 180k+ followers on Facebook. She works on many fan pages on various social media platforms.

Waliya: An Inspiration To Many:

She is one of the lucky few parents whose parents approved the idea of ​​pursuing a career in photography instead of forcing her to pursue a bachelor’s degree. Therefore, today, it earns much more than its counterparts who study at high-end universities but are still struggling to find jobs.

 At the age of 19, Waliya was invited to GIK to participate in a photography studio, where she trained older students.

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Later, she was invited to participate in LUMS, NUST and many other colleges and universities in the country, giving lectures on entrepreneurship, photography, and various photo contests. For a girl who successfully broke the limits of traditionalism, this is a huge achievement. She said to me: “After inviting me to be a guest and trainer in a large institution. I realized the importance of doing what I do best, because if I don’t pursue photography, these universities will never allow me to go because of me. They have always been ordinary students.”

Task work seems to be an explanation of its conscious and unconscious selves. “I try to capture the feeling and joy of a moment at a time. I love nature, human beings and life itself, so I try to capture the sincere peace of our existence. What is the ability to capture and immortalize the past moments? It inspired my passion for photography,” she says.

How Her Journey Starts?

Her father introduced her to photography since childhood. “My father likes to take pictures, and I used to organize them in photo albums”. She pointed to a large closet she was sitting on the sofa in the living room and showed me a bunch of photo albums she and her father had put together. She said: “Our house is always full of photos, albums and paintings. No matter where we go, the camera is with us. Every happy moment is captured by the camera”. On her 13th birthday once received the camera, this opened a door to the world of photography. After the death of his father, his parents started disputes over property and inheritance.


At that time she and her mother were facing a serious financial crisis. She said: “Despite all the troubles, my mother bought me a camera and gave me my car so that I can safely travel to and from the shooting location”. Waliya attributed all her success to her mother. Not only did her mother encourage her, but she also stood behind her as a wall to protect her from all those who look down on her new career as a photographer.


In early 2012, a new batch of cheaper digital SLR cameras appeared on the market, leading to a surge in amateurs who are not familiar with the basics of photography. I would like to know how I stood out in this deadly wave. She confidently told me that when the wave reached the town, it had already established its place in the market.

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She maintains authenticity, maintains symmetry, and constantly proposes unique ideas, which attracts people’s interest in her work.

Her Acting Career

She also participated in the TV series “Mery Dadda ki Vasiyet”.

Recently, she met with the very famous actor Feroze Khan, and they both scored certain items together. But this is definitely not the series. Let’s wait and see and see the performance of the two actors.

Waliya and Feroze posted a photo and announced that the project will be released soon.


In the past, it was difficult to persuade parents to accept photography as a profession. But nowadays, people like Waliya have managed to change the perception of countless parents. Who see that people with good backgrounds will make a difference. They call themselves in this respect.

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