Where To Rent Heavy Equipment?

Where To Rent Heavy Equipment?

One-Stop Shop To Meet All Your Rental Needs

Heavy Machinery on Rent: If you have ever worked with Caterpillar, you will know how much we value machine performance, and this value has been passed on to more than 70 other manufacturers who have contributed to the GhaniAssociate Store product catalog. Ghani Associates have a reputation in all industries, partly because of the large number of OEM tools we carry.

These tools vary in size and capacity. Whether you need to use lighthouses in different work locations, use forced air heaters in winter, or use dedicated forestry equipment for a job, we can meet these needs and more. The combination of these OEM brands with the heavy machinery that Caterpillar trusts allows us to provide a complete solution. The Ghani Associate has more than one machine-we are a one-stop shop to meet all your equipment needs.

Heavy Equipment for the next project

Even if you know the cumbersome things, most job sites will still need other tools to complete the work. Our OEM partners can help us provide more comprehensive solutions for your specific project needs. Some of the machines provided by these manufacturers include:

Pneumatic equipment:

 Our pneumatic product range includes pneumatic tools and portable and stationary air compressors that can meet a variety of tasks.

Concrete equipment:

When working with concrete, you need several tools to help process, mix and move it. We have buckets, mini carts, mixers, grinders, saws, etc. to make concrete work a breeze.


 For many projects, work can continue after sunset. Our lighthouse can provide you with portable lighting after dark to complete any number of tasks.

Diversified equipment:

Many of our products are not suitable for another category, but if you need special tools, such as high-pressure cleaners, containers, lasers, manual carts, welding machines and portable sweepers, we will support you.

Trench reinforcement:

If your work takes you underground, renting our trench reinforcement equipment can help you do so safely.

Aerial lift:

Do you need to climb? Our OEM pneumatic lift series can connect you to various styles.

Forced air heater:

 When cold weather comes, use a forced air heater to keep the workplace warm and reduce downtime on frozen ground.

Cross-industry solutions

Regardless of the industry, we provide the equipment and tools needed to complete the job:


 When you need a field machine like yours, choose our farm equipment to help you complete the work. Whether you need waste management, cleaning or transportation of feed supplies, Ghani Associate is here to help your agricultural business.

Paving and road engineering:

 Our machines work hard to help you get efficient and accurate results in every paving or road engineering project. Complete tasks on time and use our toolkit to specify specifications to help. They include message boards, obstacles and concrete equipment.

Building structure:

 If you are building a durable structure, you will need the best tools to do the job. Finding tools suitable for almost all applications is one of our specialties. Our high-quality rental construction equipment brand can help you complete multiple tasks and get a more efficient work site.

Beautify the environment:

In this industry, you need to complete projects quickly and accurately. Ghani Associate shop provides a full set of leased landscaping equipment, which is very suitable for completing various tasks in a short time. Our OEM landscaping rent includes compaction equipment, trencher, concrete tools, etc.


If you work in a government agency, then you may not be unfamiliar with saving resources. By centralizing the right rent and equipment in one place, you can save time and money for any work.

Oil and gas:

 When using oil and gas, safety and durability are critical to the success of the facility. Caterpillar rental shop machines are rugged, reliable, and provide the reliability your oil and gas business needs.

Mining and quarrying: quarries and mines require robust equipment to transport solids, and our products are capable of this task. From crawler crushers and screening equipment to powerful conveyor tools, our OEM products are ideal for a variety of mining and quarry applications.


 We provide various equipment rental services, such as shredders and log milling machines, to assist with special tasks in the forestry industry.

Choose from more than 70 team brands

We have more than 70 brands of OEM solutions for companies to use in their daily work processes. From supporting structures to pneumatic tools and material handling vehicles, this versatile device can enter many industries.

These solutions use dedicated machines and tools to help companies in almost all environments complete their work quickly and efficiently. Some tools, such as light turrets and aerial work trucks, are universal tools for all operations, while others (for example, screening machines or dry mills) are more specialized. Fortunately, Ghani Associate can do it at the same time. Our OEM solution leasing can flexibly respond to rapidly changing orders.

Ghani Associate shops provide the advantages of machines and OEM solutions. Our manufacturing partners make it easy for you to meet the needs of all your projects in one place. Since your project needs to be changed, Ghani Associate provides flexibility. If you suddenly need a new machine, you don’t need to worry about the capital cost of buying a new machine.

If only spontaneous tasks are required, then you will not be stuck in the storage device by this device forever. You can maintain high work efficiency and use tools that suit your situation. With the right equipment, it is much easier to complete specialized tasks, and it is more likely to increase your efficiency. You can rent tools for short-term or long-term use, and purchase options are also available.

Find suitable rental equipment in the Ghani Associate

Working with a Ghani Associate can provide you with the experience of a well-trained team. After you notify us of your project, a representative will help you determine the right tools to help you complete your work safely and efficiently. Through the Ghani Associate, you can get unparalleled customer support and quality products from Caterpillar and more than 70 equipment rental brands.

Our rental locations are never far away, with more than 1,300 in total worldwide. If you want to improve the productivity and results of your next project, please browse our selection of rental equipment now. We are happy to provide you with a quotation or help you choose equipment.

Hire what you need from the people who need it.

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